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Zen Master 2007

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Porn Connections: Director, Cameraman, Editor
Date Joined: March 2007
Location: Scandinavia
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  • 2/28/2015 6:30 AM
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    "You know what worries Brandon, Julius? It's NOT the coffee in his kitchen. It's the twenty little piggies waiting for him in the living room."He, he, he...- Zen
  • 2/18/2015 12:30 AM
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    Brandon:I must say that after multiple difficulties accessing your scenes online with the prior partner, the HotMovies VOD site is working FLAWLESSLY with our ROKU units.For those still asking for DVDs: Be advised that Brandon's new VOD partner site allows scenes to be downloaded and burned one time to a DVD-R disc. Given that physical media is going the way of the dinosaur, it may not be cost effective for Brandon to press DVDs for distribution using traditional methods. Also, keep in mind that the new scenes are MUCH longer and would require multiple discs (3 or more) for the same number of new girls in each release.Enough bloviating. Keep up the good work, Brandon.- Zen
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