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  • 12/31/2005 1:23 PM
  • ATP = Ass To Pussy controversies
    ernestgreene wrote: I feel we're arguing more and more arcane points of law and medicine for which, frankly, neither of us might be well enough informed. Well, I made my maître en droit in France and helped(?) one of my exes through the first semesters in med school (I always had to query her scientific vocabulary and identify body parts Though I admit, I still have no answer why all hot girls have thyroid problems). I work as a music producer, so the only truly professional advise I can offer would fall into this métier, just did the other stuff cuz my father threatened to cut me off with a shilling should I not learn at least one "reasonable" job (of course that was before I decided to catch my favorite "...
  • 12/26/2005 7:42 AM
  • ATP = Ass To Pussy controversies
    "The p24, as you say, is only temporarily indicative in the early phases of infection. It's basically a quantitative test used in conjunction with the Western Blot, which are all after the fact of a detected infection." The P24-Antigentest is integral part of a 4th gen ELISA, while a "full" Westernblot tests about ten different proteins. Just as said it can be used as an "indicative" to do further tests. The purpose it was included with 4gen ELISAs is to shorten the diagnostic gap. Let's say our patient is one of the kind able to use p24 antigens tests (not one of the few who always shows up positive). And one day the patient shows up positive for p24 antigen the first time in a history of two years re...
  • 12/25/2005 2:39 PM
  • ATP = Ass To Pussy controversies
    ernestgreene wrote: You'd be wrong on that, my friend. The window period of the ELISA is still a minimum of six weeks. All the infected performers last spring were still showing negaitve on the confirmatory ELISAs we ran a full month after the PCR-DNA test picked up their infections. For our purposes, the ELISA is indeed useless as a primary test instrument. And as for condoms with ELISAs, the odds wouldn't improve that much. Condoms are a most effective protection for ordinary folks with relatively few, low-stress sexual encounters. However, having shot more condom footage than just about any director who posts here, I can tell you that the conditions under which porn scenes are shot make condoms much less reliable. Freque...
  • 12/24/2005 9:35 AM
  • ATP = Ass To Pussy controversies
    ho ho ho, just a quick update before I go spin bottles Ernest, I think there is no need to explain to me that you struggle to find the best solution for performers which can be achieved under the current government you have to face. Thanks for pointing out again that you'd like to see condoms for penetration shots. Our discussion here basically circles around your opinion that this can't be enforced in a sensitive way with your current gov. It is not my aim to word something in a way it may be counterproductive to yours or AIM's efforts, since I have a feeling some of my ideas do, I think it is better for me to bow out of the discussion or take it to email. I answer your question though. Ernest Greene wrote: "The state coul...
  • 12/23/2005 11:25 AM
  • ATP = Ass To Pussy controversies
    Grüß Gott and back again we got snowed up in some smoochy Austrian village, so I decided to stretch winter holidays a bit. Thanks for your virtuous patience Ernest, seems we pretty much hijacked this one. Okay, let's get straight to the few points we do not agree about. Ernest Greene wrote: "Since the political system here is basically hostile to porn, there's simply no way an official program would work to the advantage of either performers or producers. It would be a burden to both and a help to neither. Only total legalization of sex work in this country could create an atmosphere in which government might play a constructive role in protecting sex workers." "The officials who would be responsibl...
  • 12/14/2005 4:01 PM
  • I want to be a pornstar !
    Okay, I knew it *giggle* So.... I forgot the most important tip! *whisper* This will put you above your competition *chokes on laughter* You should eat a big spoon of codliver oil every night before you go to bed, so you grow strong and healthy, and above all, TALL!
  • 12/14/2005 2:49 PM
  • ATP = Ass To Pussy controversies
    Ernest Green wrote: "I'm not so sure these generalizations stand up on closer examination, starting with the assumption that performers are an ultra-high risk group" Though I did in a way it wasn't my intention to generalize but to give some people a wake up call about what kind of activities some of their colleagues are involved in. To be most careful in your private sex life is worth nothing if others manage to fuck risks up that way. I think performer have a certain responsibility towards their sex-partners that advances into the sphere of your private sexlife, as careless behaviour can endanger not only your own health, but probably I am alone on that one. If you are at low, mid or high risk depends on whom you work with ...
  • 12/7/2005 10:24 AM
  • ATP = Ass To Pussy controversies
    Ernest, no personal offence taken, and no apology necessary, I was just confused about the change of tone and that you addressed me "somebody". You usually come across very cool-headed and cordial. Now that I read all posts again in context I realize it was rather a wrong reception on my part, so I hope we have put that misunderstanding out of the way now. you wrote: "Those who lack the self-confidence to set their own boundaries are unsuited to this gig and should get out, period." True, however speaking gonzo we both know those male performers trying to push boundaries which were agreed upon before the shoot in one way or another are the most cheered for. Word of mouth is all performers have. "So if ...
  • 12/5/2005 9:54 AM
  • Ideas for a new job/career
    edited to not to let so and so know who my secret santa is. Edited by - X-RAY on 12/31/2005 1:24:50 PM
  • 12/5/2005 7:58 AM
  • ATP = Ass To Pussy controversies
    ernestgreene wrote: "While I don't agree with the gonzo-is-taking-over paranoia of some posters here, and have in the past argued that other, less harsh products do indeed account for the biggest part of the industry's profits, the dollars made from ultra-hardcore are anything but negligible." Who are those posters with a gonzo-is-taking-over paranoia? I admit I only read few threads but did not find any topic like that. I'm a bit baffled about the term "ultra-hardcore" though. Me I don't have anything against hardcore or steamy sex. I just tell those who think beating, gagging and choking women to tears is sexy to get the fuck out. What does indeed take over within this product range is a trend to "trash gonz...
  • 12/4/2005 3:25 AM
  • Negative stereotypes toward porn fans
    First Huggins, you need to find your center. You come across a little confused and upset maybe due to your problems at work. Maybe you need some punching bag right now or just take some time off these forums and do something else, I bet when you come back you might reevaluate some things. So let the anti-porners be anti-porners till they drop and have some fun watching porn or even better go fuck for real it's healthy . "Manifesto for Intelligent Porn Fans"? The quotes of these freaks are as deterrent as the enthusiastic reception of jamesn post. i'm going to be beheading soldiers in the name of allah if that's really where the freedom of expression thing is going. yes a strong analogy but do you really mean it? or are y...
  • 12/4/2005 2:54 AM
  • ATP = Ass To Pussy controversies
    ernestgreene wrote: "It is also extremely difficult to draw blood by wire." I bet you know what I meant, pay account costs in advance through the agency then just go there for the vampyres and skip the video with a yawn. I'm glad to hear your team is advised to show this stuff to ALL people who enter the AIM building for the first time for a test (even if they already have a history as performer). I am sorry my advert idea upsets you like that, take it as an idea for just one more poster then. Since you can show your recent European HIV test some foreign talents might not need to visit AIM for a short stay in the States. Besides it never was my intention to make it sound like AIM is responsible for those who claim that they h...
  • 12/3/2005 4:36 PM
  • ATP = Ass To Pussy controversies
    Oh, I forgot about the "required" part. I still wonder how come some performers state "nobody tells you about". Is there maybe a slight chance an agent just rings AIM and sets up an account for a talent via phone? So your usual proceedings are skipped? Now what about posters? I think they are great because people get a wake-up call every now and then, but maybe you already get under attack for this 101 video, it would not surprise me to say. As for Chlamydia mea culpa I was in a rush, for now I will spare replacing it with one of the many other STDs condoms DO protect against. To ease the tedium about gov intervention and the myth of an HUGHE underground market, I think kperv and TonyC made good points, we will l...
  • 12/2/2005 7:05 PM
  • Negative stereotypes toward porn fans
    Huggins, You say this vile stuff is reprehensible, indeed there is no way to defend such crap, yet we have the "painful anal" various "meatholes", "gagging whores" and "slap happy" threads with lots and lots of followers who try to do so. The whole gonzo market seems to drift in that direction. This is what makes my blood boil. (we currently have a problem with the floor heating anyway so it comes in handy). This is also what gives your "mainstream porn" a bad name and trust me on this anti-porners will use it against you. Moreover you can easily find much more of this sickness on various websites. Unfortunately even a kid can download it (as trailers) with one click, which further play...
  • 12/2/2005 6:42 PM
  • 10 ‘quotable’ (??) reflections on porn, part IV
    TonyC wrote: What's a matter Walter? You don't like firetrucks, glass object d'art, and CGI skeletons? but but that are known success patterns. you are just jealous you dont have any skeletons, diamond stash, starships, nazi belladonnas, hummers with spinners and French periwigs in your own productions (2) ‘The difference between American and European porn. You know when an American porn girl has made it when she drops her surname. You know when an European porn girl has made it when she adds a surname.’ two. make that two. (3) ‘Production values in porn are almost never right. There is either too little or too much. Too little as in, "we don’t have any, so why bother". Too much a...
  • 12/2/2005 6:30 PM
  • Porn hatred and Christianity
    For Christians sex is a big thing because it's a big thing to God and for a Jew sexual activities are a mitzvah too, so no problems over here besides fucking an Angel is as close as you can come to the idea of God.
  • 12/2/2005 6:20 PM
  • ATP = Ass To Pussy controversies
    I forgot to tell you can also pass on such a temporary urinary tract infection to your boyfriend (don't ask). Ernest, not to belittle your efforts thus far, I have a feeling most talent dropping by at AIM never see this well intentioned video. I guess it's one of these free offers too easy to skip without a second thought. Rush in make the stupid test, rush out as quick as possible and later check results via internet. what about displaying some large posters like a young woman sitting on a toilet making scary faces, in bold letters "Burns like hell". and in a smaller font "ass to pussy, worth an extra franklin?" wouldn't cost a fortune to set this up and might reach more people. Anyway you are right, whom...
  • 12/1/2005 9:23 AM
  • Negative stereotypes toward porn fans
    I see a beautiful young fragile build teen-girl smiling and waiting for the things to come. Then I see five beer belly bums enter the room, slapping the girl around , spitting in her face, stomping on her head. They crudely deform her face to a ugly grimace and laugh about her. Then they take turns gagging her as awkward as possible while one guy holds her arms in a firm grip so she can't even tap off. The girl starts to cry her "punishers" laugh. After the second mental break down and the girl nearly passing out from choking they decide it is time for the final cumshot. I hear some comic like voice saying "hey, look at that" and one big hand smears a drop of makeup and cum in her already red eyes. "Here you are st...
  • 11/30/2005 3:03 PM
  • ATP = Ass To Pussy controversies
    Gman wrote: The reality we've heard from actresses in past posts saying they were not told of the risks, or how to manage it, and even in that case they are getting sick to various degress. Hear, hear! All hiv infection statistics* aside for a moment, ass to pussy is the most likely way to catch a yeast or urinary tract infection on a set. As a women you can also become sterile or develop pelvic inflammatory disease and manifest damage that can lead to a tubal pregnancy later on. So health-conscious performers should not only put internal cumshots on their personal no no lists but also ass to pussy (unless you are the no family type and into burning pee). Besides consensual ass to pussy (including scence cut and cleaning of...
  • 11/30/2005 3:00 PM
  • Your Top10 Active Pornstars?..again!
    Hamburger68 wrote: Top ten of the moment (alphabetical order) ========================================== Laura Angel Moin, Moin Hamburger68 I'm sorry, is not performing in porn any longer nor will she ever return. She has completely turned her back on the fischmarkt. hoooray! There still might be some releases in Germany but they will likely be compilations or just old scenes thrown together under a new name. However I bet she would bounce with excitement reading your other thread where you voted her your personal No.1. I can understand your fascination for her as she is one of the...NOOOO... she IS the sexiest creature on the planet, for me anyway Lenka was in Hamburg several times... I hope you got the chance to c...
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