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Date Joined: November 2003
Location: Maya Gold, will you marry me?
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  • 7/18/2004 6:03 PM
  • Dick pushing the cheek out in No Cum Dodging A...
    Quick question: there is some quite noticeable blocking in the picture quality in the original NO CUM DODGING ALLOWED, which I just bought. Is that just my copy, or are others having this problem? Didn't notice this problem with NCDA 2. It's seriously spoiling my enjoyment of the film. Never mind dicks in cheeks.
  • 7/2/2004 2:23 PM
  • Sibel Kekilli
    In which film was her anal scene, and does it feature in the compilation from Magma?
  • 7/2/2004 2:22 PM
  • Sibel Kekilli
    Clearly Sibel (Dilara) was over 18 at the time she shot all of these films, but given that it's Magma, are all other performers over the age of 18, and is there are any fisting or S & M etc, in Dilara's films, or is it all quite tame? Important info for those wanting to import a copy.
  • 7/2/2004 7:42 AM
  • Where to buy in Sydney?
    Nathan wrote: Hey Licker, Thanks U for recommending Kaos Shop. I bought a few DVDs and they are great quality movies and cheap too. The prices are much cheaper than the other shops in Australia. They've got a new site up and running and more new titles. Easy to shop online too. They do exchanging DVDs and Videos. They'll give you 50% off for exchange but only the DVDs and Videos that you bought from Kaos Shop. I registered with them and they send me a printed colour catalogue every couple of months. And also i subscribed Kaos Shop Email Newsletter. Kaos sends out email newsletter whey they have new releases, bargains or promotions. I definitely recommend Kaos Shop ( Thanks again Licker. Let's be ...
  • 7/2/2004 7:37 AM
  • Where to buy in Sydney?
    Joey Starr wrote: DVDS are now 50 per cent off in Club-X stores in Sydney. Some DVDs are 70 per cent off. In the end you'll generally pay 25-30 Australian dollars per DVD which is pretty good. I don't know if Club-X stores in other cities offer they same deals... Is that all DVD's across the board? I've never been brave enough to walk into a Club X - something about them looks creepier even than the most sordid Soho shops. Still, if the deals are that good...
  • 6/30/2004 7:58 AM
  • What porn women have impressed with their BRAINS?
    croy wrote: Wasn't Daniella Rush a medical school student? Mensa isn't that impressive of an achievement. More of a thing people join to say they are in. The way Daniella Rush was willing to expose her body, especially her rectum, suggested to me she will be a superb doctor to learn off if you're an intern. I really hope she recovers fully from her injuries. I'm going to pitch in a vote for the intelligence of Kimi Lixx. My favourite microbiology-enthusiast in the world.
  • 6/30/2004 5:47 AM
  • Weapons Of Ass Destruction 3
    TeaganPresley wrote: Hey Guys! I got my copy of the WOAD 3. It was a fucking great movie. Jules is the best!. Everything looked great to me. I liked how it was a two disc set. I think it's well worth the buy. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. So, go out & get your copy. Teagan xoxo I have to wait a week or so for mine! Teagan, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this film. I just know it's going to make my year on the back of your performance alone.
  • 6/29/2004 5:04 AM
  • The problem with today's porn is ...
    The real problem with today's porn is a lack of good locations and costuming for porn. I don't know why porn firms don't ally themselves with an up-and-coming designer of fetish and/or plain old fashion gear. They advertise this designer's stuff, they get cool costuming for free. I also don't know why there isn't more laughing and fun in a lot of gonzo - isn't this all meant to be great fun? The action itself and the direction is much better than in the past, but the camerawork and image quality is still amateurish in a lot of even good directors' work - Steve Holmes (camera) and Rocco (camera and shakiness of some of the filming) come to mind. So pleased a film like ARTCORE has come out. That could be the meeting place between featur...
  • 6/29/2004 4:06 AM
  • Steve Holme's Perversions
    Steve Holmes wrote: Hi Lordish and Jewel, you made me blush . Steve Holmes So Steve - Maya Gold for the next installment? yeah? Pretty please? ***********joy!*********** Er, on a different note Steve, in which of your movies (acting) is the scene where, during an orgy, having heatedly fucked the bejeezus out of a Euro girl, do you pull out of her ass and receive a passionate BJ, and you look down and see on her face, er, residue. The scene was described lovingly by a fan of yours on your yahoogroup, but I don't think the name of the film it was appearing in was ever mentioned. It's not coming up in a future edition of Peversions, is it? I hope to be seeing PERVERSIONS soon!
  • 6/29/2004 3:57 AM
  • Bridgette Kerkove's "Juicy"
    Yes but Bridgette, is there back-2-back anal piledriver like you engineered back in BUTTBANGED HITCHHIKING WHORES? Because we don't see enough of that in porn. And 9 out of 10 chiropractors say the position is good for the backs of both women involved in such a scene, and for the man as well.
  • 6/29/2004 3:52 AM
  • which Orgy World films are the best?
    Wally wrote: vincevega wrote: None, The ones I?ve have seen SUCKED! One had some chicks getting banged outside and there were flies landing on their asses. Horrible! The women looked completely disinterested too. I bet you are talking about #4, #5 ...and you are right, those Orgy World sucked. After #3 the series went down hill pretty fast. Not even the amount of eye candy in #6 saved the day for me. The problem is that TTboy went overboard with the # of girls (too many) in each scene. From orgies where he kept the # of guys/girls more or less even, he basicly change to reversgangbang. No enough cocks to go around and keep the girls interested in the action. Besides the black guys looked like they were sleepwalking. Oh heck,...
  • 6/29/2004 1:13 AM
  • bono-ONE's Top 20 of 2004 so far!!
    I love bono-ONE and his lists and reviews - and these are interesting picks, given I only own three of them. (I should get some more.) However, one I really feel was a shoddily put together film is THE PUSSY IS NOT ENOUGH 2. The blurring of the camera during Lauren Phoenix's scene was infuriating. The fact that Selena Silver and Manuel Ferrara managed to strike some erotic accord during their scene doesn't change the fact that they shot through Selena having a cold. I mean, where's the quality control there? If your star is sick, delay the scene so that you can reshoot the scene when everyone is at full-strength. The Monique scene and the Vicky Vette/Katja Kassin scene did help make me not feel horrid for buying TPINE 2, but overall I was p...
  • 6/28/2004 8:42 PM
  • which Orgy World films are the best?
    Hi, spotted on another thread that Wally recommended Orgy World #1-2-3 as the best of the series. The series, directed by TT Boy and released by Evasive Angles, has a good reputation and heaven knows I like a good orgy, and that largely they're shoddily done on film. The great news is my local porn shop has No. 1-6 going for 15 Aussie dollars each till Monday (bargain!) so wondering which ones I should buy, and which ones I should miss. With Maya Gold in #2 and Anastasia Christ in #4, these are guaranteed purchases! I dig different settings and tempo for orgies too, so if one of the films really gives us something new in this department, let me know.
  • 6/28/2004 8:08 PM
  • Sibel Kekilli
    Just saw her in HEAD-ON and realised she won the Best Actress Award at the Berlin Film Festival. She acted brilliantly in the film, but I noticed she seemed awfully good in the sex scenes. Too good actually... So imagine my joy at finding out she starred in a dozen or so Magma hardcore films! Magma even have a compilation tape of her work. Has anyone seen her hardcore work and can make a recommendation on which film of hers is the best? Is the compilation tape worth buying? Does she throw herself into her sex performances as she did into her award-winning acting role in HEAD-ON? And do US retailers stock her work?
  • 6/28/2004 7:56 PM
  • Where to buy in Sydney?
    The quality of the tapes I have from Kaos is very good, and all the original SG copyright notices are in place. The genuine SG box covers are used. I'm not sure if the duplication is done in Australia or not. The cassettes are fairly generic looking. If you register with them, they wil send you a printed colour catalog every couple of months. Doubt the tapes are duplicates - when I've ordered discs from Kaos, they've always been US or European originals. That applies to as well, except they're super-pricey buggers, but they may have what you want Licker, and they have introduced a bulk-buying discount which makes a lot of sense. I will never, ever buy from or again. Their product...
  • 6/28/2004 7:45 PM
  • Australian Buyers
    I used to buy most of my stuff through which worked out really well, as they had a 'buy six get three free' deal. That meant my DVD's averaged in, including postage, at around the 26 dollar mark, not bad considering the range. Whenever I had a problem with discs scratched from manufacturing or in transit, I had them replaced without incident. However, the deal is now gone, and while they have some decent specials - currently all the Orgy World lines and No Cum Dodging Allowed 1 & 2 are all 15 bucks Australia - they just aren't the option they used to be. They need to bring that special back, because there isn't a whole lot of incentive to order from them anymore. So that leaves overseas options like, wh...
  • 6/28/2004 7:14 PM
  • Orgazmik to Australia?
    Joey Starr wrote: Got the package OK today, 31st of December. Joey, how exactly are they packaged and what does the customs declaration say? Are they in a stiff cardboard envelope or in a smaller envelope? I've been itching to get some Sibel Kekilli Magma stuff from them...
  • 6/28/2004 6:11 PM
  • Slayer gets Evil on your Ass!
    Nevaquit wrote: Yo Ramsey..or you have any big butt Eurobabe suggestions? Nevaquit, big fairy floss bundles of love coming from Australia to yourself and Justin and the crew. I'm going to beg that Justin can put his style down on the asses of Alexa May, Sandra Iron, Sandy Style (in costume, damn that girl looks shimmerazzle in lycra) and my personal goddess, Maya Gold.
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