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Porn Connections: Director, Studio Representative, Public Relations, Fan, Former performer
Date Joined: April 2000
Location: still a fangirl
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I've worked at Evil Angel since 1999 in various departments such as IDs, DVDs and PR.
I was the DVD department head for several years.
I'm married to company owner John Stagliano and have been his assistant director on several of his movies including Fashionistas.
I currently am the head of PR for the company.

theatre: Jersey Boys, Wicked, Beauty and the Beast, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables
movies in general: Princess Bride, Traffic, Little Mermaid, Matrix (part 1), Memento, The Dark Knight
music: most music with some sort of melody. Gorillaz, Gwen Stefani, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park, Jay Z, Ne-yo

I LOVE to travel!
Countries I've visited: Canada, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Germany, England, Australia
Countries I'd like to visit: among many others... Greece, Egypt, Japan

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  • 9/24/2013 4:04:55 PM
  • Where in the World is Tricia Devereaux? contest 15
    The winner of the first quiz is mrbluelouboyle. I'll send out your DVD and the other winners' DVDs after the second quiz.Answers to quiz 1:1. Our ports included:c) St. Thomas2. We sailed on this Cruise Lineb) Disney3. These were our excursionsb) jet skiing, snorkeling, swimming with turtles4. I have this many childrenc) 25. My cruise was this many nightsc) 7 (I posted the day I left and the day I came back )6. My daughter felt sea sick this many daysa) 17. This was myb) second cruise8. I got sunburneda) yes9. My family had to pay additional taxes for items above the duty-free limitb) no (combined, we didn't even go over what would have been allowed for 1 person)10. My stateroom had a balconya) yes (John is mildly claustrophic in r...
  • 9/17/2013 2:32:25 AM
  • Where in the World is Tricia Devereaux? contest 15
    I just realized that question #1 is confusing.Only one of the 4 ports listed in question 1 is a port that we went to. We did have more than 1 port, but only 1 of those 4 is a port that we went to. Quiz #2 will deal with all of the ports. (If I listed all of the ports in this quiz, it would be easy to do a search of our itinerary and know more of the answers, such as the cruise line.If you sent your answers to me already, you can send a new answer to number 1 if need be. :)
  • 9/16/2013 4:54:08 PM
  • Where in the World is Tricia Devereaux? contest 15
    Here's quiz number 1. It is more general, and is more educated guesses about my trip than actual knowledge. Private message me your answers. Do NOT post them in this threadThis quiz will end at the end of the day on Wednesday, September 18, and I'll post a winner. Then I'll post quiz number 2.1. Our ports included:a) San Juanb) Key Westc) St. Thomasd) Nassau2. We sailed on this Cruise Linea) Royal Caribbeanb) Disneyc) Carnivald) Princess3. These were our excursionsa) jet skiing, swimming with sharks, snorkelingb) jet skiing, snorkeling, swimming with turtlesc) parasailing, swimming with turtles, zip liningd) zip lining, parasailing, swimming with sharks4. I have this many childrena) 0b) 1c) 2d) 35. My cruise was this many nightsa) 3b) 5c) 7...
  • 9/16/2013 4:31:15 PM
  • Where in the World is Tricia Devereaux? contest 15
    I've decided there will be 2 quizzes.One smaller one to start with, and then when that one ends, a slightly longer one that is more specific (once we've revealed which cruise line I was on).
  • 9/16/2013 4:21:12 PM
  • 9/11 10 years later .
    Gunzo wrote:some... 12 years later...Are you bad ass americans still hurting?Didn't it help killing hundred of thousand of 'terrorists' and civilians. Now droning the hell out of whomever you'd like. Beating up the people at Gitmo whenever ya'll get a bit pissed at how two crazies ran a plan in to a poorly built building coming crashing down?Didn't it help knowing you can't film the white house without being registered. Didn't it help getting the first 'black' president? Didn't the 'financial crysis' help?I mean come on. Stop your fucking crying, and stop listening that dumb-ass classic neo-liberal economic theories fucking this world royally up.I don't support the US government doing any of the stuff you so eloquently are criticizing. Howe...
  • 9/15/2013 11:46 PM
  • Where in the World is Tricia Devereaux? contest 15
    None of the places so far are correct.Hi HeyNow !The two guesses of being on a beach win the activity guess. That was one of my activities. (although I did more than just be on a beach)To Lou -Evil doesn't have a team yet this year. I've been crazy busy. I'll figure out by tomorrow if I can do it. If not, I'll suggest you donate to Wicked's team. Thanks for supporting a great charity, AIDS Project LA!U
  • 9/15/2013 12:45:49 PM
  • Where in the World is Tricia Devereaux? contest 14
    LOL - I completely missed this. I haven't posted much in these last 2 or 3 years, as with me not being IN the offices at Evil Angel very much, my input isn't as valid.BUT... this was hilarious. Thank you Harri. :)My answer to the contest...I'm working part-time for Evil Angel, ICON Brand toys, and Evil apparel (which is being launched in the next 9 months). The rest of my time is devoted to being a mom to my 2 kids, which are quite the handful.
  • 8/9/2013 4:11:06 PM
  • Sheena Shaw
    While it's always amusing to read people's speculations about my personal life, I'll put one speculation to rest.John and I are still married, still together. We have 2 kids and 2 cats. We're happily planning a much-needed family vacation together that we'll be taking next month.Other than that, I don't like to discuss other people that I don't personally know.
  • 8/2/2013 2:01:33 PM
  • Neil Burger's Divergent
    Just finished reading Divergent last week, and Insurgent yesterday.Allegiant comes out this fall. I'm definitely putting it on pre-order.Fingers crossed that I'm not wrong about this movie looking very promising.
  • 7/25/2013 2:21:06 AM
  • Neil Burger's Divergent
    I only have 100 pages left in the book and already ordered Insurgent from to arrive to me at my hotel on the east coast.Needless to say, loving the book.For any of you that have read the book, the actor who plays Peter has charisma out the door in real life.When answering the panel question about if they share any characteristics with their character, Miles said that Peter is pretty much universally hated, so he hopes he doesn't share much with Peter. Then Miles said that Peter is really misunderstood, and he sailor with such amazing charm that half the crowd of 6000 sighed. I believe this will be THE non-blockbuster fanboy movie of 2014.
  • 7/24/2013 5:38:41 PM
  • Ender's Game (Ben Kingsley, Harrison Ford)
    That Slashfilm article is a really good representation of the panel.Haley and Asa are really well spoken and completely adorable. We already saw that in Haley during her previous awards season, nice to see Asa interviews well considering we'll see a lot more of him before the movie comes out.
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