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Sydnee Steele
Erotica LA June 8, 2002

Lee: You have said women write to you about workout tips and stuff like that. Some even ask for photographs to put up to work towards. Do you have a special photograph you send them?

Sydnee Steele: Actually I usually send them a clothed bikini and bottom something that shows the body but no nudity. Like I wouldnít use the publicity shot because it doesnít really show the body. I want something that definitely shows the body.

Lee: Do you have a workout routine/specific times you spend in the gym and stuff like that?

Sydnee Steele: I am trying to be more rigid with my workouts because it keeps your energy up. But I am getting more into outdoor sports. So I really donít workout as much not with doing things like mountain climbing instead of running. It is funny you wake up in the morning and you kind of talk yourself out of running. You wake up with a lot of energy and you want to run but for some reason you talk yourself out of exercising. Our mind goes through all these things we have to do and we lose our desire to exercise.

Lee: Now do you have any plans on directing? Do you have any projects in mind?

Sydnee Steele: I have a few things I have written over the past few years but I wasnít ready. And I am still not ready because my schedule is so full and when you take on directing. Directing I think I can do a great job with it and that it would be a lot of fun. But once you take on that responsibility it is not simple. A lot of people donít realize how much coordinating it takes and it sucks up a lot of your time if you do it right.

Lee: Is that something you have talked to Wicked about?

Sydnee Steele: Steve Orenstein and I have certainly bounced the thought around but I havenítÖIt is just like a path of conversation saying this is something that is in my mind and I might want to consider doing sometime.

Lee: Dual custody of your dogs??

Sydnee Steele: Yeah we swap them back and forth. When I am out of town Michael takes them and when I am in town I take them.

Lee: 2002 Best Actress was that a surprise to you or did you expect that?

Sydnee Steele: You know I was surprised because I have been nominated for best actress or best supporting actress every year I have been in the business. In either film/video and one year I was nominated in all four. But I really wanted to win because I feel like I did a good job with the acting and got into the character. I knew I could do the sex. It was nice to win finally. I was happy with that and we had put a lot of work into Euphoria.

Lee: Now do you feel any pressure because Euphoria was your first big project with Wicked and now you have to top that?

Sydnee Steele: I never feel pressure that I have to top something. When I go on a job I do the best I possibly can and I donít leave feeling upset if I it was not the way I wanted it as long as I put everything I had into it. Of course we want everything to be better but it gets to the point when you can make it different but not necessarily better. The only time I donít feel positive about it is if I didnít put my best into it.

Lee: What have you been working on for the dual disc set that is in production for Euphoria?

Sydnee Steele: We have done the commentary the commentary the other day and we had Ava Vincent and Brad Armstrong on that as well. And I did an interview for that a month ago. There are so many little things I donít even remember. There is a lot of fun stuff on there.

Lee: I read somewhere you did a Learning Channel episode. What show was that on and what was it about?

Sydnee Steele: It was called Sex Public and Private and it was about my whole philosophy about sex in private and sex in front of the camera. And other things in my life. They had Bill Clinton in there and Barbara Eden talking about her belly button and the different heights. It was definitely a piece starting on Erotica and hitting a lot of different genres from sex scandals to focusing on what I do and how I feel about it.

Lee: Do you know if they are going to reair that any time?

Sydnee Steele: I have a copy of that but I donít know.

Lee: How did you like lobbying?

Sydnee Steele: It was a really interesting experience. I donít think a lot of people realize that they can do that. Anyone can lobby. It was nice to have a little training that Kat Sunlove did. It gives you a real feeling about what you are doing. I mean everyone knows the little cartoon about the ďbillĒ on capital hill. I mean a lot of people here about laws being proposed that they are against but they donít know what to do. So it was nice to actually go up there and make a presence and they dropped our bills but still we went in there and kept our appointments just to let them know we are there and that we do care. I think it was a very challenging experience and it was kind of fun meeting people to let them know you are a real person.

Lee: Did you have any bad experiences with any of the politicians or their staff?

Sydnee Steele: They were all very nice to me and there wasnít anything that was negative.

Lee: Have there been any changes in your life due to September 11th?

Sydnee Steele: No

Lee: Have you have any trouble with increased security?

Sydnee Steele: Well I was on the news one time at the Burbank airport flying to Phoenix when my plane was on the taxi way and I fall asleep. Then the lights come back on and we are at the gate and I am thinking that was quick but we are still at Burbank. We never took off. I guess the plane next to us someone in Phoenix had slipped through security wise so they had everyone get off both planes and had to go back through security but luckily my plane was first so I got out of there in about 45 minutes. But that was the only one that was really weird. Though I am constantly getting searched in my sweats and I am like what do you think I am hiding in here?

Lee: How do you feel about the industry getting more and more ďhardcoreĒ? Companies like Extreme are now going into areas we wouldnít have touched not to long ago.

Sydnee Steele: You know I feel everyone has the right to watch what ever they want and pretty much as long as it is consensual to do anything they want. It is definitely something that I donít think appeals to most people out there. I really think you have a small market that wants to get that degrading and nasty. I think it is just somebody who just wants some attention so they push the envelope to get more personal attention. It is not a matter of the company or the money I think even they donít like it that much. I think it all about that little niche but I donít know. As long as everything is consensual and everyone is of legal age thenÖ

Lee: Do you think there should be a union in the adult industry?

Sydnee Steele: You know I really donít have a comment on that. I have found that a lot of times unions can really disrupt things and cause a lot of problems because the union really doesnít understand how the industry works. And you get someone who is in power who tends to push things the wrong way. I also donít want someone telling me we are going on strike and I canít work. I have a problem with that.

Lee: If you could have any job in the world what would it be?

Sydnee Steele: Something with animals like at Sea World. Playing with animals is something I love to do.

Lee: What job would you not want to do?

Sydnee Steele: Garbage truck driver.

Lee: What is your favorite curse word?

Sydnee Steele: It is not really a curse word but I like saying, ďbite meĒ and ďassĒ. I love saying ďassĒ like you are acting like an ďassĒ

Lee: What is your least favorite curse word?

Sydnee Steele: I donít really have one. I never use the ďcĒ word because everyone hates that but words donít hurt so I donít really think so but people get very very offended by that one. I donít know why it is just a word.

Lee: If you could go back and change one thing in your life would you do it?

Sydnee Steele: No I am happy with the way everything has worked out.

Lee: I read your recent AVN Insider article. ďPeopleís lonely or repressed existencesĒ? Explain please.

Sydnee Steele: What I mean by that is that people that are against what we do are the oneís that are lonely or repressed because of the fact that they are not allowing or they are trying to fight something they do not even watch. And I just like way it sounds.

Lee: So you werenít talking about the fans?

Sydnee Steele: NO.

Lee: The way I was reading it that was who I thought you were talking about.

Sydnee Steele: I will make sure my next article clarifies that.

Lee: I recently watched Heroin. Was any part of that character you? Do you like to do things that on the edge and feel the adrenaline pump?

Sydnee Steele: I like that feeling but I am usually very cautious. I am cautious every step of the way I donít want to harm anyone or myself. The idea has really crossed my mind but I would say I am more in the mind and not an action person.

Lee: What are you working on now?

Sydnee Steele: I just finished up a Playboy movie called Sex Tapes and Stephanie Swiftís new movie. Which has been a great time. I was actually on that three days and she sings on that. Have you heard about that? She actually has been taking lessons and she sings beautifully. So I have a character in that but I will let her tell you about that. Brad Armstrong directs it and it is really neat. It is a whole new concept.

Lee: What is next for you?

Sydnee Steele: Just shooting more movies doing the same old same old right now. I am trying to balance everything out I donít want to take on everything new at the moment. I just want to stick to my movies and featuring and maybe fit in a little vacation.

Many thanks to Lee Carver, Sydnee Steele and Wicked.

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