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Trial Questions

Aside from the much talked about fist toy, what other items, books, movies will you be using to show that fisting is within the community standards of Los Angeles?

First let me say that community standards are a statewide issue in our view. Secondly, because the jury will have to be given the instruction that the tape must be viewed as a whole, we can't just concentrate on defending the fisting scene alone. It would be wrong to assume that some jurors might not find anal to oral action or female ejaculation obscene and fisting just fine and dandy. Consequently, we will be offering a wide array of tapes, magazines, books and toys to establish the standards in our community. The fact that the tape in question was purchased online adds to the confusion and in our opinion opens up the issue of selective prosecution, considering that fisting materials are readily available and freely accessible on the Internet.

Without giving away too much of your strategy, how will putting Chloe on the stand help your defense?

I think that Chloe is a bright, well-spoken woman who will be able to talk about a variety of issues regarding the case including the amount of times she has engaged in that act on camera, the number of times she has witnessed it on the set, the number of times she has engaged in this act in private, the amount of pleasure she derives from being fisted, and the spontaneous set of circumstances that actually led to the fisting scene. She will also be asked about the awards she received for the scene, and the public's reaction, from her experience, toward the scene.

Have you received much support from the adult industry? How about organizations outside the adult industry?

I have received some verbal support from concerned friends and customers and AVN magazine. Other than that though, I am sad to say, I have not received the support I expected to date.

Does all your time spent in court ever make you want to head out on a new career path?

There is nothing I enjoy less than wasting my time in a courtroom, however, there is nothing I enjoy more than shooting a great sex scene. Sometimes it gets me down, but it will never get me out.

DVD Questions

The response to your first three DVDs has been tremendous. Which titles are next? When will they be released? And what special features will be included?

The next three titles are: Internet Tushy, with all our standard features, plus behind-the-scenes special edition footage. Mckayla Matthews stars in this one. Gluteus to the Maximus stars Taylor Hayes and has all our standard features plus a director's audio track. How Do You Like This Tushy, Seymore? #1 includes all our standard features plus an extended photo gallery. Hosted by and starring Jessie James.

Once you get past the time and resource drain of the trial, what's your DVD plan? How many DVD releases per month? Will you look to put your newer releases on DVD or go through your back catalog?

Our goal is to settle in at two full-length releases a month and two compilations per month. The plan is to release a mix of both old and new products as we attack our back catalog.

The Website -

You mentioned in a recent chat (or maybe it was an interview) that you haven't had the chance to do what you want with your website. What is your website vision? Will there be more of a free, informational section?

Yes, I am currently re-designing the Web site and the focus will be on creating a destination that is both informative and sexually satisfying. The new design should debut by the middle of September. And yes, a lot more of the content will be available for free!

The Adult DVD Talk Standard Question

If you were crowned Emperor of Porn for a day, what would you change about the industry?

I am concerned about the industry-specific knowledge of performers. Perhaps some sort of test and license for performers would be the answer. They need to know the ins-and-outs of the industry, the dos and don'ts, sexual hygiene, copyright, trademark and online rights protection. They also need to know standard industry pay rates and basic performer's rights. Sounds like the basis for a union, but with the turnover rate of performers it seems highly unlikely.

Questions From Fans

Bono-ONE asks:
I have been a fan for quite awhile. Which of the girls you've worked with has been your favorite? All of them from Shane to Alisha have been great, but if one stands out please comment on her and what you liked about her.

I have to separate the girls I have worked with from the girls I was involved with. As for the girls I have worked with without personal involvement, Vanessa Chase, Monique, McKayla Matthews and Samantha Stylle are my favorites. As for the ex's I'd have to rate them: 1) Shane, 2) Alisha Klass and 3) Taylor Hayes. Of all of the above, the pure innocence yet passion of Vanessa Chase will always stand out in my mind.

Bill Broderick asks:
What's the status of the late Shane / early Taylor Hayes era titles on DVD, especially "Backdoor To Buttsville"

Taylor's Gluteus to the Maximus was just released and the others will follow soon.

Torris asks:
1. If you win the lawsuit, will the fisting intact versions of Tampa Tushy Fest and Tushy Girl Lost be issued on DVD?

If I win, yes, I will make XXX versions of the movies available on DVD. Plus I have some unreleased scenes that would be issued as well.

2. Have you considered the query I posted on RAME and Luke Ford ripped onto his website about using real live lesbians to show in your defense that fisting is not depraved and is a normal part of lesbian lovemaking?

An expert on lesbian lifestyles will be testifying on my behalf.

Diesel asks:
Do you have any plans to get the DVD rights back from Sunshine on your earlier "SEYMORE AND SHANE..." titles?

As for Sunshine, I expect to be able to release a formal announcement on September 5th.

Md99 asks:
Will you be doing a follow-up to "Orgasmatic"? Your use of the Sybian, where YOU have the controls, is better than the parts where the girls giggle and turn it up and down and lack your expertise of mixing vibration and rotation. Just because you own a hammer doesn't make you a carpenter. Mr. Butts, you're a master carpenter.

I think that a follow-up to Orgasmatic is a great idea but I have to get a new Sybian as the old one had to be retired from wear and tear.

Last Words

Any final words for your fans?

Masturbate more, buy our products to help fight the fight and educate yourselves and vote accordingly. Know where the politician stands on first amendment issues before you cast your vote.

I hope that we can do this again in the future and anyone with any follow-up questions can reach me at

Enjoy, I do!

Seymore Butts

Seymore, thanks for your thoughtful responses to all our questions. And thanks to all the Adult DVD Talkers who submitted questions.

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