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Many thanks to both HoustonDon and Raylene for this great interview! 4/15/02

Raylene, former Vivid Contract performer and exotic dancer is in Houston, TX this week, dancing at the Splendor Club and meeting with lots of her fans after her performances. I took the chance to get a quick interview from her between sets.

HD: Welcome to Houston, TX on Tax Day! I'm a dvd reviewer at and I'd like to ask you a few questions for your fans.

Raylene: Thanks for having me. I'd be glad to answer some questions and keep people up to date with my career.

HD: You've kept so busy over the years with your photoshoots, movies, and dancing all over the country, can you tell me which you prefer-dancing or making movies?

Raylene: I prefer dancing over movies. I love interacting with the crowd and meeting new people. I'm on the road on an average twice a month, a week each time. I am recently retired from making adult movies having left Vivid late last year.

HD: Wow! I hadn't heard that you left and Vivid is still releasing dvds of movies you made. What were your favorite performances? Any you didn't care for?

Raylene: My favorite performances are in Bad Wives 2 and Artemesia. I don't really have a least favorite. I'm pretty happy with all my work. I've had some good times in the business.

HD: Did you like being a Vivid contract performer? Any regrets?

Raylene: I loved working for Vivid. They are truly the best. I have no regrets I'm proud of all my work. I don't have any plans to get back in the business But if I did, It would only be for Vivid.

HD: Vivid sure makes a lot of movies, what set them apart from other companies you worked for?

Raylene: Vivid Always treated me great. They obviously care about the health of there girls by being the first company to require all the guys to wear condoms. They have changed the industry for the better.

HD: Personally, I have no problems with performers using condoms, I am a big believer in safer sex, especially in these days of STD's. So, now that you are on the road dancing a lot, do you ever take a break and hang out online? I know some people think only computer geeks do so but it's becoming an increasingly popular way for performers to hear from their fans.

Raylene: I spend PLENTY of time online. I'm always checking my e-mail and updating my website

HD: That's great! It's always good to see attractive ladies willing to meet their fans. At there is a weekly chat on Wednesday nights. A lot of times you can see various porn stars like Tina Tyler, Kimi Lixx and others meet their fans. This week's special chat was with Tabitha Stevens. Up for a chat some Wednesday?

Raylene: Wednesday night is always a good night to chat. So lets do it!

HD: Do you ever read reviews of the movies you've been in? Ever want to put the smack down on a reviewer?

Raylene:Every once in a while I would read a review. Not to often though. Every one is entitled to there opinion...even if they're wrong. ;)

HD: Do you watch many dvds? Porn or mainstream? Any favorites?

Raylene: I don't watch porn, unless I'm reviewing my own movies. I love mainstream movies. I have hundreds of DVD's. My current favorites are Zoolander, Legally Blonde and Harry Potter (you gotta love hotel pay-per view but the dvd will probably kick ass).

HD: A woman after my own heart-dvd collecting is fun. What can your fans look forward to in the future? Any plans for mainstream work?

Raylene: Although I'm not making adult movies, I am in the process of making a mainstream DVD. It's called Raylenes Strip Clubs across America. I will be shooting some of my favorite Strip Clubs and Interviewing the girls that work there. It should be out sometime in the next year. I'm also singing with my band and traveling the country dancing.

Note: Here's her dance schedule for the next month.
Deja Vu Ypsilanti, MI 4/25-4/27
Platinum Club Dallas, TX 5/2 - 5/4
Crazyhorse San Francisco, CA 5/6-5/11
Uptown Cabaret Charlotte, NC 5/14-5/18

HD: I wish I could've heard you sing. I hope your strip club video is released on dvd too. Okay, the big question, If you were crowned Queen of Porn for a day, and could change anything, what would you change?

Raylene: No Comment

HD: That big a change huh? Are you sure there aren't a few things that you'd change that you'd be willing to share with us? (I know there are some really bad things that folks don't want to talk about but almost everyone also has a few things they'd REALLY like to change-like residuals, control over edits and/or reuse of older scenes, ability to choose who you work with, flexibility of schedules, etc.)

Raylene: I had control over all those things, except for the residuals. Vivid was really great to me. I really wouldn't change anything.

HD: Anything else you'd like to share?

Raylene: I may not be making movies, but you can check me out at my website I keep it updated and answer all my mail.

HD: Well, thanks for the interview and I hope everything goes well for you.

Her fiance, Brad, was with her and acted like quite a gentleman. He even carried the suitcase, which was full of 8x10 pictures, dvds, etc. so that Raylene could sign them for fans. I had to wait for the interview as she had a line of guys ready to get their few minutes with her. She took the time to speak with each of them for a few minutes, sign a picture or two, and usually get a polariod with them. They were happy to pay $20 for the pictures and personal time with her. I spoke with Brad for a few minutes and reassured him that I wasn't just another opportunist. He contacted me the next day after having looked around the website. His comments were extremely positive about all aspects of the site. So who knows, maybe we'll see Raylene from time to time. Everyone at Splendor's was helpful to me as well and I made sure I thanked the employee's in the usual (ie: cash) way. I've never seen anyone leave the club unhappy and that's not really common these days. If any of my reviewer pals ever visit me, I'll take them to the club to see real Texan hospitality.

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