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Monica Sweetheart

Note: Normally I don't edit any of my interviews. With Monica's I had a few minor problems where my English wasn't good enough to get what I was asking across. I've edited out a few minor portions where I stumbled with my language to try to get my questions across to Ms. Sweetheart, who was always very patient and gracious.

Astroknight: To start with, about how long have you been in the business and how many movies have you made?
Monica Sweetheart: Well, this is my fourth year in the business and I really don't count the movies. It's a lot. (Laughs)

Astroknight: Are there any of your movies you're especially proud of?
Monica Sweetheart: Well, I love the movies from Zero Tolerance I just did in last year. I'm proud. Really.

Astroknight: So you feel that Zero Tolerance has really been very supportive of you and everything?
Monica Sweetheart: Oh yes!

Astroknight: How much control do you normally take of your scenes?
Monica Sweetheart: Normally a lot. Sometimes I'm not controlling anything, but (laughs) normally I do.

Astroknight: Which guys get you off the best?
Monica Sweetheart: I don't have any favorite ones, no. I like them all. I love them all! All are very good!

Astroknight: What's the best way to make you cum?
Monica Sweetheart: Well, I don't know. They must find it out, you know? I can't say!

Astroknight: (laughs) A challenge!
Monica Sweetheart: Oh yeah!

Astroknight: Is bigger better?
Monica Sweetheart: Yes. Definitely. (laughs)

Astroknight: Can you sing?
Monica Sweetheart: No, I'm sorry. I mean, I can in car, when I'm alone. (laughs) I can do it well, but not in front of people.

Astroknight: If you could change any three things about adult business, what would you change?
Monica Sweetheart: Oh, kind of, you know, I can't say it in English. Like infections and you know this stuff. I hate this! That's first. I don't know. I love it! There is nothing better!

Astroknight: Do you think the adult industry does enough to protect the girl's, and the men's, safety and health?
Monica Sweetheart: I think in the US it's perfect, but not in Europe. So that's why I'm always liking to work in the US. It's clean and fine and everybody's tested. That's perfect.

Astroknight: Are there any other big differences between working in America and working in Europe?
Monica Sweetheart: Yeah, we don't have so much, you know, good actors. (laughs) We need some male actors in Europe. You have them all here.

Astroknight: After you have a long day on the set shooting scenes, when you go home, what do you do to relax?
Monica Sweetheart: Well, first I have bath, then I eat something good, and then I have sex again. Sometimes. (laughs)

Astroknight: When you masturbate, do you use your left hand, right hand, or a toy?
Monica Sweetheart: Right hand, and toy is not bad if there is something.

Astroknight: What are your hobbies?
Monica Sweetheart: Hobbies? Well I'm not into the sports. I don't like to read. So I don't know. (laughs)

Astroknight: Do you like movies?
Monica Sweetheart: I like movies, yeah, I just want to say.

Astroknight: What are your favorite movies?
Monica Sweetheart: I don't care. I like every kind if it's good.

Astroknight: Do you ever masturbate to your own movies?
Monica Sweetheart: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! It's freaky! (laughs) No, I don't.

Astroknight: Do you prefer dogs or cats?
Monica Sweetheart: For what???? (laughs)

Astroknight: As pets! Pets! (laughs)
Monica Sweetheart: Okay! Well I have my dog here at home.

Astroknight: What kind of dog?
Monica Sweetheart: He's mutt. Mixed. And he's cute.

Astroknight: When you're out in public, on the street, shopping, do you have people recognize you much?
Monica Sweetheart: None at all. I'm not known enough. (laughs)

Astroknight: Do you like it that way or when you go out to you want to get recognized?
Monica Sweetheart: I don't want to be, no. I love it like this. (laughs)

Astroknight: If you could meet any one person, either now or in the past, who would you meet?
Monica Sweetheart: Well, if it's actor, then it's Brad Pitt. No, I'm kidding. I don't know. I'd have to think about it more. I don't know.

Astroknight: Do you plan ahead normally or put things off?
Monica Sweetheart: (gives a confused look)

Astroknight: When you're going to do something, do you normally plan it ahead?
Monica Sweetheart: No, not at all. No, I do day by day. I'm always waiting for what will come. (laughs) Don't like planning.

Astroknight: You're still very young...
Monica Sweetheart: Yes.

Astroknight: Do you ever hope to start up a family, have children?
Monica Sweetheart: (eyes almost popping out of her head) Don't scare me! (laughs) No, not for now.

Astroknight: Okay, and finally a couple last questions. Do you have a website?
Monica Sweetheart: No. So it was last question. (laughs)

Astroknight: And finally one last question. If you had enough time, do you think you could teach a monkey to fish?
Monica Sweetheart: No.

Astroknight: I told you I'd give you a couple questions noone else asked you!
Monica Sweetheart: You're right! (laughs) You surprised me.

Astroknight: Well, thank you very much for allowing me the time, Monica.
Monica Sweetheart: Thank you.

Thanks to Quasarman and the people at the Zero Tolerance booth at the 2004 AEE for hooking me up with Monica Sweetheart for this interview.

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Monica Sweetheart

Monica Sweetheart

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