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Adult DVD Talk Interviews Elegant Angel Director, Mason
August 2002

Where are you from?

I am a native Los Angeleno. I spent some time in Seattle Wa in my youth, however, for the most part I consider myself a southern Californian.

What did you do for work pre-porn?

Before porn I was an aspiring law student. I had recently graduated with a degree in political science (basically a pre-law degree) and sacrificed a legal career for porn (I'm glad I did!).

Did you watch much porn before getting into the biz?

For the greater part of my life I hated porn; I found in very offensive to women. However, I soon realized porn wasn't the problem, I had the problem. The American culture that had warped my perspective on female sexuality, caused me to view pornography with the same skewed perspective. After concluding that porn was actually a good thing for women (especially the nasty videos) I couldn't get enough! Now I typically rent 20 vids a month.

Favorite porn movies? Favorite Hollywood movies?

Favorite porn vids are: Tails of Perversity 8 (a flawless, nasty fuck fest), Slutwoman, and anything Rocco or Nacho Vidal. Favorite Hollywood movies are Boogie Nights and American Beauty.

What made you decide to get into directing porn?

I decided to get into porn because I didn't want to join the rat race, I wanted to dispel the myth that women in porn are victims, and I wanted to promote the notion that being a nasty slut is a positive thing.

How did your friends and family react to your new directing career?

Both of my parents are extremely supportive of my change in career plans. They know that I am proud of what I do and stand behind me 100%.

What makes Lady Fellatio different from other blowjob videos?

Lady Fellatio is different than other blowjob movies because there's a perverted chick behind the camera that encourages the girls to whore themselves out. There are a ton of different locations (laundry rooms, public bathrooms, alley ways, sidewalks!) and a lot of different set ups/themes.

Any standout scenes from your first movie?

Two scenes that stand out from the first Lady Fellatio movie would have to be the Flick Shagwell "balcony/gardeners" scene, and the Michele Raven "dog" scene. I love the Flick scene because throughout the scene there are gardeners pruning trees and shrubs right on the otherside of a balcony where Flick is sucking a mean dick. The Michele scene is great because it's nasty, and rough, just the way I like it.

Any amusing set anecdotes?

Amusing set happenings: on a recent shoot, Alexandra Quinn is scantily clad, on the side of a busy street, holding a "will suck for food sign" when the LAPD rollup! The coolest was having a virgin porn girl give Steve Holmes a bj on a sidewalk in broad daylight on the 4th of July (and how did you celebrate independence day????!!!!).

If you were crowned Queen of Porn what would you change about the industry?

I would change the direction porn is moving towards. A lot of productions seem to be more focused on how pretty the girls are, how nice the locations are, while neglecting the intensity of the sex. Sex should always be paramount in any porn production. I'd rather shoot a girl that was not conventionally pretty who craved cock, rather than the model type who just looks good with a cock in her mouth.

Which performers would you most like to cast in upcoming movies?

I would love to cast Alexandra Quinn and Michele Raven (I could shoot them everyday and never get bored). As for guys, I love would love to work with Mark Davis or Nacho Vidal.

Do you have other series planned?

I'm continuing with the Mason's Dirty Trixxx series and will be starting a new series, Family Affairs, co-directed with my brother William H Nutsack.

What do you think about the prevalence of facials in porn?

I love capturing facial cum-shots. I didn't know there was a controversy surrounding their usage. Besides a gapping asshole, cum shots don't belong anywhere but on the face.

Which male porn star most deserves the title Stud?

Porn Star stud, hmmm? Again, Nacho or Mr. Davis :)

Has your personal sex life changed since you started directing?

I've become more sexually comfortable and much more adventurous since I've started directing. I watch girls daily who are so comfortable with their sexuality and it's contagious!

Anything you want to tell all the porn fans out there?

I just wanted to thank all of the porn fans for taking such interest in my movies. I've noticed a lot of posts on regarding Mason's Dirty Trixxx, and I'm glad to see that people are enjoying the rougher stuff. I welcome all suggestions, comments, etc. and answer all of my emails. You can reach me at

Many thanks to Mason and Elegant Angel.

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