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Keri Windsor
3:30 pm

Astroknight: To start with, and for probably the biggest question, how long is your tongue exactly?
Keri Windsor: Well, do you have a tape measure?

Astroknight: No.
Keri Windsor: I've never measured it. I guess, you know it's funny. You ask a guy how long his cock is and they don't know and I'm like "What! You've never measured it???" I mean, how could they not have never measured it, and yet I've never measured my tongue, so I don't know. Maybe, like, four inches? Is that about right?

Astroknight: I don't know.
Keri Windsor: Although, you know what? My four inches and your four inches probably differ by about two. (Smiles and giggles).

Astroknight: OUCH!!!! (laughing)
Keri Windsor: (laughs) Well it's just a given fact that women and men's measurements differ, you know? What we consider a foot is not necessarily what you consider a foot.

Astroknight: Ah hah.
Keri Windsor: I don't know though. If you have a tape measure bring one to me tomorrow and measure it.

Astroknight: Nope, I left my tape at home. Normally, yes I would, but... Then how long have you been in the business now?
Keri Windsor: September was four years. So, '99, '98?

Astroknight: Where did you grow up?
Keri Windsor: I grew up in Saudi Arabia, actually. I was born in Wisconsin, but when I was four years old I moved to Saudi Arabia. My father worked for an oil company, and I stayed there almost nine years, and then moved back to Wisconsin just for a short time, and then to Virginia for a year, then I moved to Arizona and went to high school in Scottsdale, and then when I was sixteen I moved to New York for four months, and then I went back to Arizona, and then when I was seventeen I moved to California and I've been out of California ever since. And I just celebrated my twenty ninth birthday, so I've been out there for a while.

Astroknight: I keep looking at you and going "Wow! I'm older than Keri Windsor???!!!".
Keri Windsor: (laughs)

Astroknight: I mean that in the good way, but I'm suddenly feeling very old all the time.
Keri Windsor: As am I! Come on now!

Astroknight: What were you like growing up?
Keri Windsor: I think I was pretty much like I am now. I'm pretty outgoing. I tend to speak my mind. Where sometimes less is more, I tend not to practice that. I, you know, whatever comes to mind I say out loud. I tend to say things that people don't normally say, that they're glad that I say it, but I feel that honesty... I'm a terrible liar first of all. I'm very honest and I like to toss the bull. I had two older brothers. I was very much the tomboy, I played a lot of sports. I played football in high school, I was the first girl to play football.

Astroknight: Nationwide or just Arizona?
Keri Windsor: Arizona. Just Arizona. There was a high school team and we didn't have a girls football league, so I tried out my sophomore year and I made the junior varsity football team, and I played the whole season. It was a good experience. It made me stronger at that time, because the kids didn't want me on the team. They did everything they could to get me off because they felt I was humiliating the school. But I just had my ten year high school reunion in November, and it was great to go. I enjoyed it very much. Just to kinda get back in their face.

Astroknight: Were you recognized a lot there?
Keri Windsor: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. There were a hundred forty people of our high school showed up, and they all knew what I did because over the years, since I've been in adult, I've had e-mails from people I went to high school with. In fact, this one guy, "I was in a hotel room with my girlfriend and we got a porno, and all the sudden I see you! And I got in trouble and ended up sleeping in the car that night.". And I go "What?", and he said that it was because he told his girlfriend that he knew me and she didn't believe him, and it's like "I went to high school with her, and that pink flamingo on her ass", and she was like "How do you know she has a pink flamingo on her ass?", but see, I had got that tattoo when I was in high school. And everybody found out about it because that's not something, back then, that you did. You know, I lived in an upper middle class community and we all pretty much were well behaved kids. We weren't drop outs or drug addicts or anything like that.

Astroknight: You talk about speaking your mind. What's the worst you've gotten in trouble doing it?
Keri Windsor: I don't think actually it's ever gotten me in trouble, per se, I mean in trouble as far as being punished. But you know what? I think the best part about it actually is that it enables people around me to feel comfortable because, whereas I speak my mind and my thoughts always come out of my mouth. They always think it, they don't always say it because they are fearful of rejection and or acceptance. And so when I lay the ground rules and tell them that I'm just as guilty or I think about the same things or I do the same things and they see that, then they open up for me.

I have the ability to make a lot of people who are normally really suppressed, especially sexual, women who are just really really, like they were raised for instance really strict, like sex is naughty, sex is nasty, and yet you put thirty women in a room with me and an hour later they're all talking to me about their masturbation stories and how they love it in the ass or something like that, but yet they would have never been able to do that if there wasn't a person who stepped up to the plate and kinda took the lead in that sex is healthy and sex is good and the best kind is when you communicate. Communication is the key and don't be afraid to ever say anything because nothing you say has never been done before, nothing you say has never been thought before, and there's no reason not to say... If anything I would fear non-communication because that's where you, when you can't have sex anymore, then you look back and there's nothing you can do about it. Take full advantage of your sexual, I call it my sexual revolution, that's what porn is. I got into porn to explore my sexuality and it's enabled me to do that, and I just want to share that with all non-porno people. That they can do the same thing. They don't necessarily need porn to do it. They just need to communicate and be honest with themselves.

Astroknight: How much control do you take over your scenes?
Keri Windsor: A lot, actually. I don't like directed sex. Because there is cameras there, and lights, and all that and I do get nervous, I have sex the way I would with that person as if the cameras and lights weren't there, and I stay focused on the person. If you stop and start a lot, I lose sight of the fact that I'm having sex and then it becomes directed sex and I'm not a very good faker. I can't, they fake an orgasm, I start laughing hysterically because I mean, how do you fake an orgasm? I don't know what I sound like when I'm cumming. I don't actually take note of "Oh, okay I'm cumming and this is what I sound like so let me repeat that next time we're acting.". You know, I don't do that. So the directors now, four years into the business the directors all know me very well that I'm not one to be directed for sex. You can say "What kind of positions do you want?", but once sex starts, if you're a good cameraman you can capture what you need to get for softcore and hardcore, but you start making it like two minutes of this, three minutes of that, we need these three positions, and you know, just do it, I don't see how your sexual being stays healthy if you continue sex that way. Some people, that's their protection. That's how they protect their own, I guess they have walls that are put up or something like that, but I am who I am.

I'm just Keri. I've always been Keri. When I'm having sex I'm in my most vulnerable state. I'm naked, and I just don't see how I can be anybody else other than who I am. So when it comes to sex, I have sex with them how I would have sex with them at home, as long as the person I'm with, which is very important, to pick somebody whom you have a sexual attraction to or that you have a personality attraction to like their sense of humor, somebody who makes you laugh, who you flirt with. I will never have sex with anybody I don't want to have sex with. Nope. I don't want to feel raped, and I think that that feeling would come if that was to occur. I could only think that would happen. If I'm having sex with somebody I don't want to have sex with, just for money, I'm not in this business just for money. That's not my motivation. So the people I'm having sex with now are all because I want to, first and foremost. Money is what enables me to continue doing it and not having to go get a normal job. The money is not the motivator. I've really, really, really enjoyed the last four years, the experiences it's given me and the people I've met. You know, you spend sixty percent of your life working at least, and this, although considered a professional job working, this is not work. This is my sexual revolution and the fact that there's cameras there to capture it enables me to continue doing it, because obviously money is then involved, but I ride the ride when I can. So that's about it.

A lot of people in this business do it for money, and that's what works for them, but not this woman. I love having sex and I love exploring and I love being turned on and I love being the reason why someone else is turned on and I love making women putty in my hands. You know, my tongue being as long as it is, obviously it gets the attention and it's a chick magnet and I run with that, you know? If you've got something that people are attracted to, why not use it to your best ability and I just really, really dig having the power that porn people have to make other people feel good. I was working for an airline before I got in the business. I was working for a major airline as a customer service supervisor, and I made angry people happy, right? Because they came and complained to me all the time and I had the power to make them happy because they gave me the tools to waive things or do things for them, give them a free flight or whatever. Well, in porn I know it's not the same, but it is because what I'm doing is I'm making people happy by sharing my experiences or giving of myself and when they walk away or they turn the tape off or whatever I should hope that I gave them something that I didn't have before porn that was hush-hush about sex. I mean, I barely used to even breath during sex because I was so afraid of making a noise. Afraid of what??? Who knows, but you know what, it occurs. There are so many women that are suppressed. So many women who are afraid to tell their husbands they eat pussy like shit and do it this way, but they will never do it. Why? I don't know why. I was guilty of that too, but I know that the energy it takes to tell them to correct it is so little compared to what it really is. They run away from all that.

Astroknight: Do you find there's any one thing in general that guys really need to learn about eating pussy? Just after being such a female only performer and then switching over to doing guys?
Keri Windsor: That's a very good question. You know, being intuitive and being meticulous is what I like to say. Intuitive because you need to read the signals of how she's reacting. Whether she's verbal or not, you can tell when you've got something good going, because unlike men who think that women know women so therefore they know how to like pussy. Believe me, I've had women lick my pussy who are horrible. But if you have passion and desire to make somebody putty in your hands, you'll figure it out. Because you take the time. Because you want to. You have that passion behind it. People in porn, the wrong thing to do is look at a porno and try to learn how to lick pussy, because with porn they always want to see it. So unless you have a long... they're always like that licking pussy, you know. By all means, do not look at porno for lessons! If you're licking pussy you got to dig right in there and just devour it! You've got to want it! And men say they like to lick pussy? There's liking it and there's devouring it and there's making women putty in your hands, making her eyes roll back in her head, and if you're intuitive enough you'll read her signals and make that happen. It's just, I can't imagine wanting something that bad and not being good at it. You'll be good at it, you want it bad enough.

And ask her questions. I mean, the reverse roles, women who give terrible head to men, the best lesson I can give a guy, you know what you do? If she's sucking on your cock horrible, you take her two fingers and you put her two fingers in your mouth, and you suck on her two fingers while she's sucking on your cock so she can mimic what you're doing to her fingers. That way it takes away the talk, it takes away the speech, because a lot of people, normal couples, are really afraid to talk during sex. They don't talk. They don't sexually communicate at all. So that kinda, is an erotic kind of way, teaches her how to give head, because some women, are you know it's like a foreign object and they have no idea what to do with it! But with men licking pussy, a lot of it has to depend on the woman communicating and or reacting in such a way that he has to be able to pick up on it. And tease! Oh, another thing about that. The clit, if you overstimulate the clit, if you constantly lick the clit over and over and over again, it becomes desensitized. So what you do is, what she wants you to do, don't do, because the more you don't do it, the more it burns for it and the more you'll feel her thighs and her pelvic bone thrusting towards you. And breathing. Don't forget to breathe. That warm air when you're exhaling is really important. A lot of men tend to hold their breath. That's wrong. By all means, just exhale all your warm breath on her pussy and it'll make her quiver. It really, really will, and don't forget, not just the inside the clit, but the outside, on the lips, to lick that and tease her and breath while you're licking real softly. Don't forget to breathe, and you make her burn for it. Just don't go just diving in at it hardcore, because it's desensitized. You gotta work it up, and that's what makes a girl really wet, and that way, no lube required. You make her thighs and her pelvis just want to just thrust towards you so you get with your earmuffs and I call it taco neck. When you've been down long enough and your neck is sore, I call it taco neck. Then you're working on something good. (Laughs)

Astroknight: You seem to put a lot of thought in this. Have you ever thought about doing an educational line like Nina has with Adam & Eve?
Keri Windsor: Nina and I laugh a lot because Nina is very clinical and Nina has a lot of knowledge about sexuality, and I respect her and I love talking to her. However, I don't think I have the clinical background that she has being a nurse. What I'm all about is about passion and desire, and as far as writing a book, I don't think that I'm capable of writing a book. I like to talk, don't like to write. I do love going to store signings. I mean, there's times I've done store signings where people have started grabbing chairs and made U-shaped little semi-circles around my table, and they stick around my whole signing even after I've finished signing something or a video because I chit-chat. I stay real. You know, people in porn get really jaded. I hang around porno people all the time. They, again, become desensitized to what normally would have turned them on otherwise. So what I try to do is not only hang out with non-porno people a lot, but at store signings, I like to do those over dancing because dancing you're in a dark room, loud music, you can't talk. Going to store signings, I can talk to the people who watch my movies, and I ask the questions and I get it out of them because they've felt that if I'm that comfortable with my own sexuality that they open up to me and I learn a lot from them, just as much as they learn from me, and I stay grounded. I want to love sex when I'm done with porn and I want to not be desensitized. I don't want to need, you know, gaping assholes that are flying paint with chopsticks up their ass. To me, that's shock value, that's not a turn on, and I don't want to become desensitized to a nice looking woman and a nice looking guy and what they can do for me. So I don't know, and writing a book necessarily, although maybe just writing topics. It's not about money, again, it's just about having a good time and having a smile on your face. That's what it's about for me.

Astroknight: What do you hope to do once you leave? Have you thought about it or is it just one day at a time?
Keri Windsor: I live the day for the day. I'm really bad. There's pros and cons to not having a goal or not having a vision for the future, but I'm not that type of person. I live the day for the day and what happens tomorrow happens, and I go with the flow. Do I want to be in front of the camera, you know, next year? The answer to that is when I stop getting phone calls then I will not be in front of the camera anymore. Because right now I don't go for work. Work calls me. I've never been one to call and say "Hey, will you use me?". That's just not me. Again, it's not about money for me. It's about when they want me and I'm gonna have sex with somebody I wanna have sex with, then I'm there. What enables me to do that financially is I founded Allure Entertainment, which is a bachelor party service, and then I have OuterVision Media which is a infrastructure company for girls to maintain their websites. So I have two outside companies that bring me income, so I don't need to be knocking on people's doors to do movies. I figure when they stop calling me that's a good sign to not do in front of the camera anymore.

And then what leads from there I'll focus on OuterVision Media, which is, like I said, I make a joke about webmasters all driving Corvettes and how the girls are driving Pintos because there's a lot of people in this business who are being taken advantage of and they're just not smart enough to understand what was going on and or their hands are tied and they don't know what else to do. So what I've done with OuterVision Media is created a company that puts the money back in their hands, and I'm not taking advantage of these girls. I'm gonna give them exactly what they need, the tools they need to maintain their own websites and not have to give their money away. It's amazing how many girls in the business give their money away, and how many men are willing to take it. So I'm gonna stop that. I want the girls to be able to be empowered and have self worth and take the money they earned, not some guy that comes along saying "Let me charge you 50% members, and all your bandwidth, and 50% of your store, and...", it's just crazy. It nickels and dimes a girl to death and people wonder why she has no money and why she's working her ass off. The money she is earning the guys are taking, and I don't mean boyfriends. I mean webmasters. I mean people who are computer savvy. These girls aren't, and so they look around there and all they have the choice of all these different webmasters and all of them all want like fifty percent and fifty percent and charge your bandwidth and it's crazy. That doesn't need to happen. I can give them the same service and I can give them 75% of their money. There's no reason you can't.

I'm not trying to be a millionaire, you know? Money isn't everything, it seriously isn't. People lose track of that. I wanna be able to sleep at night. I wanna in twenty years, look back and not be ashamed of anything I did, and I don't want to feel raped, and women who do things for money, eventually I think in my opinion, down the line, are going to regret that. Especially these young girls, eighteen, nineteen years old who haven't really experienced sexuality because they haven't had sex long enough in their lives to really know their bodies and their reactions and stuff. I feel bad for those girls. I really, really, really do because I know that when they're thirty years old maybe they're going to look back and go "Maybe I shouldn't have done that", because money is short term. "Oh, let me do my first anal scene for a hundred dollars more", and then the girl's just ripped apart anally on the scene, on the set, and the next day she's all bragging about it. Well that's because the people around her are all going "Oh, good job, good job", and she feels accepted. Human reaction and human nature is always to want to be accepted, never to be rejected, so she's telling them what they want to hear, but I know. I'm a woman and I know when she goes home, she doesn't feel good about what she did, but she did at that moment because it makes everybody around her smile so she's excited about being the reason why everyone's happy. But do you think that they think about her, you know, ten years down the line? No, and I'm not saying girls don't like anal sex either. I'm just saying eighteen year old girls unfairly, in my opinion, get taken advantage of because they really don't know their sexuality well enough to be able to make those kinds of decisions, not at least, in my opinion. Really, really there's are a lot of people who think differently, but that's just my opinion.

Astroknight: Since you have an opinion here and there on stuff (laughs), if you could change any three things in the industry, what would you change?
Keri Windsor: I would change the age limit at which it's legal. I think that eighteen years old is too young. I would change it to twenty-one at least, absolutely.

The second thing I would change is, hmmmmmm. I don't know if I would change it so much as I would try to get a vote on what the industry felt about unionizing the talent so they'd all look out for each other and the rates were the same. That way everyone gets paid the same rate. Not because I want equality, but because where the companies are in all the right mind, if they can get something cheaper they're going to, and what that person fails to realize, is that if they really want them they'll pay what they're worth. So again, I'm just trying to look out for the girls in the business to understand that yes, money talks and all that kinda stuff, but if they can save a buck they're going to and they're giving them something they would have paid more for if you would have just kept your ground. So if you unionized it would keep that ground and that way the girls wouldn't have to try and do it themselves, they wouldn't have to be put up against "Oh, come on. Won't you do it for a hundred dollars less?", you know? Or "C'mon, won't you do it for fifty dollars less?", or little wheels and deals that the company directors and producers do. So I don't know if I would change it, so much as I would put it up for a vote. If everyone agreed that certain rates should be what just they are, like McDonalds ninety nine cent Big Mac is always ninety nine cents!

I don't know if there is a third thing. You know, I love the industry. I love the people in it. I feel really lucky to have been involved in an industry where there's a family. As big as it is, it's really small. And longevity? I think the key to longevity in porn is being true to yourself, and being on time, not being a drug addict, not being a problem, but that's just like that in any corporate America. If you show up late all the time, if you're on drugs, are you gonna last? No. So why is porn any different? You just be responsible and be...

Astroknight: Treat it as a business rather than as "Hey I get paid to fuck.".
Keri Windsor: Yeah, don't think "Because I have a pair of tits" you're going to be forgiven, although too often our companies do forgive a lot of the girls when they fuck up. If they set their foot down, it would probably happen less. Beautiful face, I don't know if you've noticed, but the last five years the amount of girls entering this business is astronomical, whereas before you had a new girl maybe once a month come in and you'd hear about her. Now it's like five a week there's new girls. Whether they last or not, in my opinion, is if they stay true to themselves. Don't give up too much too soon until you're ready. Don't let money be the motivator. Let your body and your mind be the motivator to advance in your sexual revolution.

Astroknight: Which guys in the industry do you think are the best match for your call it energy, etc.?
Keri Windsor: My energy?

Astroknight: The energy, the feel to your scenes.
Keri Windsor: With women I'm very dominant, with men I like to be submissive and I like to have a man who is a man, not a boy. You know, I don't want to be thrown around like some bitch, but I want to feel that I'm with a man who's a protecting kind of man. I like being held tight, I like being breathed on, and I don't want a guy to be questioning what he's doing. I want him to be confident, and then if I want him to change I'll say something, but the worst thing a guy can do to me is come up and go "Is this okay?". If it wasn't, I'd let you know. Just be confident. Be cocky. It's an attractive thing about men, I think, as long as it's not overdone. There's a fine line. You can be confident, but don't be ignorant. Randy Spears is one of the guys I like to be with. I just had a sex scene with Manuel, who's a guy from France, who's kind of new.

Astroknight: Ferrera?
Keri Windsor: Yeah. He? Great! Very good! A little tough, once, twice, I had to tone him down a little bit on the type of "I'm not your slave" type of sex but "I'm a woman and I still deserve your respect", but as soon as I put that on the line, it was great.

Astroknight: Yeah, I met him earlier today. Wonderfully nice man.
Keri Windsor: Yes, and he knows how to swab you, like I don't want to use lube if I don't have to use lube, so if you're going to have sex with me, make me wet and it ain't just gonna happen. You've got to work for it, but when you can make me wet? It's good. It's a good thing. I love being manhandled, but in a respectful way. I don't wanna be your bitch, your ho, your slut. I still want to be a woman, but yet I still want a strong, romantic kinda guy. It's easier for me to tell you who I don't want to be with, like the little boys that I've had sex scenes with that I'd like to forget. There's a couple of those, but I don't know. They're all good I think.

Astroknight: Is there anyone, either male or female, that you really want to work with but haven't had the chance to yet?
Keri Windsor: You know, I would love to work with Jeanna Fine. I know she's not in the business any more. The only reason I want to work with her is because we're very dominating women. I have yet to meet a match who can't dominate me. They've all attempted to, don't get me wrong, but I don't think it's in them to dominate me because it's all in a lot of attitude and I laugh at them because I think "If you think this is dominating me, then this is humorous!". So I try really hard to be submissive, although I'm trying really, really, really hard. I would rather have it be somebody who's just overpowering, and I think she would be a good one for me to be with, just for her experience. I haven't been with Nina Hartley yet, though. Yeah. We've been in the series together, we've been in 22 episodes of Naked Hollywood and we've never had sex. So Nina Hartley I would like to have sex with, and again, because I would like to be probably the less of the two of us versus the more, just as far as dominating and more controlling. I'd like to be more submissive, but I need somebody who can control me, who doesn't fake it, who can and has it in them, who has the passion and the desire to do it, and not just for money.

But with guys? There's not really anybody I haven't had sex with that I want to. Nobody comes to mind really. I think I've had sex with everybody I've wanted to. I kinda got that out. I wait two and a half years to have sex with the guys and then when I got to have sex with the guys I went right at it. Steven St. Croix is a nice guy to work with. Really good guy. Who else do I like to work with?

Astroknight: Ron Jeremy?
Keri Windsor: I haven't worked with him, but you know I love him to death. He's a good guy. I would never have sex with him. Not in a, for any other reason than he's not a partner I would have sex with. I know him too well. Who am I forgetting? No idea, but Steven St. Croix and Randy are definitely one of my favorites to work with. Oh, and you know Manuel? He can lick pussy like no tomorrow! I'm telling you, he's one of the best people I've worked with that can lick pussy. Totally. Like made me quiver and shake. It was good. Very good licking pussy. Sorry, I just had to tell you that.

Astroknight: (laughs) Not a problem. Your character in Naked Hollywood, how much control do you have over her? Is this mostly modeled after you or how true is she to you for the people that watch?
Keri Windsor: She is me to the degree that she's very blunt and she's open and she's sexual. I'm not, you know I was married for eleven years and I got divorced two years ago, so the slutty side of Monica, her name's Monica, she sleeps with anything that walks and talks. I, as Keri, I'm a very sexual being and I love to tease and want sex, but I don't have as much sex as she does in my private life. Although I wouldn't be opposed to the idea, I just don't. I also have a son, I have a nine year old son, so I don't live that single life where you can go to bars and pick up on women all the time, or men all the time. Of the four of us in Naked Hollywood, I don't know if you watch the series, but Nina and Asia and Dee being more conservative than I in the series. I mean, I just fuck anything that's just willing to fuck, and we all laugh at that too, all of us on set. We all laugh, but her character as far as personality and being blunt and to the point? That's who I am. And I like to be the wise cracker and I like to make everybody laugh and I like to be naughty and I like to piss off the director and, because I know I'm really not but at the very moment she might be pissed but it's all good.

Astroknight: For a woman, which one has the best tasting pussy in the business?
Keri Windsor: Who has the best tasting pussy? Obviously the recent ones in my mind come to play, but Ann-Marie, I just went downtown on her. She has a very nice pussy. Very nice pussy, and so does Kaylynn. Very tasty pussy. Oh, and Janine! Oh my God! Janine has a really nice tasting pussy! I'm remembering before I was in porn I was a fan of Janine, and you know I cried when I found out that I was going to be able to have a sex scene with her, that's how emotional I got. I was stunned, because at that time I was a Lucky Girl with A Risque Business and Lucky Girls didn't work for Vivid. There was this history there where Lucky and Vivid did not interact, and I thought "Oh, great! Now I'm never going to get to work with Janine.", and how the opportunity came about was Toni English, she made it happen for me, but when she told me that I was going to have sex with Janine I started crying. I couldn't believe it. But when I got to it, it was not a disappointment. It was awesome. Absolutely awesome. She has a very nice pussy. Very good. Now that I'm all nice and horny thinking about it. Thanks.

Astroknight: (laughs) Well, you've got me horny enough in the past that it's time I return it a little bit I guess.
Keri Windsor: (laughs)

Astroknight: Which of your movies are you most proud of?
Keri Windsor: I like different movies for different reasons.

Astroknight: All right. If somebody said "Hey, I want to watch Keri Windsor in something.", which movie would you direct them to as "Hey, watch this.".
Keri Windsor: Oh, God. There's not any one movie. There's several. Fire & Ice I like for the beauty of it. Touch Me I like for the interaction of it. Goosed for 3 I love it because it's a beautiful movie and it's a bisexual movie, and so you have a lot of different aspects of the sexual creation, but it's still done in a beautiful way. The lighting is outstanding.

Astroknight: There's a lot of us waiting for that to show up on DVD.
Keri Windsor: DVD, I know. He's delaying that.

Astroknight: And I don't watch gay or bi stuff really.
Keri Windsor: You know what, though? Goosed for 3, seriously, is a fantastic, fantastic shot movie. It is not done so that if a man were to watch it he would think it was disgusting, I don't think. I've watched it with lots of my guy friends who don't think it's disgusting. Was it jack off material for them? No, but they can still watch it and enjoy it for what it is. But that was one of my favorites to shoot because I was on set, and we did that over five days, and nowdays for porn to be shot in five days is unheard of. But it was one of my favorites to shoot because me and Blake Harper got along so well and he's such a nice guy and such a good guy and I had a great time. I really, really did. As far as like dirty sex or something that is nasty, I think Naked Hollywood 22 is probably going to be one of my nastiest but it's not out yet. It's funny. I watch everything I'm in. I try to get it before anyone else does.

Astroknight: Do you get off to your own stuff?
Keri Windsor: No, I don't get off to it, but what I do get is even though I was there to have the sex, I'm not the editor and so I don't know what makes edited version. So I like to know what made the edited version and I also like to know it for conversational reasons, like when a fan asks me about something I want to know what he saw versus necessarily what I did because it wasn't always the same. But I don't get off to them. No. In fact, the porn I get off to, and I still watch plenty, is older porn, like the people I don't know. Because there's too many girls and guys in this business that I know too well and how they have sex that it's not a turn on for me. But then again, I can tell during the first couple minutes of a sex scene if they'd rather just balance their checkbook than they are having sex with somebody. So I watch a lot of older porn, and Jewel De'Nyle actually is one of the girls that I can watch now that I can still get off to because I know that she's into it, but otherwise, a lot of the girls, when I know that they're doing it for money it takes away a lot. When you're trying to get off.

Astroknight: Do you have a favorite movie that will get you off like clockwork every time?
Keri Windsor: There's a scene with Jewel De'Nyle actually, that can get me off every time. With Jewel and Erik Everhard, and Brandon Irons in The XXX-Treme Fantasies of Jewel De'Nyle. That one can get me off every time. But I don't necessarily know a movie, but that one is a very good one. Oh, and Teri Weigel! Oh! Let me talk about Teri Weigel! In Cap'n Mongo's Porno Playhouse!

Astroknight: Uh Huh!
Keri Windsor: (Exhales strongly) I could tell you, my biceps? I couldn't drive home that day. My biceps hurt so bad from that scene because she wiggles so much and squirms so much, but ahhhhh, she is delightful! Much better than I anticipated because when we were in the makeup chair and I had met her that day, although I had heard much about her, she was very subdued, like very relaxed, very quiet, and of course that makes me very nervous. I talk too much to have quiet people around me. When we started the scene? Blew my mind! Just blew my mind! Oh my God! That was awesome! She's good. Very good. You're getting me really horny. Thank you.

Astroknight: Turn about's fair play.
Keri Windsor: You know I picture, when I'm a talker I picture everything I talk about. You know I have pictures in my head, so I'm very visual and obviously a reason why I'm a fan of porn, but when I'm doing all these signings today and I write, you know I write little novel type things on my signings, and I always ask people what turns them on. And sometimes they're like "Oh what did you say?", and I'm like "I want to know what turns you on.", and they're like "Oh, no!", and I'm like "No, talk to me!", and the reason I ask is because when I sign them an autograph I talk and say something about what turns them on. Well, I visualize everything I write, so like a good ten of them at the beginning of my signing hour, I'm just like "Okay, I'm gonna go get my pocket rocket and I'll be right back.", because I've visualized everything I've just said and it's pretty sexual. It's great.

Astroknight: What would surprise people most about you?
Keri Windsor: People that know I'm in porn or people that don't know I'm in porn?

Astroknight: Either.
Keri Windsor: Uhm, that I'm a mom. People who know I'm in porn, when they find out I have a nine-year old they're pretty shocked. People who don't know I'm in porn, like when I'm in my everyday life when I meet new people I don't say "Oh, I'm in porno.", especially like when I'm hanging out with my Mom and her friends and all that. I don't announce that. When they do find out after knowing me, whether it be a day or a month or whatever, find out that I'm in porn, they're really shocked because they didn't think that I had that type of personality, but that's the taboo that porno has. They all think this blonde bimbo, doesn't know shit, stoner, head case, the one who's in porn, or the one who's really insecure or the one who's abused as a child or sexually abused or had been molested. I didn't have any of that. I had a very good upbringing. My parents are very supportive of me and I was never molested and I was never sexually assaulted.

Astroknight: So your parents have been very supportive of you throughout the whole thing?
Keri Windsor: Yes. Yes. Very much so. My Mom ultimately says "Keri, if you have a smile on your face then I was a good parent.", because a parent is truly happy when their children are happy, and she's right there. (points at her mother standing and talking with one of her associates) You can ask her that. Her parents weren't that way with her, but as they grew older, I mean, my grandparents know what I do. They're supportive of me, but back then when she was younger, back in those days you did what your parents said and you lived your life for your parents almost. And my Mom doesn't want that for me she wants me to live my life for me and if the decisions I make, as long as I have a smile on my face she supports that. And it's good. I like it.

Astroknight: I can't think of a much better place to end it then, with that kind of thought.

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