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Julia Ann
23 April 2002
9 pm CT

Astroknight: About how old are you, since I know way better than to ask any woman her age or other certain details.
Julia Ann: (laughing) I'm thirty two.

Astroknight: And where were you born?
Julia Ann: In Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

Astroknight: Did you grow up there or did you move around a lot?
Julia Ann: Yeah, my first twelve years, and then I moved to a little town called Idyllwild.

Astroknight: What were you like growing up?
Julia Ann: Oh my goodness, I have no idea. You know, my family will tell you I was very precocious, and they will tell you I was a really good child. That's what they'll tell you, I was a very good child and that I did very good at everything I did, excelled at whatever it was that was being taught to me, which, it's nice because I know a lot of things. I can play a piano, I can ride a horse, I can shoot a gun. I can do, anything they taught me I picked up. So it's nice to have that later on in life, to be able to say "I can do that" (laughs). But, you know, when I turned twelve and they moved us, I just don't think I fared very well. I think that I lost my friends, I lost part of my family, because I was no longer around them, and they skipped me ahead in school, so I was the youngest. I think you take all those things and put them together and you end up with somebody who ends up being a little bit more, (pauses) wasn't as outspoken. You know, I was low man on the totem pole. So I don't know that that was the best thing, so I think my personality changed a little there for a while, and then all the sudden I'm seventeen and I move back to L.A.

Astroknight: When you were growing up, what were you planning on being?
Julia Ann: I really didn't know. I knew it had something to do with horses, that's what I knew. It had something to do with horses, whatever it is, and that's what I was going for. So, you know, regardless of the fact that that didn't exactly end up happening, I do have a horse, and Brad Armstrong is wanting to use him in a film. So, somehow along the line that is going to work (laughs). In a roundabout sort of way I'm going to make that happen.

Astroknight: When you were younger, whose poster hung above your bed?
Julia Ann: Oh my God, Duran Duran. How wrong is that?

Astroknight: (laughing) Well, you know, a few years ago it wouldn't have been so wrong again, but I think now it's back to being wrong.
Julia Ann: Yeah, Duran Duran. I had such a crush on John Taylor. Of course, then I saw him working out at my gym, like about a year ago, and I'm like "Oh, okay". So that's messed up, you know? (laughs) You're kind of like sitting there one day, oh, I went to the Viper room and I saw him playing in some club band, and I'm like "You know, hey? Alright, that's not cool." because you know, you still had that thing built up.

Astroknight: (laughs) The childhood crush that never goes away.
Julia Ann: Right, but then when you see them, like right in front of you like that, and they're so accessible and you're an adult, and they're just so yesterday, you're kind of crushed. I was just like, that's not right, I need to leave.

Astroknight: When did you lose your virginity?
Julia Ann: Fourteen.

Astroknight: To a man, I assume?
Julia Ann: (laughs) Yes, to a man. I have always been (sighs) I'm a planner. You know, anybody who's into horoscopes or the zodiac knows that if you're a Libra, you need everything to work out right, just the way you want it. So, I did that. I decided, you know, I'm tired of all my friends being able to talk about this, cuz they're older since I was skipped ahead. Damned if I'm not going to do this today. So I called up the boy who liked me, and I said "Hey, why don't you come over? My parents aren't here." And I waited and I waited, and I though "ah, right about now he should be getting close to my house", so I jumped in the shower. So I thought when he got there I just happened to be wet, clean, naked, in a towel, and there you go. Walked in the door and I was like "Oh, gosh. Oops. Gee. You just happened to be here now. Oh, wow. I didn't expect you yet."

Astroknight: On the subject of men, if you could be a man for a day, what would you do?
Julia Ann: Oh my God, I'd be Brad Armstrong. (Laughs) Get the most use out of that thing I could. (Laughs) No, I'm just kidding. Well, you know I have to say, the man gets use out of that thing and he's got good taste. He picks Kira Keener and Jenna, and so I can't really totally knock that idea. But, no. Gosh, that's a big one isn't it? I have to think about that. Hmmm. You know, I'd probably have to do a gangbang. No, I'm kidding. Am I still in my industry? I just wanna know. Um, oh I don't know. The penis conquers the world, so let me think. Ahhh. Isn't that all it takes to become President? Just kidding. Let me think. No, you know what, I like my answer about Brad Armstrong. It's got humor. I'll stick with it! It's got humor! All in humor. Make sure you write that! All in humor! I don't want people to think "Oh, God! Nice brains. You couldn't think of anything better than that?" I'd be Brad Armstrong.

Astroknight: Do you remember the first adult film you watched and what it was?
Julia Ann: Butterfly and I know nothing about it. But I remember when I was a little kid, I remember coming across this tape, and for some reason the color yellow enters my mind which tells me maybe it had a cover that was yellow? And I put it in and there were people having sex, and I only remember the word "butterfly". I was probably ten when I found it, eleven? So I don't know that my memory was really sitting there going, you know, "what exactly, is this called?". But yeah, it was something butterfly, or maybe just Butterfly.

Astroknight: How did you come up with your professional name?
Julia Ann: It's my name.

Astroknight: Good answer.
Julia Ann: It's my name. I decided, I have so many girlfriends that call me, you grow up with strippers and everybody's got two names, and it was so irritating to be out at the mall and be "Uhhhh, you know I'd like to say hi to her, but she's with somebody and I'm really not sure what her name is today". So, and I have other girls like that in the industry, that you know they'll call me in a little bit and be like "Call me, but my Mom's in town so if you leave a message, it's this". (Laughs) And you know, quite frankly I think they all find out and then they think they have one up on you, because they know what your real name is, and so I would rather just give it to them. Bypass all the they-think-that-they-know-something-I-don't-know-they-know.

Astroknight: How did you get into the adult film industry?
Julia Ann: Oh, God. I was dancing. Janine and I danced together, so we were doing this duo Blondage, and I kinda wanted to do adult films, and it just so happened that she had been approached by Andrew Blake to do it cuz she hadn't done one either, and we decided to do Hidden Obsessions.

Astroknight: Okay, with the ice dildo.
Julia Ann: That was the first thing we did.

Astroknight: Do you know how many films you've starred in?
Julia Ann: Not a clue. You know, it's gotta be in the forty range, but I'm just not sure. I was always kind of particular. It wasn't like I ran out and just did everybody's films. Otherwise I'd be like, Star of well over 500 movies, but no.

Astroknight: Which of your features or scenes are you most and least proud of?
Julia Ann: Oh, least proud of? I did a scene that's so funny, and because you know what, I've had e-mail written back on it from people telling me how great and real it was. And it always shocked me, cuz it was such a difficult scene to do. It was a scene with me and Mark Davis, and it was in, oh I want to say either Julia Ann Superstar or Return Engagement, it was one of the two. I'm not positive which one, but it was part of a series so I'm not sure which one it went it. I had two scenes already, in the last day or so, and I was tired, and he and I went to do the scene and it just wasn't clicking. I don't know that it was anybody's fault, I think it was just tired. He was fresh and ready to go and I was just like "I'm tired and I'm sore and...", I just didn't have it in me, so I think I fell short of his fantasy of what I must be like.

Astroknight: What's your, do you have a most memorable scene that you've done? Does any one stick out in your head the most?
Julia Ann: You know, there were two scenes I had the most fun shooting, they were both Toni English movies. One being a scene with Tony Tedeschi in The Heist and another one being in Heat of the Moon with Julian and Bobby Vitale. Both of those scenes that they had in common was she called me at home and asked me what I wanted to do. So I had a say in kind of setting the stage for that scene, for those scenes. I knew how I wanted them to feel, how I wanted them to go. I had talked with the guys on how I kind of put this together, this is what I'm looking for, and its amazing when it's your picture, how much easier it goes and how much fun it can be. Because you're not trying, you're not lost, trying to figure out what the director wants. I knew exactly what I wanted out of it, and that was nice to have that kind of control.

Astroknight: Have you found many directors to come and work with you, to kind of give the talent that kind of control in their scenes, or is that a very rare thing?
Julia Ann: Well, you know, I don't think I realized that I could up until Toni. Now, when she called me and said that this was the case, (pauses to take another quick call and quickly apologizes on her return) you know, I don't think they're opposed to it, but I think you have to go to them. Let them know that you're open to this, that you want a say because a lot of talent, they don't give a shit. I don't think they really care, or they definitely haven't thought about that "Oh my God, I might be able to say something.". Well, yeah, and I just realized this was the case, or I should say a few years back with Toni I realized that was the case. So, you know, when I worked with Michael Raven, on Paradise Lost, it was "Well, you know, I kinda wanna do this, you know, can we do...", "Yeah, absolutely. Okay, then lets do it that way.". I put together rehearsals with myself and other actors to try to get across what we wanted to have. Not only in the sex scenes, but in the acting as well. You know, what we wanted from each other. We took it very seriously. Same thing with Hercules. We had multiple rehearsals. I had multiple rehearsals with Jonathan and a script coach. So getting more involved in the projects, I think it's something that comes either later, when you realize that you're kind of tired of just going in and having sex and you want to do something more with it, or you start trying to do something more with it and the people listen to you. Or, you happen to be fortunate enough to have people around you early on that say "you can do this". I didn't have that.

Astroknight: You just finished shooting Hercules a couple weeks ago, which correct me if I'm wrong, was your first feature under contract with Wicked.
Julia Ann: Yes.

Astroknight: Were there any big surprises or anything?
Julia Ann: Oh no. You know what? It was exactly what I expected it to be. Long and painful. Jonathan was great, though. I got off so light. He told me at the beginning "You're going to be attached to my side. You're going to be the first one there in the morning, you're going to be the last one to leave at night. You're going to have the longest hours, you're going to hate my guts by the time it was done." Allow me to say, my call times were two o'clock some days. Um, yeah, maybe there were some times I didn't get out of there until four thirty in the morning, but then on one of the days they let me go altogether. So I have to say, (laughs) I got off light and I have no complaints! The sex scenes were beautiful, they were cold. They had propane heaters on us. They were at night, two of them, and they were very cold. So the acting, as well as "I am my own worst critic"...

Julia stops here since she thinks her dog is acting a little strange, and then returns when she figures out that it just wanted her to play

Astroknight: (jokingly) Just a "poor, dumb animal".
Julia Ann: Oh, he's anything but dumb.

Astroknight: I understand. I have a basset hound who's kind enough to let me live in his house, so I understand completely.
Julia Ann: Oh, it is? It's how it is! I always say that this house is solely maintained for the comfort of the dog.

Astroknight: What kind of dogs, or from what I understand you kind of have more of a zoo?
Julia Ann: Yes, I've had a zoo, however, I will say that I moved from my aunt's. My aunt and I lived together, so together, combined, there was the zoo. There were my two dogs, her three dogs, my three cats, her two cats, my one horse, her two horses. In the last couple of years, we've lost two cats, two dogs, and luckily we still have the horses. So we were down to, altogether, three, three, and three. I have recently moved out, so now I'm down to my one dog, she kept my one cat, because he's just happier there. They have hay and he's a mouser, and if I were to take him away he would not be able to be outside anymore. It's more rural there. So it's easier for us to let him play in the haystacks and be the mouser that he is at the end of a cul de sac with horse property, than to be over here in Grenada Hills.

Astroknight: What are your other hobbies?
Julia Ann: Well, I have my website, of course. That's crazy. I've been neglecting it lately only because I'm moving, I've had surgery, I've recently started this contract, and newly in love. So you put all those things together, and you have a basket case. So, the website has actually taken the hit. This week we're getting back on that, now that the movie's done, the surgeries are done, and everything else is taken care of.

Astroknight: Now, so just that I can say that I've been able to plug you, although not as others have, that's
Julia Ann: Yep.

Astroknight:  Okay.... You've took quite a few years off in front of the camera and then came back. What brought you back?
Julia Ann: Oh, goodness. Well, I think the same thing that brings all of us back. I mean, granted, we all have jobs and we all want to work, but I think there's a limelight that we enjoy, and as much as you can get away from it for a while, I think there's a certain craving that the people in our industry have. For attention, for touch, for family. Not that we're the most responsible family members in the world, but really, who is? But there is a certain something to be said for a group of people that have something very different in common than from the rest of the world. And I think it's nice to be, when you want to be included in something, it's nice sometimes to set apart from the mainstream or the civilians, as we like to call them. You have a sense of family, we have a sense of unity, we have a sense of... where else can you walk up to people that you know on name and be like "God, you know, I just really want to work with you. I think you're gorgeous. I think you're this, that, and the other thing.", and you can basically give them a kiss right there. There's a familiarity that comes with us and an ability to break through barriers and walls very quickly that you don't get anywhere else. When you're somebody who thrives on drama and passion, I can't think of a better place to be. I'm one of those people. So after a while of going and being out there and being out there and settling down, you suddenly start to get that itch. That itch to go out there and mingle and play, and have fun, and you know, not deal with the pretentiousness of the rest of the world.

Astroknight:  You've been in the adult industry for many more years than average. What are the biggest changes you've seen?
Julia Ann: Oh, I was very sheltered in the beginning, worked with Patti Rhodes and Fred Lincoln primarily. They really kept me to themselves. I didn't see a lot of craziness. The biggest change is that the women are getting more involved. Talent are becoming owners. Owners, directors, there's quite a switch in that. I mean, as you can see Jonathan Morgan, Brad Armstrong, becoming directors. Juli Ashton heading Ashton View, Nina Hartley taking the places, you have Ona Zee, watching them all take hold of opportunities that they didn't used to have available to them. It's really nice. Serenity having her own toy line, Asia and her website. The talent have become entrepreneurs. Before they were pawns.

Astroknight:  Since you mentioned toys with Serenity's line, what's your favorite toy to masturbate with?
Julia Ann: Oh (laughs). You know, I like a back vibrator (laughs). I will say this 'til I die. I mean, it's funny because today I went to CalExotics to discuss a toy line, for the Wicked line. And when things start "Well, what vibrator do you want?" I said "You know, I gotta tell ya, I love those back vibrators". They're like "I'm not quite sure what you're talking about." and I said "Oh, they have them zipped little suction devices you put on and off and some of them are for your hair...". I said "I love these things!". So we're going up and down the aisles and they just happened to have a massage kit there with all these suction devices, exactly what I was talking about! I pulled it out and said "THIS!". She's like "Oh my God, that's one of our oldest products. It's not even really considered a sexual device." I'm like "Well take that stuff off, throw my face on it, stick a dildo in the package, because that's what I use!". So if what you want to do is promote the things that are about me, that's it. It's one of those back massagers. That's what we went around today. What promotes me? What things do I like? What things would work for me? So I have a box. Can I tell you about the box I brought home?

Astroknight:  Oh, sure.
Julia Ann: Of toys. All this stuff that I have to try. All these things to check out and see what I like and what I don't like before I promote and put my face on things.

Astroknight:  That's good. Now if your toy, if your back massager is stolen, do you prefer your right or left hand?
Julia Ann: Right hand.

Astroknight:  Are you right handed or left handed?
Julia Ann: I'm right handed.

Astroknight:  Okay, just since there has been some talk from a lot of people who are right handed but prefer their left hand, and vice versa.
Julia Ann: There's people like that. Yeah, I know people like that. I'm a right hander.

Astroknight:  And then, which of your movies do you think is best to masturbate to?
Julia Ann: Oh my goodness. I don't know. I guess that depends on your tastes.

Astroknight:  Do you have one you prefer?
Julia Ann: I don't masturbate to my own movies. I personally think I sound kind of silly when I'm having sex. You know, it's funny. I've become friends with so many people in the industry that now I have a hard time watching them have sex, however, I love the behind the scenes stuff. (Laughs) So, I find that because it's so real, that that's the stuff that kind of turns me on now. Isn't that awful?

Astroknight:  Everybody has their own kink.
Julia Ann: I'm like "Isn't she cute? Look how sexual she is wearing her little shoes that you didn't see on the camera before. Those, her little booties.". I love that.

Astroknight:  What would you say is the biggest problem with today's adult films?
Julia Ann: I think we have too many limitations.

Astroknight:  What would you take away for limitations?
Julia Ann: Well, I can't say every company practices it, I won't say that, but it's hard for us to cross the mainstream stuff we like to do in with the sex because then it starts to look "wrong". Let me clarify that by saying there's R-rated movie kinds of things I'd like to do but because of the murder or the violence or the whatever it is that's done in it, it's hard to cross it up with sex because suddenly we run that gambit, because we're still watched, of making sex look brutal against women. Wicked, Vivid, there's a lot of companies that are careful about that, and I don't blame them. I can understand that, but it's hard for somebody like myself who enjoys sexy, seedy kind of movies, who wants to push that a little bit, and yet not put anybody in jeopardy of losing anything as far as the company goes. I mean, I don't want to see any women's head in a toilet, don't get me wrong, but there are certain things I'd like to do where the story may portray a woman who's got a drug problem. That doesn't mean that she gets drugged up and has sex. It's not that I would be saying "Yes, I find this appealing.", but it's part of the story. It's hard for us to walk around those storylines sometimes. Do you see what I'm saying?

Astroknight:  Oh yeah.
Julia Ann: They may not want the drugs involved because then it looks like, well we're promoting girls who get drugged up and have sex. Well, no. It's part of the story.

Astroknight:  No drugs, no guns in the storyline, etc.
Julia Ann: No, yeah, you see, it's hard because we're trying to make movies now, for the first time. We're more and more making our movies mainstream as well as mainstream making their movies more and more sexual. So you know, they're getting away with, quite honestly, almost a bit more than we are. It's upsetting, because just because I want to portray a certain character doesn't mean I'm promoting murdering people or you know, different than what you would see on regular TV.

Astroknight:  Kind of halfway on that subject, now if I understand right, you're from an Italian background?
Julia Ann: Yes. Italian and Irish.

Astroknight:  Who's the sexiest mobster: James Gandolfini, Pacino, DeNiro, or Marlon Brando?
Julia Ann: Gandolfini. Hands down. HANDS DOWN! You know it's a funny thing you said that because I've said that for a while I said he was the sexiest man on TV and people always look at me so weird (laughs). I'm like "He's the sexiest man on TV, whaddya want?".

Astroknight:  What do you do to relax after a long shoot? You were mentioning, you know, being up until four thirty with Jonathan's shoot on Hercules. What do you do to wind down after?
Julia Ann: Baths. I love baths. I am a water log. I'm a water baby. That's, uh, my guy calls me, he's like "Are you in the water again baby?" because you can always hear the water. "You're in the bath again aren't you?" I make my phone calls from the bathtub. I told Steve Orenstein today, I'm like "Look. I need a whole little bath line for underwater waterproof toys because I'll tell you right now, anybody who knows me knows I love baths.". Hear the water running? I'm in the bath (laughs).

Astroknight:  Also, back to Hercules, you played Hera?
Julia Ann: I did. I played Hera and I played a witch.

Astroknight:  What was the worst thing about being a goddess?
Julia Ann: Oh my God, the smoking! (laughs) He made me chain smoke, and I was actually at the time getting ready to quit. When I found out I had to chain smoke I thought "I can't quit." so I said "Jonathan am I just supposed to have a cigarette?" and he's like "Nonono. Have you ever been to an AA meeting?". I went "Ooooh Jonathan. I've heard about that. There's no way..." I mean, they're lighting cigarettes before they put them out. So, in the course of doing four hours of dialogue, I went through seventeen cigarettes to do it, and I could have died. Oh, they were constantly handing me like here's soda, here's this, here's that. I was green. I was so green and I actually had another part to do. I had another old woman to play and he looked at me after all that smoking and then doing two and a half more pages of dialogue and a sex scene after six hours of it, he looked at me and went "I'll let Don Hart play the old woman. Go home." And I was green (laughs). Yeah, so believe it or not, the hardest part of that character was the smoking and I quit on the way home. I quit. I haven't had a cigarette since. It was a week and a half ago.

Astroknight:  Congratulations.
Julia Ann: Thank you.

Astroknight:  What's the funniest thing you've had happen to you during a shoot?
Julia Ann: Oh my. I don't know. I don't know that anything really happened to me. I can't really say anything really, but nothing I can really think of off the top of my head, I guess. I would imagine that something bad's happened to me. After all, I did three Blondages. Janine had to do something to me. I can't think of anything.

Astroknight:  Are there any performers you really want to be with but haven't had a chance to yet?
Julia Ann: No, I pretty much make it come true, I have to say. I mean, yeah, there's people I haven't done it with, but it's not like I'm thinking that they're out of my reach. God, I've worked with a lot of people, haven't I? I'm thinking, yeah... no I've worked with them, yeah... no I've worked with them too. No, I can not think of a one. I've worked with Mr. Marcus recently, so that would scratch that off. I've worked with Lee Stone, my God, who, Evan Stone! I did that whole movie and I couldn't have sex with him because he was my stepson. I personally didn't think that was crossing the line, but... (laughs)

Astroknight:  Well, it was Greece...
Julia Ann: Uhm, Hera being Hercules' stepmother. But no, it's funny because afterwards he and I were actually standing next to each other the other day and I looked at him and I thought "I can't believe you and I haven't worked together".

Astroknight:  In the past you've been under contract with other studios, what makes Wicked a great fit for you, or you for them?
Julia Ann: I think that they have loyalty and so do I. That's what I needed to find. I'm not going to say anything bad about anybody, because it's not that. I had a good time at Vivid and it's not that at all. But at this time in my life, if I'm going to be here, I really wasn't looking for a contract in the beginning. Then it just started happening that people were like "What's Julia doing?" and I wasn't going to say no to the right offer. But it wasn't something that I was just going to do, so I took a long time and I thought about it for a while and looked at the companies that were interested and I went with who I thought had the better reputation of loyalty in the long run.

Astroknight:  Now that you're under contract with Wicked, are we going to see you and Devinn Lane follow up Beautiful / nasty with Sneakers in Lingerie or Fishnet Whores?
Julia Ann: OH! OH! Sneakers in Lingerie! That's right! (laughs) Who told you? Did I tell you that?

Astroknight:  No, I was just watching it the other day and listening to the commentary...
Julia Ann: That and We Made This All Girl Movie Because Men Suck.

Astroknight:  (laughs) Now in your contract do you have it worked in where Brad Armstrong has to come give you foot massages after each day?
Julia Ann: You know what? I wish, but no, that doesn't seem to be the case. I have to say that to him though, now that you've said it. It's pretty good that he did it, though.

Astroknight:  Yeah, I was amazed.
Julia Ann: I was impressed! I didn't know I had that much pull! I was like "DAMN! If I had known this I would have come in here earlier!"

Astroknight:  If you had to leave the adult industry, what would you do?
Julia Ann: Oh my goodness. You know, people have been asking me my goals, it's how I'm going to answer this. I'm gonna say whatever I do, if it isn't in the adult industry, my name will only help me. Anything I do today, it builds my career. My name will only help me further. If whatever I decide to do afterwards doesn't have anything to do with the adult industry, well, then you know, it doesn't really matter. The choices that I'm making are all based on what I want to achieve today and in the next two years. Past that, I'm really not quite sure. I may decide to stay for two more years. I may decide to go behind the camera. I have had some experience with that. I have tried that. I have a couple scenes I did shoot myself, and just kinda sitting. So I know it's something I can do. I haven't decided if it's something I want to do. In the meantime, I'm doing what I love to do.

Astroknight:  If you could have any performer come out of retirement just to do a scene with you, who would you choose?
Julia Ann: Christy Canyon.

Astroknight:  Who's the most interesting person you've met in the adult industry?
Julia Ann: Teri Weigel. You know what, I can't even say that. Teri I love, but if she's interesting, Anna Malle. I think Anna Malle is very interesting. It's funny, because I'm gonna name those and then I'm going to follow it up with something. Teri Weigel, Anna Malle, Jeanna Fine. I find them to all be very interesting women in the sexiest, nastiest way possible. Their energy, when it comes to sexuality, is something I envy, but at the same time I find it interesting because it is so vivacious.

Astroknight:  If you could meet any one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?
Julia Ann: Dean Martin. That was a sexy man.

Astroknight:  With or without Jerry Lewis?
Julia Ann: Without Jerry Lewis (laughing). I just want to hear him sing, just a couple songs, like Return to Me. I'd be happy if he just sang Return to Me once (laughs).

Astroknight:  I've also heard that you love to cook. What's your specialty in the kitchen?
Julia Ann: I love to cook food. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter, there's no particular thing. There's anything from Grandma's mac and cheese to meatballs. I cook, I bake, all depending on what I'm in the mood for. It could be Italian, it could be Mexican, it could be Chinese. I can do them all.

Astroknight:  Who's sexier, Martha Stewart or Julia Childs?
Julia Ann: (laughs uneasily)

Astroknight:  Just when you thought it was getting safe.
Julia Ann: Martha Stewart, if I have to answer. Because you remember when she did the commercial for her line, what was it, K-Mart or Target?

Astroknight:  No.
Julia Ann: There was one of the places where they were carrying her stuff and they had her in the bathtub, oh no! They had her in a bed and she had nothing but a sheet up around her chest. I was thinking "Wow! Martha's doing skin!" (laughs). So I have to say Martha.

Astroknight:  What would surprise people most about you?
Julia Ann: Oh God. I don't know. After ten years? I'm not sure there are even any surprises left. That I'm still here.

Astroknight:  What's your most annoying personal habit or quirk?
Julia Ann: Oh my God I interrupt people constantly (laughs). I am so much more interested in what I have to say (laughs). Isn't that horrible? That's not an ego thing either. You know when somebody says something and you already have a rebuttal and you're just waiting for a break. That's what I do. I just wait. And all they have to do is go for a breath and I start talking and they're like "I'm not finished" and I'm "But you stopped!". "For air!", you know? (laughs)

Astroknight:  Do you have a favorite or least favorite position?
Julia Ann: I like missionary. My least favorite: reverse cowgirl.

Astroknight:  Do you pay attention to reviews of your features and scenes?
Julia Ann: Not too much. I mean, it's nice when somebody likes your work, but really what I'm interested in is that my fans come up to me, and they e-mail me, or they say to me they enjoyed something. That's what I'm interested in because I learned a long time ago that regardless of what the critics say, or what they write, or what's going on, not that they can't push your movie to sell more or whatever, but you know, they're jaded because they watch so much of it. It's the people out there that really have to enjoy it that can't be jaded yet. They're still using it. They're the ones that, they decide whether I do something again or not.

Astroknight:  Is there a way for your fans to contact you?
Julia Ann: They can do it by e-mailing me.

Astroknight:  Okay, what's your e-mail address they can get you at, or is that on your website?
Julia Ann: It's on the website.

Astroknight:  Do people recognize you much when you're out in public?
Julia Ann: No. I have completely two different looks.

Astroknight:  If you were made Queen of All Porn for a day, and could change any three things, what would you change?
Julia Ann: Oh my God, I don't know. I'd get more money. Yeah (laughs).

Astroknight:  Would anybody else?
Julia Ann: No. Let me see, the three things I'd change the most. I'd make all the companies condom only. I think that in every industry there should be regulations regardless if it's construction... No I do. I think we should be condom only. I believe it's something we should take upon ourselves before somebody else regulates this and that. But I believe every industry and every business, because it is a job and it is something we want to be legitimate and we work hard to make legal and legitimate. So I believe once you start doing something there's a price attached to it, once other peoples' lives become involved and it becomes an industry for profit, suddenly you owe each other the respect to look out for one another's health and well being. Regardless if you're police officers and you wear certain attire, regulation boots, certain jobs you have bulletproof vests, when you're a motorcycle cop there's certain things you wear for that. When you're a construction worker there's regulation hardhats and boots. Whatever it is there are jobs and when these jobs have the safeties of large quantities of people in mind, there are regulation wear. We have one thing to worry about, and I believe that we should take it with great concern.

Astroknight:  Okay, so you've got more money, condom only, and more concern for each other?
Julia Ann: I'm kidding about my money (laughs). PLEASE! I'm so kidding! But I do believe that yeah, I would think one of the things I would change I would try and make us a little more concerned about each other's well being and regulate that a little better. I think another thing I'd change is I'd like more options for the talent that have been, that are bringing in the bigger money and stuff like that. Similar to the mainstream, where you might actually be able to get points on things and be a part of your projects and invest in them yourself, and not just be the players.

Astroknight:  What was the proudest moment in your personal and professional life?
Julia Ann: Goodness. My professional life. I can't say proudest moment, but every time, every now and again, you realize that your industry does more than just make yourself available to people jacking off to your material... Every now and again something happens that makes you realize that our industry has a bigger place in the world than just adult entertainment for middle America. I did a signing, and in that signing a gentleman came up in a wheelchair. He was so badly disfigured I really didn't know what to do. Information. You know what I mean? You're looking at somebody and you're thinking "Wow. How fucking injust is this?". You know? You can't rationalize it, you can't reason it, it's just the way it is. So the most you can do is not let them feel you're feeling bad or feeling sorry for them or pitying or, uh, looking down on them or anything else. You try to treat them exactly the way you treat everybody else in the line and not show it any more than it already is, because you'd make everybody uncomfortable including that person. But you still recognize the handicap and you go out of your way to make it easy on them to get what they need. So I did so. But when he turned away, and I remember Luke Ford was there, and he wrote about it in his website, and this is why I make reference to it because it is public knowledge, otherwise it was rather embarrassing. Because the guy went to wheel away and the second he did, I dropped. And they watched me. People in line, people watched me turn around, sink, and then crawl behind a table because I had already sunk in front of them, so all I could do was crawl out of the way. And I sat behind the table and cried because I didn't know what to do with that information, but what it made me realize was obviously there is a group of people out there, and I wouldn't say they're small, but there's a group of people out there that probably don't have people in their lives. They can't possibly get blown by just anybody. You know what I'm saying? They can't just go out to a bar and get laid. They can't just find a girlfriend off the drop of a hat. They can't just have a relationship because their needs are so special and they're handicaps are so great that the only thing that they have is living their sexual lives vicariously through us, and I would think that that need would have to be great.

Astroknight:  Wow. (I had to pause here for a few seconds to get myself back into things.) What have you always wanted to learn how to do but never seemed to been able to find the time?
Julia Ann: Learn Italian, and you know what? I even took personal classes, but because I had four scripts to learn, I was hosting a show, and this, that, and the other thing, I had to put it down because I couldn't memorize it. Really pissed me off! You spend a lot of money to do something like that and I couldn't grasp it because there was too much information coming at me. So I had to back out. Too depressing to fail at something. It drives me crazy (laughs).

Astroknight:  Do you own a DVD player?
Julia Ann: I just bought one this year! How sad is that? I've been rebelling against technology. I hate it every time I buy something and they do something else to me!

Astroknight:  Well, being for Adult DVD Talk I kinda have to ask.
Julia Ann: Yes, I did.

Astroknight:  What are your favorite mainstream and adult DVDs?
Julia Ann: I've only bought a few. Stigmata, loved it, Liar, Liar, what else did I buy, So I Married an Axe Murderer, love that movie, I bought a few. Ones that I've been really watching. The adult DVDs. I haven't really watched any of them except for, when Michael was not home one day, I decided to put in Beast (laughs) to find out what this Michael Raven director was about, and that's when I watched the behind the scenes stuff. That's when I realized that the behind the scenes stuff did it for me. But really, I think that's the only adult DVD I've taken a look at.

Astroknight:  Who are your favorite musicians, other than Duran Duran, of course?
Julia Ann: Geoff Tate, he's the singer of Queensryche. Geoff Tate, oh my God! Steven Tyler, oh my God. Right now, as we speak... Frank Zappa.

Astroknight:  Well, since you seem to be a rock fan, one of our other standard questions, who's the true lead singer of Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, or Gary Cherone?
Julia Ann: Oh, well I think the true singer would have to be David Lee Roth. The saner one is probably Sammy Hagar (laughs).

Astroknight:  Just a couple more here so you can get on with your night, if a local bar made a drink in your honor, what would they call it and what would be in it?
Julia Ann: Oh my God, I don't know. You know, I have a couple nicknames, that I do know. I don't know if they're very sexy, though. One of them is Julia Ann: Voice of Reason. That's the one Taylor Hayes came up for me on the set of Naughty Amateur Home Videos. I don't know if Voice of Reason has anything to do with alcohol. The other is Julia Ann: Master Manipulator. Now, that's the one I come up with because I like to think I'm good at that. I'd say Master Manipulator because, you know, alcohol has a way of doing that. I'm not going to say anything like Pink Floozie! (laughs) No, it's not gonna happen!

Astroknight:  What would be in it?
Julia Ann: Oh my God, let's see. Gin, but it would have to be like Tanqueray. I'd would have to think about that actually. Let me think. You know what, there's a shot that I really like called the Sicilian Kiss, but I can't think of what's in it... I don't know. It would have to be sweet, though. Sweet and thick, almost like schnapps. But you know what, when I danced, and I used to get obliterated, boy Janine and I could drink... the drinks of choice were tequila, gin, and goldschlager.

Astroknight:  Now who would win the drinking contests between you and Janine?
Julia Ann: You know what, she used to stand there and say "I don't think alcohol affects me anymore. I must be immune." (laughs) and then I'd give her a couple more drinks and then she was blotto. But that was on a drink they call Liquid Cocaine. I don't know how they make it where you are, but in Florida it was Jagermeister, 151, and Rumplemintz.

Astroknight:  Yeah, I don't remember what was in them, is probably the best way to put it.
Julia Ann: Oh, it would just gag you. It was Jagermeister, Rumplemintz and 151 in Florida.

Astroknight:  Ewww.
Julia Ann: Oh yeah, and if that didn't lay you out, forget it. You just start picking up a heavier drug because there's just no way. I couldn't do it.

Astroknight:  Do you still dance?
Julia Ann: I do still dance, but because of my current obligations to Wicked and Playboy it's going to be much less frequent.

Astroknight:  Is it basically limited to California then when you dance or are you still going to try and make it around the country, and may I suggest Minnesota?
Julia Ann: (laughs) You know what? As of right now I'm still planning on once a month. I don't know how that's going to work, but that's what I'm planning on.

Astroknight:  And just to wrap it up with a really serious one, if you had enough time, do you think you could teach a monkey to fish?
Julia Ann: OH MY GOD! What were you smoking before you called me? Um, well luckily I don't have that kind of time, so that's my answer (laughs).

Special thanks to Julia Ann for her time and Daniel Leslie Metcalf at Wicked and Lucky Smith for setting up the interview.

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