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Evil_Rip's Asian Porn FAQ
Differences between Imported Asian Porn vs US Asian Porn FAQ
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Due to Japanese laws pubic hair or genitals cannot be shown. The ass, anal pore, bunghole, or whatever you call it can be shown.
So to abide by the law mosaics are used. In recent years the laws are becoming less strict.
So now there are thin mosaics.
Hair-nude photos are now Legal.

Firstly the girls are all naturally breasted in Imported porn.
Some of the US asian girls have implants, (Miko Lee, Asia Carrera)

There is usually pubic hair on the girls in Imported porn. Sometimes very bushy, very little or on rare occasion its shaved or trimmed.
US porn girls will most likely be shaved or trimmed. And very rarely bushy.

Japanese girls tend to have a more round face. US Asian girls aren't just Japanese, they're many variety of asian backgrounds as well as mixed.

Japanese men in most of the porn I've seen are fit. Muscular and non-fat, almost like Gay pornstars.
US male stars aren't always muscular and they tend to have some fat, or a lot of fat.

Pounding the PUD!
US porn, we see the guys face before he blows his load.
Japan we almost never seen the mans face when he blows his load.

US, the guy will pound his dick for minutes trying to squeeze the hell out of it and make himself cum on the girl, who's just waiting for it to happen.
Japan, the guy will do the girl very hard right before he climaxes. Real hard in and out pounding and then he'll pull out, take off his condom (if he's wearing one) and cum in the girls face or tits. Sometimes on the stomach.

US, we have the variety. Girl says cum on my face, in my mouth. But then she clamps shut. We'll occasionally see girl take it with mouth open.
Japanese porno, the girl will usually have eyes closed and guy cums on her face or tits. Sometimes there's her sucking on it afterwards. Some of the bigger stars will suck the guy off in her mouth and then spit the cum out into her hands for us to see.

US porn, guy fucks the girl. Rarely kisses her. Eating her out is usually 30seconds to a minute before he gets a blowjob and fucks her everywhere.
Japan porn, Guy usually warms the girl up. Usually a good couple of minutes of foreplay. Its not uncommon for a scene to just have the guy making the lady have an orgasm. One scene lasted 50 minutes, 35 of which was foreplay!
Sometimes she'll orgasm before they move onto fucking. Guy fucking the girl is not a given.

US Asian girls. Look like US Asian girls.
Japanese girls, they look like they were born in Japan.
I do not know what it is that happens when someone's raised in the US. But people born here tend to look a lot different then relatives born in the old country.

A variety of sexual energies of course for both.
But typical Japanese girl will look in pain then smile and laugh after the guy climaxes. Much like Chloe, she almost always looks in pain when fucking. This isn't always the case though and you'll find the enthusiastic actresses.

Penis Size:
Okay. I'll touch on this one.
Visual appearance VS. Reality.
Almost all of the Japanese performers are not shaved. So they loose about 1-2" in visual appearance.
US male stars are almost all shaved, or are very neatly trimmed. So they get another 1-2" in visual appearance.


MicroPenis - less than 4" in length

Small - less than 5" Length
Less than 4 " Circumference

Average 5" - 7" Length
4 " - 5 " Circumference

Large 7" - 9" Length
5 " - 6 " Circumference

Huge 9"+ Length
over 6 " Circumference

Most of the Japanese actors fall within Average to Large. There are many that are longer but have average circumference.
US male stars tend to be Average to Large. There are the exceptionally super large ones but they are rare too. Hey take a look at Randy West or Ed Powers? They are way smaller than a lot of the Japanese male stars.
Then there is ChocoBall, he's a rather large Japanese male star.

Of course I've heard from some of the other forum members that there is a very large number of large and huge penised Japanese men in Gay porn.

So what is small?
MicroPenis is when the erect penis length is less than 4" When a man suffers from MicroPenis he should see his general physician and urologist. There could be some OTHER underlying health risk that can be diagnosed. Just because it is that length doesn't mean there is something wrong with it, it might mean there is something else that could be at Risk. To learn more about this please follow these links:

Breast size:
Yup breasts come in different sizes. But Japanese women tend to be all natural. I have yet to see a Japanese porno where the girl has fake breasts.

Top AV Idol video's the girls are very clean just like most US porn stars.
But of course there are the amateurs that aren't always so, that goes for both US and Japan porn.

The problem I see at the moment most of these imported titles that I own or see being listed do not have top name AV Idols. (AV Idols are PornStars) they tend to have a lot of amateurs. You can tell the girls are new and are embarrassed over being in porn.
Hopefully we'll soon start to see real Japanese stars in some of these movies.

Sex Toys
Yup there is a lot of use of Sex Toys in Japanese porn. Especially during the foreplay.


There's a ton! But here are some generalizations. I'll add more when I think of them.
Gonzo - Yup you're familiar with this
Wifey - House wife fantasy. Guy gets the house wife. Delivery boy.
Bondage S&M - well someone's tied up. Usually the girl. Sometimes the guy
Av Idol - Yup the top girls are called AV Idol, problem is these movies usually have the mosaic censorship. These are the girls that will usually suck the guy off in the end and spit the cum in their hands.
Rape - yeah there's that too.
SchoolGirl - The girl is usually dressed up In a school girl's uniform. Or in some other school girl type outfit.
Nurse - Ladies dressed up as nurses.
Sensei (Teacher) - similar to the above. Sometimes the teacher takes "advantage" of the student. Sometimes it's a Female teacher!
Scat, Piss, vomit & other gross acts - this stuff must have developed cuz of the mosaic censorship laws. It's totally a gross thing to see. This stuff's even too much for Big Drew to handle. There's vomit porn, where girls just vomit. Sometimes into dishes and then drink back their own vomit! Ewwww! Piss porn where the girls piss in glasses, on other women, or on other men. Its different from when a girl just pisses. Scat, all kinds of nasty things can be done with shit. And other gross acts? Well eating of live worms is one thing!
Bukkake - a room full of men jerk off onto a woman's face.
Gay - From what I've heard there's a bunch of genre's within Gay porn too, not surprising though

As soon as I think of more I'll add them.

Okay this is a preliminary list of things you wanted to know.
If you have any more questions please email me and I'll add to the FAQ as soon as I can

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