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Adult DVD Talkers Interview Alisha Klass just as her new movie Center of the World hits theaters.

How did you get involved with Center of the World?

I auditioned for the role of Cookie, met Wayne Wang and started discussing the film and how to make it more real - he then offered me the role.

Do you think the movie succeeded on the erotic level?

Extremely, however it is a very realistic film as well.

What went into the center-of-the-world website?

Wayne Wang was there to direct me - he wanted to set up different shots so it would be the viewers eye point of view, I was to perform a personal lap dance for the camera. We then set up a voyeur camera so the viewer could watch us changing in the dressing room and follow me into a private room where I could respond to the viewer's questions.

What are your favorite movies, both adult and 'mainstream'?

I don't really watch porn, but my favorite film I did is: Seymore Butts does Europe 1&2. For mainstream I really liked that Dinero film, Meet the Parents.

What have you been up to lately and are you in any new films?

I just shot my first documentary, Full of Klass. I just finished my first directing and screen writing class at UCLA, while I've been writing my first book and I have my show on Playboy the first and third Wednesday of the month called Inside Adult. I'm still writing for Club Confidential Magazine. I'm not trying to be a film actress.

How did you persuade Tera Patrick to finally give in and lick a pussy?

We simply adore each other; we're attracted to each other and always have fun together.

Why did you choose a dolphin for your tattoo?

Because I love dolphins, they're smart and playful. has listed that you are dating Bruce Willis. Is this true?

Not currently.

If you could change three things about the adult industry what would they be and why?

I would change the spirit in general, the interaction between the different actors and companies because no body treats each other that well. I think that every girl has something different to offer as well as every company. I just don't know what all the competition is all about.

There's nothing else that I'd really change.

Do you feel the popularity of anal sex in adult movies is causing some of the newer girls coming into the industry to do it even when they don't want to for fear of not being hired?

Not for fear of not being hired, but maybe the pressure that if you don't do anal - you won't have as many fans.

Do you feel the industry should set a minimum age limit for employment (above the current legal limit of 18)?


You were signing for Club magazine at the last AEE. What is your involvement with them and plans for the future?

I am going into my third year writing my sex column based on anal sex with them.

You did an awesome "Beatty Paige" layout for Fetish magazine. Were you a fan of that popular model prior to the job or was it just a job?

I'm not a fan of a lot of people, but I think that Betty Paige is definitely a woman that I am a huge fan of and I just love the way she opened her mouth and had this huge smile - that suggest something sexual and provocative. I also think that we shared a lot -our body size, real breast and that beautiful look that she's known for. She always did things in a fun way while integrating her sexuality that has made me admire her as I do.

Have you done any porn except in the Seymore Butts videos?

No, and I won't be doing any more.

Do you keep in contact with your fans at all? If so how can they reach you?

They can email me at

Alisha, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. And thanks to all the Adult DVD Talkers who submitted questions.

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