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Stormy Daniels


Porn Connections: Performer, Director, Writer
Date Joined: March 2004
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  • 6/9/2014 7:03:37 PM
  • Astro's Best of 2013
    Thank you! I love directing and work VERY hard at creating the best features I can. I pour my heart and soul into writing and directing…I'm glad someone noticed ;)
  • 11/12/2013 7:46:17 PM
  • Questions and ideas for Kate/Killergram thread.
    Thought I cleared this up already. 1. I am NOT married. I've been divorced almost 5 years. And when I WAS married, my husband wasn't even in porn. 2. I work with LOTS of guys...I've never only worked with one dude.
  • 8/4/2013 9:51:31 AM
  • RILYNN RAE Stars in Stormy Daniels' WANDERLUST
    Thanks guys!! I worked really hard on this one...lots of pre-production planning my shot list to get just the right feel. And Rilynn is an exceptional talent. She had never done any acting but followed direction perfectly! Love her!
  • 12/27/2012 8:39:30 PM
  • AVN Announces 2013 Hall of Fame Inductees
    Good to know I'm as important as a coin toss... I'm guessing it was a joke, but I'm still offended. Three of the girls on the list were nominated for 2004 Best New Starlet... I won that award. I've also never gone on TV and denounced the adult industry.On a side note, Francois is very much alive. He is a director for Wicked (and Penthouse) and the videographer on most of our movies.....and that's all I have to say about this.
  • 7/29/2012 12:38:45 PM
  • New Guy question for the Directors/Producers.
    FYI... Heat was filmed on a "film ranch" just outside out Los Angeles...guess that shows how great Brad Armstrong's art direction was (although you can clearly see the mountain in some of the shots behind the cabin and there are NO mountains in Louisiana)
  • 3/22/2011 1:12:22 AM
  • Why do pornstars never *genuinely* swallow?
    I don't have sex with Randy in Model Behavior....and we have never dated (or even fucked off camera)...He is a dear friend but just wanted to set the record straight. I did do a swallowing scene with him but it was in Operation Desert Stormy.
  • 2/13/2011 1:39:13 PM
  • Stormy Daniels look-a-likes, please?
    Life of Riley, Sex Therapy, Fairy Tale and Whatever it Takes are my most recent movies (all released in the last 6 months or so...enjoy.
  • 8/16/2010 2:31:16 PM
  • A Fairy Tale
    Yay! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! I had so much fun doing this one...especially chasing Kaylani with a garden rake..LOL! On a side note: although jessica is a very talented writer, jennifer is actually Michael Raven's wife (not in the business). To see an example of jd's writing, check out 3 Days in June.
  • 8/2/2010 11:35:12 AM
  • Who is the Hottest girl you've seen rim a guy?
    You've got the wrong chick...I've never worked with Dale or Mike. I wasn't even working with guys when Young Fun was shot. I believe I did a scene with Ashton Moore. Oh...and I've never dated Mark Davis.
  • 6/23/2010 4:32:08 PM
  • Stormy Daniels update
    What's your question? Most people are asking me questions on my site or on my formspring
  • 5/7/2010 12:55:31 PM
  • Stormy Daniels update
    Yes, I was there about a year and a half ago. I've also performed at Whiskey, but that was many years ago. Thank you for sending the email! I have gotten many of my bookings because fans requested me. Hopefully we get to meet soon...xoxostormy
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