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Steve Holmes


Porn Connections: Performer, Director
Date Joined: December 2002
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  • 12/20/2012 11:20 AM
  • Girls choking men on camera
    I only know of one performer that does choking play on screen and that is Steve Holmes -- but he only chokes women that get off on it so that isn't a help here. Steve doesn't even do it on screen that often and was recently criticized severely for doing it at all.I'm not the only one for sure.
  • 1/1/2012 5:13 PM
  • Scenes with public posing/flashing
    ninja1 wrote:^Do those people in the background have to sign a release to allow themselves on film; do they get paid ?Neither.This picture was taken in front of a major train station.
  • 1/1/2012 5:12 PM
  • Alice Romain sister to Sandra
    joeblow123321 wrote:And though I find it insanely hot, I could never imagine being paraded around naked on a city street and then getting fucked in the ass in public by giant-donged Steve Holmes as she did in her first scene.We had fun that day.
  • 1/1/2012 4:36 PM
  • Scenes with public posing/flashing
    Cinestage wrote:The all time Champ for public nudity is our very own Steve Holmes fucking some chick on a bus in Europe!Check out
  • 7/30/2011 5:54 PM
  • Mason (aka. Sam No) Appreciation Thread
    AsaAkira wrote:Elegant has introduced me to a lot of my favorite male performers... Toni Ribas, Steve Holmes, and now Nacho.We all love you Asa.
  • 12/12/2010 2:11 PM
  • Question for Steve Holmes
    liloleme wrote:Sorry guys but John Passed away earlier this week. :(RIP John LeslieI'm shocked to read this. He was a great guy.
  • 12/12/2010 2:08 PM
  • Question for Steve Holmes
    pornologist wrote:John Leslie has spent a lot time in Europe, in fact the Voyeur series seems to be at least 50% shot in Europe.He worked in Europe as director. So he is not meeting other directors. But I don't think he worked in Europe during is acting career where he could have worked for Mario Salieri.Steve Holmes
  • 12/12/2010 2:02 PM
  • Who is the Hottest girl you've seen rim a guy?
    saintseya wrote:Hi steve, can i ask u who's your favorite asslicking pornstar, ur best experience.I never aswer this kind of question. It's the moment which counts.Steve Holmes
  • 12/10/2010 5:14 PM
  • Isis Taylor...
    Isis Taylor wrote:maybe i will do a scene with steve holmes one of these days....Maybe I see you in Las Vegas in January and we can talk about it.KissesSteve
  • 12/10/2010 5:13 PM
  • STEVE HOLMES, About Big Natural Tits 22
    PlayBoy wrote:Steve, are you still in the US or Europe? Well, got news for you.Isis Taylor said she might work with you one of these days. I asked her if any scene has been finalized featuring both of you:Isis to work with Steve Holmes?I will be in Las Vegas in January and than stay a couple of weeks in L.A. Let's see what's going to happen.Steve Holmes
  • 12/10/2010 5:09 PM
  • STEVE HOLMES, About Big Natural Tits 22
    shannow27a wrote:Steve,I'm a huge fan of your performances but off the topic. I wanna confirm with you if some other male talent accidentally cum all over your face in a DP scene.There is a video going around and it shows - pretty sure it is Bob Terminator - climaxing and hitting your hair and mug. Is it a prank video or Bob playing the joker?It was not Bob Terminator. I don't even know who that is.The guy in the scene was Horst Baron. It was all set up and part of the story.Steve Holmes
  • 12/10/2010 5:01 PM
  • STEVE HOLMES, About Big Natural Tits 22
    ADT44 wrote:phoenix_marie1 wrote:Steve I love you Can't wait til you do my first DP!!!I think he needs a nice looking picture of you first, Phoenix!I don't think he even knows who's talking to him right now....Phoenix Marie is an exception. I know her very well. We worked many times together and we also meet for dinner or bowling on occasions.Steve Holmes
  • 12/10/2010 4:55 PM
  • Question for Steve Holmes
    mapofhawaii wrote:I know you have worked for John Leslie at least once, and Mario Salieri. I was wondering about the two of them. Their styles seem to be very similar. Soft lighting and voyeurism being two similarities. What is Salieri like? Do the two men know each other? Was one influenced by the other? Thanks.I don't think they know each other. Mario never worked in the USA and I don't think John ever worked in Europe. But I can ask them. I'll see Mario next week and John in January.They are totally different characters and have a totally different way to direct. Even if you think their results look similar.Steve Holmes
  • 11/17/2010 7:13 PM
  • Sexiest orgy ever.
    Fergus wrote:Another from Christoph Clarke's endless anal obsession is in Angel Perverse 8 when David Perry and Steve Holmes get to share Bambi, Cindy Hope, Crystal Crown, Jennifer Stone, Serilla Lamante, and Suzie Diamond, plus maybe a couple more, I'm not sure. Two guys for all those wonderful women, that was truly fantasy material. Except that I'd be happy to do them all on my own, as long as I had intravenous Viagra.With girls like this you don't need any medications.
  • 11/17/2010 7:08 PM
  • nastiest girls in porn
    Fernandez wrote:Sandra was the nasty gold standard.Let's how her little sister will do. She want's to start in the business.Steve Holmes
  • 11/17/2010 7:00 PM
  • Huge Titted Japanese Girls...Your Opinion?
    Lordish wrote:The only thing that worries me is the quality of the male talent. There are no Lexington Steeles, Manuel Ferraras, or Steve Holmes' there. Japan is not the "Land of the Rising Dick."I've been to Japan once.And a good friend of mine recently came with a Japanese girl to Budapest and we had a good time. She had some very nice big natural boobs.
  • 10/22/2010 2:33 PM
  • The Official Stoya Thread.
    I ran into Stoya last night at the elevators in the Estrel Hotel Berlin. I was so happy to see her again.She is one of the most lovely and sexy girls I ever met.Steve Holmes
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