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Steve B

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Date Joined: December 2003
Location: Leipzig/ Germany
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  • 12/28/2003 12:02 PM
  • Porn Star Positives: Katja Kassin
    Hi there, hi Katja (I know you will be surprised that I post here)! After there has been written so much positive about Katja here's what a person thinks that worked with her for several years: As a model she is the best partner for a photographer I could think of. She brings in her own ideas, knows every position and can pose without any recommends of the photographer. She always also knows the point of view of the viewer and can imagine how she entertains best. After we were running the company she speaks about together for almost two years I know that she will be a great producer. She is well known for her discipline and creativity. We produced thousands of photos together and some video clips and also co-produced a hardcore vid...
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