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Any girls wanting to complete a scene for Spitgirls please send me a message & i'll happily respond

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  • 12/5/2014 8:42 AM
  • Jay Sin Appreciation Society
    JayPls have Bonnie Rotten in the next Pretty Sloppy.....pairing/s with Gabi , Chanel Preston or even Adriana Chechik would be bloody fantastic ! Bonnie has incredible sloppy skills & mixed with her squirt would be one hell of a messy scene !
  • 11/27/2014 5:49 AM
  • g/g mouth to mouth spitting
    Nice selections EM......will be great !!On another note here is another still from Flora/Dani vid.....why is Flora's makeup running ? Maybe too many spits to the face from Dani, hehe !
  • 11/27/2014 1:01 AM
  • Jay Sin Appreciation Society
    smooth91 wrote:Loving how much Jay is shooting Roxy Raye, possible for an all-Roxy movie??? If that is the case, Jay please pair her with Sarah Shevon!!! The amount of rosebud licking between those two would be insane!!!+1000 .......gotta be an all-lesbian Roxy movie, different scenes incl Rosebud sucking, spitting etc with a Bonus Scene for Web of lesbian piss drinking with Ashley Fires ?
  • 11/26/2014 11:15 PM
  • g/g mouth to mouth spitting
    ^^Thanks for positive comments guy....Extreme Schoolgirls quickly jumped to our number 1 top selling clip in a few days ! Was a problem around the GIF not appearing correctly for this clip, C4S have now corrected and all should be ok.....GIF shows you how hot this scene is. Would love to direct mainstream (damn funny comment re Aiden !).......all I would need is a Camera and the following pornstars for an all-girl spitfest:Bonnie RottenAngela WhiteAdriana ChechikGabriella PaltrovaAshley FiresJynx MazeAsh HollywoodHolly MichaelsTory LaneChanel PrestonAny more suggestions ??
  • 11/24/2014 5:59 PM
  • g/g mouth to mouth spitting
    ^^Sorry guys, been a bit of a stuffup with C4S as I tried to upload Diana scene and went to the other scene for some reason. Am reloading them both again now....should be both up by end of day, cheers
  • 11/23/2014 8:23 AM
  • g/g mouth to mouth spitting
    New video just posted between newbie Flora (great body) and our hardcore girl Dani. Here are a few screenshots.....note that this scene isn't as hardcore as the Dani/Diana scene however there are still some great mouth-mouth spits and facespitting, Flora starts up a bit slow but by the end she is asking Dani to spit into her mouth ! Dani as ever is truly perverse, god this girl loves spit ! I need to pair her with Bonnie Rotten....this would be classic ! . The Diana/Dani scene is taking a bit longer than expected to get right, will be posted in next couple of days, enjoy !
  • 11/20/2014 8:20 AM
  • g/g mouth to mouth spitting
    OK Guys, the time has come to post some screenshots of todays shoot.....I am worn much spitting and girls were totally awesome, features one of my fav girls Dani with a new girl Diana who has fantastic boobs & superfit. I state this is definately the wettest scene since Poppy vs Isabel. Also a big call to say this has the most HARD spitting in a scene I have seen, mostly mouth-mouth and facial spitting....the girls really really get into it and actually beg for spit multiple times, yes multiple times ! Also involves a mirror which they continuously spit on, lick up, share and both girls towards the end roll around on the mirror to get themselves covered in the spit.....they are very wet afterwards ! I am now having a rest an...
  • 11/17/2014 4:49 AM
  • g/g mouth to mouth spitting
    eccentric_mike wrote:^Buddy, since i've seen Isabel's and Poppy's scenes i new you were magic.So far, you have not let me down. You seem to read our thoughts and put it on camera.Here's a thought for the future, although it's a long shot: Chastity Lynn and Leya Falcon, the dirtiest performers yet, shot in a japanese fashion: face slapping followed by face spitting/mouth spitting. Each slapping and spitting the other back.Thanks EM, much appreciated....I would like to direct mainstream stuff sometime, maybe in the future.....I know what you guys want to see.....I think that's the trouble with a lot of directors, I remember a while back I asked Mike Quasar why he doesn't put spitting in his scenes....he basically said that 'He didn't like sp...
  • 11/15/2014 12:21 AM
  • g/g mouth to mouth spitting
    ^^I don't mean to be, I'll leave that to the girls ! I really don't like getting fans hopes up and then letting them down.....however I have a feeling these vids, especially the second one will be very good.....I am relying on the girls, which as all directors know often turns to shit with cancellations etc. Lets cross fingers all goes well.....once the girls have signed the paperwork I will right away post a pic of the very very cute new girl with fantastic boobs !
  • 11/14/2014 6:40 AM
  • g/g mouth to mouth spitting
    Letting u know the filming for the girl-girl scene scheduled for y'day was put back till next Wed (one very very cute newcomer too) ......this Saturday's one will go to plan however I am sure the messiest scene will be next Wed.Can't wait to post screenshots here after shooting.......
  • 11/13/2014 1:17 AM
  • g/g mouth to mouth spitting
    All going well (and girls turning up!) I am shooting a girl-girl scene tomorrow and one 4 days later with different pairings. Will release the names after the shoot and post some screenshots here before editing......Great customer service from Anatomikmedia , I have emailed them twice for costings on girl/girl scenes now with no reply, do they want our business or not !
  • 11/8/2014 3:29 AM
  • Jonni Darkko Appreciation Thread
    JohnnyZ wrote:stinkfist wrote:How about a spin off from the Gag Reflex movie..and invite some girls back for a movie called Gift Of The Gag only the best from the GR movie get back to showcase their skills.Misca Cross, Adriana chechik and Holly Hanna on the next Sloppy Head 7.... some good, deep-extreme throat job...lot of saliva, sexy lingerie and these 3 pretty incredible young stars, giving a lesson on what a messy and extreme deepthroat means....' Yeah Sloppy Head 7 needs to incl a lot of girl-girl action sharing cock or lesbian scenes, much like SH 5 had......girls needs to share loads of spit and be real messy....not the same in a solo b/g scene. Would also like to see an All Girl movie from JD with lots of spit being swapped and som...
  • 11/6/2014 5:52 AM
  • g/g mouth to mouth spitting
    I agree that 'Pink Velvet' has some hot performers and they do get nasty.......however did anyone notice the fucken terrible camerawork, the guy behind the lens is on something for the whole movie....bloody all over the place. For a Mainstream production and not for something like Clips4sale , the camerawork is some of worst I've seen since early porn ! It's a real shame as alot of spitting wasn't captured, you hear the spitting then the cam man realises then pans up to mostly miss it.....I think he also trips over their legs at one stage ! Kim Kane, u have to hire someone else who can at least hold a camera !
  • 11/1/2014 10:55 AM
  • Jay Sin Appreciation Society
    xihtug wrote:I still want Pretty Sloppy 6 :/I Agree....PS 6 pls Jay ! Would love to see Bonnie Rotten in the next one.......
  • 11/1/2014 1:47 AM
  • g/g mouth to mouth spitting
    Spontaneass 2 by Aiden a real letdown ! When u have a scene with Gabriella, Skin, Dana & Sarah Shevon you expect a lot of messy sloppy stuff cause all girls are into it, however as usual none to see and the same Cam Blurring is totally throughout the whole movie, they should just call the series Aiden Letdown 1, 2 3, etcSlightly better after viewing Alien Ass Party 3, Sarah Shevon & Rose Red share spit in their scene for approx. 4 mins straight, drooling, bubbles & wet kissing.....wasn't too bad & I have been impressed with newcomer Rose as she seems to be into the spit as shown on her scene in Sloppy Girl.Out in a few days on Evil Angel is the Holly Hanna scene with Adriana Chechik for Jonni Darkko. However watching the...
  • 10/30/2014 11:53 AM
  • g/g mouth to mouth spitting
    Cheers AndysBenoit, if I was going to do that I would have my own website name & run it as a business....these scenes cost between $1k-$2k, by the time you pay everyone incl named pornstars & unfortunately C4S revenue takes a long time to get this back. I run my C4S as a hobby & nothing more than that with a bit of extra cash put back into producing more clips for everyone. I understand your comments re quality however I am never going to compete with mainstream productions who aim to make profit from thousands of dollars they pour in.
  • 10/30/2014 10:58 AM
  • g/g mouth to mouth spitting
    Hey GuysJust need your help with a couple of scene ideas for a possible upcoming g/g shoot, cannot name names as not confirmed. The props I have include a long mirror which can be used & the usual dildos etc for gagging......I was thinking about a scene with straws however not sure how to use them with max effect, maybe spitting into cups and other girl sucks up the spit and spits back mouth/mouth. Any unusual ideas apart from the norm mouth-mouth hard spitting & face spitting (which will be included) would be appreciated. I also like boobs to max effect.....maybe any ideas around this too ? Cheers
  • 10/30/2014 6:50 AM
  • Where should unsatisfied All Girl fans go?
    Given 'lesbianism' has been long known as every mans dream there are 100 sites to 1 of boy/girl vs g/g ! Would love to see a lot more g/g stuff out there, especially the more nasty/rough scenes....there are enough tame ones out there. I would like to see Bonnie Rotten create her own g/g site featuring her in many of the scenes with her girlfriends, would be super nasty & hot !
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