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Soapy Suds

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  • 2/4/2016 10:59:04 AM
  • We Live Together: Official Thread
    Luna Star is actually a superb girl/girl performer and pussy licker.I've seen her eat pussy and she has had to be dragged away from it, lol.But I have noted with her, she has to be in the right setting and be really into the girl and her pussy. I could be wrong, but I didn't get the feeling Luna was into Valentina.Nothing wrong with Valentina. I love her to bits.Or it could be the setting. Or those ridiculous positions the girls are asked to get in. Like on all four balancing on a chairAll quite absurd.But you're right. WLT needs a resident dyke, like Malena, with a succession of lezzy friends who pop over to have fun. Loads of girls could do the job, but let's please get away from the latex, tables, chairs and high heels.They're so restri...
  • 2/4/2016 10:31:48 AM
  • Question about male actors
    Gore Gore Girl wrote:^ I asked about this in the Elegant Angel thread. I got no response but they did feature male names on a few titles. It's so frustrating having to go look movies up on iafd to find out who is in it. 😒Rame is still great after all these years.
  • 2/2/2016 9:58:53 AM
  • Question about male actors
    I'm often baffled why some guys names are hardly featured on the DVD cover. Like they're in the movie, but they're not worth a proper billing.Weird.
  • 2/2/2016 6:28:57 AM
  • Incredible Beauty: Malena Morgan
    They say Malena's retired but I was shocked - or should I say pleased - to see she's still doing sex cam work for *********.Err, if she can do that, why not WLT?????Makes no sense to me.I wish she'd get back on screen. She's only 24 years old.
  • 1/26/2016 10:32:31 AM
  • We Live Together: Official Thread
    ^^I've totally gone off Abigail ever since she started fookin' guys on screen. Dunno, but her comments about not even being bi (sorry if she never said that - apologies), and the lesbian sex she does is just for the screen, killed it for me.As I said before I don't mind if a girl sets out doing girl/girl and guys, and she's also good at lesbian, then that's fine. But a sole girl/girl performer who then moves to guys just like that, I don't like it very much. Especially when you see them loving it more with guys. LOL.Maybe it's just me. But I felt the same about Dani Daniels and Eva Lovia. Although looking at Dani's boy/girl scenes, her lesbian stuff still has more authenticity about it. I think.As regards, AJ she is awesome in girl/girl (an...
  • 1/23/2016 7:16:55 AM
  • Jillian Janson / Jillian Brookes / AnnaLynn Grace
    Not only is Jillian hot she has something extra about her I fantasize about.She's like the respectable girl you know who you have a crush on but daren't ask out because you 'know' she won't be interested in you. But also she flirts sometimes with you, and you're left wondering. LOLShe looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth but she's a rocket in bed. She's also very tender and loving. She is NOT a porn wh***. This girl has class.LOL. Hard to explain what I mean but yeah...VERY nice girl 'next door'.Edited by - Soapy Suds on 1/23/2016 7:20:49 AM
  • 1/7/2016 1:05:11 PM
  • incest movies
    pat362 wrote:I think some of the appeal is that it is still a major taboo and everyone knows it's not real. This way you can literarily get your cake and eat it to without reprisal. That said you will notice that although this pseudo-incest themed porn is quite popular in lesbian porn. It's for the most part non-existent in the b/g market. Talk about double standards. It's okay for a mother or long term step-mother to have sex with her daughter but the same can't be said for a father or step-father with their daughter. The taboo series of movies are over 30 years old and they didn't skirt around the subject of incest but went all in. Of course you probably couldn't film and release a movie like that today without fear of legal repris...
  • 1/7/2016 1:00:55 PM
  • incest movies
    westerncop wrote:Soapy Suds wrote:I just don't get this incest fetish at all.Father and daughter crap.A lot of lesbian movies are incest themed with 'mother and daughter' etc, but why??They're not real mother and daughter - and if they were they'd be illegal. So what's the point???I think it is a taboo that excites people. I've read on some of the threads here on this website where a lot of people, as well as actors, don't like the theme. However, there is money being made on the genre for someone out there because otherwise they wouldn't be making so many of these incest themed movies.Well let's face it, 99.9% of porn anyway is fake. But in many ways it is real sex. It's not simulated.I can believe some porn actors actually like some...
  • 1/7/2016 4:46:14 AM
  • incest movies
    I just don't get this incest fetish at all.Father and daughter crap.A lot of lesbian movies are incest themed with 'mother and daughter' etc, but why??They're not real mother and daughter - and if they were they'd be illegal. So what's the point???
  • 1/1/2016 6:31:31 AM
  • Short-lived yet remarkable careers in porn
    There's absolutely loads of hot porn chicks who make a great impression but leave the biz all too prematurely. :(Some are barely in it months. Do some really hot porn. You're begging for more, then they quit. Just like that.I think it's best not to get too attached to them. So now I see every porn chick as 'gone tomorrow'.Or even today. Sad but true.
  • 1/1/2016 6:25 AM
  • "Small" Male Talent
    Randy West didn't have a small cock. It was about 6.5 inches.Ed Powers does. His is about 4 inches.
  • 12/31/2015 3:56:31 AM
  • We Live Together: Official Thread
    I wasn't going to comment on We Live Together again, since it has been really bad these past six months. I thought it was finished for good.Apparently not.I must say the scene between Valentina Nappi and Leah Gotti is very nice. Good camera work and some hot close ups.For this I give the scene, 8/10. There's hope yet for WLT in 2016.Oh and by the way, Valentina Nappi and Leah Gotti look like twins!! Even down to the clothes they're wearing. LOL.
  • 12/17/2015 2:08:12 PM
  • Top 10 Pussy Eaters of our time
    And another thing. Any great pussy eater is only as great as the camera operator willing to show the pussy eating in detail. Some directors cannot be bothered with showing it.I've seen scenes where the girls are tearing into the pussy, munching, sticking the tongue in, but we only get to see it from a distance or POV. Which sucks.
  • 12/17/2015 2:05:05 PM
  • Top 10 Pussy Eaters of our time
    Keri Windsor and Felecia - QUEENS SUPREME.As regards, Ryan Ryans, she's only as good as the director she's working with. She did a lot of HOT We Live Together scenes but most of her other stuff has been forgettable.In my view.Same with new star Jenna Sativa. She's great in some things. Not in others.
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