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Skeeter Kerkove

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Porn Connections: Director
Date Joined: February 2003
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  • 2/12/2006 10:37 PM
  • Fake breasts - question for producers
    *KaylanNicole fan* wrote: As a fan of Kaylan Nicole I think beside Carmen Electra she has the most beautiful fake breasts I've ever seen. Nothing against natural tits but I know I'm not the only one who finds something very special and attractive about fake breasts. Of course they have to be done well and the girl must have a great body. But to me it's like the more fake they look, the hotter they are. Especially on a slender body. Wouldn't it be possible to do a series related only to fake breasts where the girls also TALK about their boob job ? I think of girls like Trinity (brunette from Jack's Teen America Mission #10). She has a great pair of tits, a hot body and a good attitude. Also I think some girls would like to "pre...
  • 2/11/2006 3:41 AM
  • Directors Working Under Multiple Names?
    Bob wrote: Which directors are you aware of who work under multiple names -- and what are they? Pat Myne = Danny Case Mark Wood = Fletcher Jim Powers = Stiv Gators Know this for sure, Jim Lane aka Jim Powers has produced/directed and shot camera more then anybody in the history of porn times 10!!!! Jim is the absoloute most prolific pornographer of all time and always will be. Jim has shot his work over the past 13 years, using over 40 differant names. What Jim does in porn is mind boggling and no other cameraman or director in the world could keep up with one third of his shooting schedule. Nobody in porn would even bother to embarrass theirselve, to falsely state they could keep up with Jim Powers schedule. Go with G...
  • 2/2/2006 11:24 PM
  • Anal Benefits
    Anal sex, straight to the ass, prevents unwanted pregnancies. Forget porn folklore, there is no such thing as an anal baby. There has not been one documented anal birth. There are alot of rumors in porn and alot of haters. However, Sodomy prevents unwanted pregnancies, from sea to shining sea. In America, this has saved tax payers millions of dollars, as a result of medi-cal, welfare, food stamps etc., not having to be used from out of work porn stars. The girls are learning to save for the future and not live for the moment. Listen to Hillary Scott and Kelly Wells, pratice sodomy faithfully and save your money. If you do not save your money and invest, you will be penniless and receiving goverment benefits, praying to the Lord via D...
  • 1/4/2006 4:05 AM
  • Internal ass cum shots not as good as...
    wicker wrote: Andy2 wrote: wicker wrote: While I have been liking the recent spat of internal cumshots up the ass, its not really very visual. What I really want to see is cum shots into a gaping ass. Now to me that is special. Harder to capture but so much more visual. Guy cums while he is inside the chick, meh, cant see anything. What we need to see is a guy cumming into a wide open ass, see his cum slipping down into her and filling her up. Then follow it up with her pushing it out. The trouble with that is that the guys won't be able to aim that accurately, and the cum will just end up all over the girl's ass cheeks like in any number of disappointing Gooey Buns scenes. Besides, it may not be visually, be it can b...
  • 12/18/2005 7:20 PM
  • Is it true? Is Kelly Wells dating Skeeter? Wow!
    threesomebody wrote: After Skeeter is done with her, fucking her ass would be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. [/quote Nothing could be farther from the truth. Kelly is so very special. Please say something nice about Kelly. You are a girl, dig deep, you can do it, say how beautiful and smart she is. Just because you have dogged on me so much before, is no excuse to say anything negative about the princess. P.S. Hillary Scott Rules!!!!! Hillary is also one of the greatest female performers of all time!!! Skeeter Kerkove King of Sodom" El Blanco Diablo, seis, seis, seis, Buenos Nochas. Go with God my friend! Porn producer, director, performer. I am a huge fan of hardcore porn
  • 12/18/2005 7:14 PM
  • Is it true? Is Kelly Wells dating Skeeter? Wow!
    Mark Sandman wrote: If so, this is probably both one of the signs of the Apocalypse and the best news porn fans could have. Here we have the most dedicated, extreme actress of the new generation AND the man who guided Bridgitte Kerkove's career to new heights - or depths - as it may be! And better still, Kelly doesn't seem to have the - shall we say - loose hold on reality that Bridgitte does. You just know that where Bridgitte took baseball bats up the ass, Kelly will outdo her easily under Skeeter - the question is only whether it'll be a traffic cone, cricket bat, telephone pole or a Mazda Miata. Kelly Wells will not be putting any of those objects up her rectum, I have no say so over what Kelly does, I never have and I nev...
  • 12/11/2005 2:24 PM
  • Best Directors...who am I missing?
    Pat Mynes movies from Metros Fusxion are all really good. Danny Case [Pat Myne] Third Degree Films is Top Notch. Every Chris Streams movie is about as good as it can get, Third Degree Films and Zero Tolerance. Jim Powers has produced/directed and shot camera more then anybody in the entire history of porn times 10. I like all John Strong, Michael Stefano, Steve Holmes, Brandon Irons, Erik Everhard movies. Jake Malone is awesome and makes it as nasty as he can get away with, Jake is the most awesome true pervert!!! Michael Ninns new features are so extremely hardcore and will make any hardcore gonzo fan happy! Otto Bauer is an incredable Director and Top Notch Performer. Mike Quasars work at Zero Tolerance is extremely strokable...
  • 12/6/2005 12:19 PM
  • Full Anal Dildo Insertions
    bonneville wrote: just found another great one: Melissa Lauren from Spent #2 takes a very long beaded dildo completely up her sweet butt, so it was totally disappeared. Just outstanding. Anyone remembers something like that? Melissa did an incredable job in that movie, that is why she has the Box Cover, also because she is so beautiful. Melissa Lauren is Hardcore to the bone!!!! In Sensational Teens, also from my Bad Ass Pictures distributed thru Metro, Melissa Lauren does 17 minutes of double anal. Skeeter Kerkove "King of Sodom" Porn producer, director, performer. I am a huge fan of hardcore porn
  • 12/6/2005 12:15 PM
  • Full Anal Dildo Insertions
    bonneville wrote: I saw Public Enemy # 1 today. The scene with Jayna Oso is absolutely outstanding, really impressive. Anyone knows the mentured movie Kelly Wells swallows the full anal dildo? Any news from Skeeter? I am so sorry about the delayed response, I do not even know the name of the teen anal POV movie for sure, I have know idea what Metro is doing with all of my movies, I am guessing, Metro probaly has at least 10 more of my movies to release. Kelly plays a maid in the POV movie, it will be released thru my Bad Ass Pictures from Metro!!!! Skeeter Kerkove Porn producer, director, performer. I am a huge fan of hardcore porn
  • 12/6/2005 12:10 PM
  • Full Anal Dildo Insertions
    Joel wrote: Skeeter Kerkove wrote: Public Enemy # 1 not only has the entire toy swallowed into the ass, even the foot long of rope goes in the ass. It is pure romance from begining to end. I have done this stunt in so many movies, I need to come up with something differant. What other movies did u do this in? I'm not entirely sure u do need to come up with something different... this has certainly worked so far! teen patrol # 4 has some really wild insertions from Metro, I shot it in 2002, Public Enemy # 1 has a frying pan used in Bridgette Kerkoves ass in the piledriver position, she rubs her clit until she cums from getting fucked in the ass with a huge handle from a pyrex frying pan. Bridgette then take the entire an...
  • 12/6/2005 12:05 PM
  • Full Anal Dildo Insertions
    Tonto wrote: Kelly Wells wrote: Hi Gia! Hey...don't you think that all porn starlets should take funky toys in the ass? By the way, to comment to what you just said, I think its hot when you can see right down through a whore's ass. When you get so far down that you can see what she had for breakfast (or pretty damn close),that is how you know when she is getting fucked the shit out of!(literally) Sorry, just doesn't sound like a female talking here, not even close. Tonto, in the past 12 months, Kelly has probaly spent the night in my home with me, at least 50 times, trust me, Kelly Wells does talk like that. I have fisted her ass off camera, because she demanded it, she loves ATM off camera and more hardcore sex then yo...
  • 11/29/2005 12:51 PM
  • Collision Course by Skeeter Kerkove
    Majic wrote: Hey Skeeter, Concerning the movie with limbered limbed beauties you can't forget Courtney Simpson and Tory Lane. Vanessa Lane and Taylor Rain are amazing as well. Sounds like a winner! Thanks for thinking of us fans, You the MAN! Majic Man (#1 Karina Kay FAN) I agree, I was with Cortney on sunday hanging out for a while, before meeting up with Kelly Wells for dinner, when I shot Cortney in october, I had her do the standing slits, it was awesome. As far as Taylor Rain, she is incredable, I wish she was still performing, she hasn't performed in about 3 months, she is just directing now. I always loved filming Taylor Rain, she would put her ankles behind her neck and interlock them while laying on her back and t...
  • 11/28/2005 3:37 PM
  • Collision Course by Skeeter Kerkove
    tdb wrote: I'm a little late on viewing this movie, but damn, it's hot as hell. Briana Banks and Tera Patrick look absolutely stunning/amazing in this movie. Can anyone recommend any other movies where Briana and/or Tera have this look? I love their makeup, hair, wardrobe, etc. Thank you so much for the compliment, I bought all of their wardrobe in Hollywood, plus I brought a few things from my wardrobe room for my movies. As far as the hair and make up go, I hired Glen, who does some of the most glamourous make up in porn, I told Glen to make these girls more glammed out then he ever had before, Tera and Brianas hair, took an average of 2 and half hours per girl, per scene. The look in the movie is what has always gotten me off...
  • 11/27/2005 9:36 PM
  • Best Multiple Creampies?
    For and old anal creampie scene, check out Gang Bang Angels #5 Elegant Angel, we dropped 14 loads of cum in Bridgettes Ass, natural boobs then, it was filmed in May of 1999, 6 and a half years ago. Both Clusterfucks, Sin City "Mayhem have lots of multiple creampies. Brandon Iron looking as saucey as ever, is in the Elegant Angel Gang Bang 1999 and the 2002 gangbang, Clusterfuck, Sin City "Mayhem" Brandon, Mark Wood and myself dressed as cowboys in the Elegant Angel movie, we were "The Three Muskateers", years after that, in 2004, I gave Brandon Iron a gift, a rattlesnake I killed, at my backdoor, in my backyard, for all I know, Brandon made a watchband out of it. I do not know, if Brandon ate the rattlesnake ...
  • 11/25/2005 12:20 AM
  • Features with a dark side / creampies
    Bridgettes Hellions has a heavy duty creampie, filmed in 2000, it was a high budget feature. Babylon Entertainment, distributed thru Jill Kelly Productions. It was filmed at 3 differant locations. Inside Asta is also a really hardcore feature, starring Jewel De Nyle and Bridgette Kerkove, also a Babylon Entertainment movie, distributed thru Jill Kelly Productions. Also shot in 2000. Michael Ravens "Primal Urge", shot on film in sept. 1999 starring Bridgette Kerkove has Alec Metro in a cuckold situation as her husband watching Evan Stone plow every hole. The caption below Bridgettes picture on the box cover of Primal Urge says: Hell hath no fury, like a womans scorn. the movie is a Sin City Ultra movie. Skeeter Kerkove ...
  • 11/12/2005 12:38 PM
  • Most money payed for a single scene/movie?
    As a hired performer only, with no ownership at all of the movie, being hired for acting and performing sex, Rocco has the record. That was for the last movie he did for Vivid. I am not talking only 10, 20, or 30 thousand. God Bless Rocco for being the King!!!!!!!! Skeeter Kerkove Porn producer, director, performer. I am a huge fan of hardcore porn
  • 11/3/2005 2:05 AM
  • Should convicted pedos be involved in making porn?
    threesomebody wrote: I am still waiting for someone to show me something that would indicate that Skeeter is a pedophile. Yes, he is a registered sex offender for an offense code that doesn't apply to the victim being a juvenile. Obviously for people here to be calling him a pedo, there must be something other than what has been referenced thus far. Is it in a state other than California? He is a registered sex offender in CA, but it has nothing to do with pedophilia. I am really hoping someone can answer this for me. In California, like most states, all sex offenders, regardless of the age of the victim, must register. Megan's list is not a list of pedophiles. It is a list of sex offenders in general. The victim my be 88 years o...
  • 11/3/2005 1:59 AM
  • Should convicted pedos be involved in making porn?
    TonyC wrote: Lee O wrote: Well, should Skeeter be making porn? What do you think? There is a wide gulf between what I might think should happen to Mr. Kerkov and his ilk, and what I would like to empower the state to do to Mr. Kerkov. For me it's an important distinction. You stupid, wanna be ride in on a white horse, cock sucking faggot, come over to my house, I'll pay your way and leave my keys to my front door for you on the floor mat. Going to the Vegas AVN show you cocksucker? Come up to my hotel room alone and try talking your shit in person, instead of the internet, you sissy faggot! You will never be famous or will known, give it up, alll those worthless posts you made, should have been invested on earning incomer,...
  • 11/3/2005 1:53 AM
  • Poll: What have you lost in your ass?
    melissalauren wrote: a golf ball once (from the scene in Bella's fucking girls again). got it back the next morning. Melissa, that is Hott!!! So cool! What a trip, I saw you last week, I will now always remember the gol ball. I lost an easter egg up Bridgette in 2001 for 2 days, it was from the shoot Bubble Gum Bimbos, the Mand M's came out, but not the easter egg. Also to note, we lost one of the real big anal beads in Bridgettes ass, number 5 broke off, it came out, latewr that night, after several Hardcore enemas, that I proudly gave her. God I loved giving Bridgette 2 quart enemas, she loved it too. Melissa, you rock!!! Otto Bauer and I was just speaking so highly of you yesterday. You are also the awesome still phot...
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