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Date Joined: August 2001
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  • 8/29/2001 9:16 PM
  • Good? Bad?
    Hey I was wondering if my fellow ADTer's could tell me if they have had any experiences wiht Also which internet adult dvd companies to avoid. Thanks, Shorty
  • 8/29/2001 1:22 PM
  • Penis Pumps and other "enhancers"
    Hey DB, if you are anything like those pics you have posted with your review of the Sybian, then your 10 times as hot ( in my book) as the last two women I dated/ left me for "bigger dicks". I do know for sure that it was a significant reason in them leaving. I was literally told so. "mary" the first one was watching some Prono movies, saw how long those guys were and decided she wanted so action closer to what she was seeing on the screen. ( good luck). "Renee" was a combo situation, she found a guy who was a bit of a "sugar daddy" at a party we were at. he was hitting on her, she went for it, went out by the pool and went down on him, ( all 8-9 inches)she got so worked up about the size of thi...
  • 8/28/2001 11:24 PM
  • Penis Pumps and other "enhancers"
    Hi, I'm new to this forum but I am looking fo rsome advice. The last 2 women I was with both left me because of my ....well, lack of size. I'm "blessed" with a whole 4.5 inches of length and plenty of circumferance. Since my length led to shortening these last two relationships, I am wondering about all of these products/sex toys for men that are supposed to help a guy get bigger. Can anyone tell me whether any of these things work at all. Are they dangerous? I s there any "proven" way to get bigger/longer? I really would appreciate any guidance your member's can spare. Sincerely, Shorty (Hey at least I can laugh at myself still,..hence my username)
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