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Porn Connections: Director, Photographer
Date Joined: March 2014
Location: Minnesota
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  • 2/10/2016 4:29:12 PM
  • Maxiel Pesekova
    Her Twitter account is now up to 253 followers!!
  • 2/9/2016 12:21:26 PM
  • Taylor Cruise
    If you love choking, you'll love this.
  • 2/9/2016 11:08:53 AM
  • Karla Ambrosia
    Well, I guess I was wrong. She IS sticking it out and is still shooting.
  • 2/8/2016 1:41:05 PM
  • Summer Day
    ^^ Yes! And, an agent should also help pick a name that is easily searchable. "Summer Day" is not unique. Of course, the model Summer Day IS!
  • 2/7/2016 10:40:14 AM
  • Kimmy Granger (nothing else needs to be said)
    ^^ Yes, perfect!!Have you already fallen in love with Kimmy? If you have (like me) stay away from these interviews. The possibility that you will sell the farm, move to San Diego and worship her all the days of your life is too dangerous to even contemplate. Kimmy Granger Interview Part 1 Real, articulate, and mature beyond her age. Kimmy Granger Interview Part 2 The making of a charismatic goddess.Kimmy Granger Interview Part 3 The Zen of a lap dance.
  • 2/6/2016 1:01:53 PM
  • Danica James starts her carreer...
    With long and lean legs and creamy thighs, Danica could have been a famous basketball star. Lucky for us, she chose a different path.
  • 2/6/2016 11:41:51 AM
  • Katy Kiss
    ^^ LOL Yes, I hate to admit it, but it's true.... She really is the type of model I adore and love to work with (and make a thread for....) BTW, she does have a new Twitter page and a nice new Vimeo from David Naz and Eric Minh Swenson.
  • 2/5/2016 8:56:16 PM
  • Shiloh Sharada
    Shiloh is one actress I never get tired of...
  • 2/5/2016 5:36:41 PM
  • Shane Blair
    *Sigh* StatsAge: 19Height: 5'7"Weight: 130BMI: 20.36 [Normal (healthy weight) from 18.5 to 25]Bust: 34BWaist: 27Hips: 35Shoe Size: 8.5Available for:SoloSolo StillsSolo VideoGirl / GirlBoy / Girl
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