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Porn Connections: Director, Photographer
Date Joined: March 2014
Location: Minnesota
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  • 12/25/2014 3:18 PM
  • Cassidy Banks - hot DD girl
    bumblaster wrote:cute girl but I'll wait for a full frontal nude shot before I get really excited....Are you excited yet? lolThis Denver, Colorado native has a wonderful personality that matches her beauty.
  • 12/24/2014 8:12 PM
  • Megan Piper Thread
    pat362 wrote:^Nope. If she had been a more prolific performer then the answer might have been different but she was a mostly a borderline one and done type of girl. These almost never return.Pat, you're right. She's gone. Two years in the business is a lot for anyone. She got her 15 minutes of fame when she accepted Tartan High School (Oakdale, Minnesota) Senior Mike Stone's request to go to prom. Of course, the school wouldn't let her come, but it got good publicity for her and included a story with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. It's too bad she didn't try to do crossover. Really cute.
  • 12/24/2014 7:41 PM
  • Girls with bubbly & fun personalities
    Behmer wrote:Have you ever found yourself drawn to a performer primarily because of her attitude, personality and charm?Yes, Mysti May is really quite fun! I too am drawn to the "real" of these artists.Some of my favorites:Taylor Whyte/Taylor Wylde Her work in CastingCouch-X is wonderful. Kelsey Michaels This Kentucky cutie has a mesmerizing nature. Zoey Voss This Minnesota high-fashion model is comfortable with herself and her sexuality - and it shows!Kennedy LeighKennedy gets it, and has fun with it! Jade Nile Adorable!!!
  • 12/23/2014 7:34 PM
  • Jade Nile - New Girl From Fucked Hard 18
    Quorrl wrote: According to her Twitter, she seems to have shot for James Deen's website today... that could show some hot results as well.That should be a great match-up!
  • 12/23/2014 3:56 PM
  • New 18yo MAYA GRAND
    JackSparrow wrote:looks promising on the pics.Hope she stays with it!
  • 12/23/2014 1:53 PM
  • Where is the Violet Monroe love! She is hot man
    Captain Jack wrote:New interview is up with Violet!Wonderful interview, as always. As a physics teacher and fan, I'd LOVE to be in the front of her ultimate sexual fantasy! (I wonder if being in Minnesota would help?)
  • 12/23/2014 1:15 PM
  • New 18 Year Old Aubrey Snow
    sandox wrote:any new?Not much. Hope she steps up her game...As mentioned earlier, she will appear as "Cassidy" in the April, 2015 FTV
  • 12/20/2014 5:40 PM
  • Who is this Spectacular brunette....?
    JigglyBoobs wrote:If you don't know, you don't know. That hardly makes you an idiot.Her name's Violet Marcelle and those screenshots are from Backroom MILF (Bang Bros).Thanks! You nailed it! I had no idea she was Canadian, but am bummed that she's now retired.
  • 12/20/2014 5:23 PM
  • Naveen Ora: New, Innocent and Spectacular!
    I first ran across Naveen Ora in a Behind the Scenes Vimeo by Dave Naz. At 5'9", she has both the face and body to be a very successful fashion model. Naveen (aka Haven Aspen) has signed with Matrix Models and is putting out some wonderful work.Already she has worked for Amateur Allure, All Girl Annihilation, and a handful of others.She can be found on Twitter. and Facebook.Please share. http://example.org
  • 12/20/2014 12:32 PM
  • Who is this Spectacular brunette....?
    Okay. I know I'm an idiot. I'm sure everyone knows who this captivating mortal is, except me. I want to know EVERYTHING about her! Still active? Have an agent? Where do I find her?Thanks!!
  • 12/20/2014 12:36 AM
  • Kennedy Leigh -- pretty blonde
    JizzBomb007 wrote:I'm a huge Kennedy fan. I'm excited to see her back. I love this girl's attitude while she's having sex. I'm also bias because she's originally from Minnesota and lately the Land of 10,000 Lakes has had some good representation in the porn industry. Kennedy, Jillian Janson, Lacey Johnson, and sadly the tragic Stella Ann, who I think would have had a stunning career if she hadn't taken her own life. Whether or not its real or acting, Kennedy always comes across to me as being fresh and loving the sex she's giving and receiving. I think some "ordinary" women need to see her facial expressions in action and take some notes and put them to practice. I know I would have stayed with some of the beautiful women I've be...
  • 12/18/2014 7:51 PM
  • Melanie Jayne
    JigglyBoobs wrote:It could be anyone posing as her, claiming to be official. There are no selfies and there is no recent promotional material giving an idea of what she looks like now, just nostalgic posts and retweets of work done years ago. I'm sceptical, on the brink of calling bullshit on the account's legitimacy. If it genuinely is her, all the power to her but I don't think she's going the right way about promoting herself.Unfortunately, you're right, of course. Anyone could set up that account. While is does go back a ways, it certainly doesn't cover her whole career. And, for a model who has always had representation, she does not seem to have any agency now., just a gmail account. The lack of selfies also looms big. But, if she IS ...
  • 12/18/2014 11:03 AM
  • Melanie Jayne
    somedudeyo wrote:actually she was looking more beautiful than she really is lol, looking at her pictures she ain't that much but in that video she was absolutely gorgeous.She really does have a unique and alluring persona. She has appeerently settled in LA and Las Vegas and not returned to her native Minnesota. Her Twitter account is still active and indicates she's still doing work.She seems to have broken up with "Sean" as the tattoo bearing his name on her left breast has been converted to a bug. (Another reason not to get permanent markings.) Here she is with her "old" Sean tattoo: And here is the NEW Melanie: Hopefully, we will see more of this enchanting actress.
  • 12/17/2014 6:59 PM
  • Megan Sweetz
    MeganSweetz wrote:hey lone wolf thanks for the warm welcome. i have 2 b/g scenes w Reality Kings that have yet to be released. they were shot mid Jan so they should be out soon? So far im enjoying the work. i have meet a lot of awesome ppl both behind and in front of the camera. looking forward to making more movies!i am not currently interested in creampie or IR. maybe one day though! i have been thinking about a blowbang or bukkake style shot - but just day dreaming at this point lolDoes anyone know what's become of this Sweetie? She's no longer with either East Coast Talents or OC.
  • 12/17/2014 6:41 PM
  • Roxxi Silver (Ava from Exploited College Girls)
    TrumanBurbank wrote:Anyone know more about her? She has recently dropped out of site. She used these aliases: Christy Anderson, Roxxi Silver, Molly Olson, Stacey and more. She was great while she lasted.
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