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  • 7/28/2015 6:15 PM
  • Riley Reid Official Thread
    I'm not allowed to spill any details about the movie sorry guys! I will say I had an amazing time shooting it and I loved every moment of making this movie. It's something very special to me. You will have to wait for any more details but you won't be expecting any other anal scenes from me except on I want to shoot fun hot pornos and instead of asking of the future directors and companies I will work for I want you to give me ideas on what you want to see from me from my own site,
  • 7/27/2015 6:58 PM
  • Riley Reid Official Thread
    steelbill wrote:Wow....gangbang next....shes hot!________________________________+1000 for Dogfart??_________________________________Why don't we try to aim this one for! I've never had a proper gangbang.
  • 7/27/2015 6:42 PM
  • Riley Reid Official Thread
    How stoked are you for this new release?! My very first ANAL and DP ever!!!! It was so amazing shooting this and I'm so excited to share this experience with you. You have no idea what to expect!
  • 7/23/2015 11:07 AM
  • Riley Reid Official Thread
    Maxmixed you are the sweetest <3 thank you for being a fan and sharing your very kind words with me ") <3 I would love to do what I can to please you and IR blow bangs are totally in the future! I appreciate all the suggestions and naughty fantasy ideas!
  • 7/22/2015 8:50 PM
  • Riley Reid Official Thread
    I need to ask kinguntermensch where get got the information on me hating anal? I have never said I hated it. Why would I work on sets where girls do anal such as Cum Exchange and watch Jessie Volt take it in the ass, eating the cock straight from her ass! Doing that kind of scene helps me learn about anal and watch how Jessie takes it inspires me! Not everyone jumps into anal. Some people need to ease their way in, explore and learn about it first. Kinda like how I got into porn. I did a bunch of extra scenes for Reality Kings In The VIP, which was like being at a sex party to help be feel comfortable with porn and potentially my sex own scene.
  • 7/20/2015 4:41 AM
  • Riley Reid Official Thread
    I don't smoke cigarettes but I smoke joints so I can totally do more videos of those! There's actually a smoking solo on called, "Can't Help Myself". Thanks for your feedback! xoxo
  • 7/20/2015 4:39 AM
  • Riley Reid Official Thread
    I'm going to have to let you all slide on the lack of birthday wishes this year! "/ it's all good. I just won't invite you to the party!
  • 7/20/2015 4:21 AM
  • Riley Reid Official Thread
    Hey guys! So you are in for some good news! I have launched my own website It's all worked on by myself including web work, editing, everything! It's been really exciting working on it and watching it grow. I've been working on it for about a month now but I wanted to let you guys know that I'm going to take into consideration any requests you have for scenes so that I may shoot them for my own site! I can't control what other companies hire me to do and I would love to shoot another scene like massive facials but it's not up to me, unless I have my own website!! So please feel free to send me posts and ideas on what you would like to see and take a look at I have a member section for the clips on sale w...
  • 4/27/2015 4:14 PM
  • Riley Reid Official Thread also did an awesome bg scene with this guy ^^^^ check out his post ;)
  • 4/27/2015 4:11 PM
  • Riley Reid Official Thread
    I made a mistake in my previous post. I was wrong when I said i haven't worked for Jules Jordan. I was just shot by Prince Yashua for his movie, "Undisputed". That was an amazing gonzo scene with Prince. For those of you who love the work Prince and I do together. Also I recently shot for Airerose a BBG with Nat Turner and John John an black on white scene ;). Another IR release to expect is from New Sensations with Sean Micheals. So there is lots to look forward to!
  • 4/27/2015 3:04 PM
  • Riley Reid Official Thread
    Hey guys so its been a while since I've posted or svn really checked out the site and well I have the day off and decided to take a look. I'm kinda surprised by some of the things you guys came up with, your "theories" on my porn career. lol its pretty funny to me. So I'll start off with the cream pie discussion. I have NEVER shot a real cream pie scene. I have had to fake it for soft core sex scenes, where the guy imitated a cream pie but again, I HAVE NEVER DONE A CREAM PIE. I personally don't want some one to come inside of me for obvious paranoia issues of a porno set baby lol so to avoid the whole possible issue i just don't do cream pies. My little 23 year old body doesn't need to have any ideas of any kind of pregnancy s...
  • 11/25/2014 1:15 AM
  • Riley Reid Official Thread
    Allie Haze & Riley Reid in We Live Together video - Lick That Clit / Reality Kings
  • 11/25/2014 1:14 AM
  • Riley Reid Official Thread
    so you guys saw the update with Allie Haze right?? I'll tell you she is honestly top 3 girls I've had sex with. It was a true pleasure and experience to have had sex with that horny little lady
  • 11/9/2014 2:41 AM
  • Riley Reid Official Thread
    Hey guys! It has been way to long since I've posted on here, so I've got some photo's I figured I'd share from my new scene I shot for XART with Anikka Albrite. ") Oh and to the anal questions there still has not been a cock in my butt hole.
  • 12/17/2013 2:33 AM
  • Riley Reid Official Thread
    to respond to all you anal talking people. Some of you may have seen the back of the box for Teen Babysitters i think it is, all i know is that its the only movie i shot for combat zone and that reason is because eon the back of the box it portrays to be a full on anal movie. It states quotes about me taking it in the ass, it even displays a picture of me in reverse cowgirl taking a cock in my ass. I'm informing you now that you won't find any anal in my scene because those photo's were photoshopped. That is why i shot for that company once because they are shady and shit eating lairs. I'm sorry that this company lies to you but no i did not a cock in my ass, not even during pictures.
  • 11/11/2013 12:38 PM
  • Riley Reid Official Thread
    Hey hey, so I haven't worked with Phenix Marie but I've been wanting too so bad!! She's such a sexy thing and you know she loves pussy! Mmm she would be such a tasty treat! I have worked with Kennedy Leigh although it's focal point was being a foot fetish movie for Elegant, I would like to shoot a regular gonzo bgg/gg with her. Kennedy is super sexy and so young, its delicious! Oh my but that trailer for the Rocco movie looks so fucking good!!! That scene with Maddy was so amazing <3 She is just such a little sexy whore! Plus she always makes sure to earn her spankings ;) I love naughty girls so much!
  • 11/9/2013 7:49 PM
  • Riley Reid Official Thread
    so who's excited about my soon to be launching website!?! "D I know I am! Is there anyone you wanna see me work with that I haven't yet gotten to play with?
  • 11/9/2013 12:31 PM
  • Riley Reid Official Thread
    Oh my goodness will you guys shut up and quit arguing about all this stupid anal shit. Its annoying the shit out of me that you guys cant just move the fuck on. To everyone who was a dick and was "annoyed that I was exploiting fans" get over yourselves, you only felt that way because you chose to. I didn't do anything but try to egg myself on, trying to turn myself on by feeding off your horniness. I want this to seriously be the end of any of this anal exploitation topic. It seriously makes me wanna keep all my adventures to myself and not share myself with you. For whatever reason you made an assumption and you should never assume things about people. Don't assume I will or will not do anal just take what I have to offer and lov...
  • 11/2/2013 1:05 AM
  • Riley Reid Official Thread
    I was reaching out to jules to help me with anal training but not behind any camera but my iPhone because there is no way I could handle it. Sorry guys this is all just really knew to me.
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