Smart Girls Porn Club Smart Girls' Porn Club Meets Adult DVD Talk

Women watch porn, dammit! And so sex writer Violet Blue (of tiny nibbles fame) created the Smart Girls' Porn Club. The club is a forum for female porn viewers, women who like explicit sexual imagery, and those who just want to talk about it. Join the club at

Adult DVD Talk has enlisted the women of the club to review porn. It's about time the porn makers heard what women actually want to watch 'cause the porn currently labeled as couples porn often fails to hit its target. As Violet Blue wrote in her Perfect Picks for Couples...

Until recently, the at-large attitude of the industry for fare directed at heterosexual couples who want to watch films together has been, er, somewhat impolite. Still, even in the industry magazines you'll hear filmmakers and writers referring to couples' fare as though it were lighter, weaker, for wussies. Or, more appropriately, for pussies.

That's because it is. Made for the owners of pussies -- women -- and also for guys who are watching it with them. I don't think the assumption on the part of the porn industry is that the guys are weaker for wanting to watch it with their gals, I think that they believe couples' tastes to be weaker and need to be more watered-down because of the addition of a woman to the viewership. How insulting.

These assumptions miss the mark entirely. Women get off watching explicit imagery just as much as their male counterparts. It doesn't need to be any less powerful -- or dirty -- to do the job. But it does need to be different in one concrete way, different than the stuff that's been churned out for the masses of male viewers: it needs to be believable. If you bother with a plot, make it a real one. And make the sex hot, real, with women really getting off, and people who genuinely want to have intense, no-holds-barred passionate sex with each other. And this isn't to say that men don't want these things in their porn -- they do. They've just had to settle for less.

Smart Girls Porn Picks

Nina Hartley's Guide To Double Penetration
Enthusiastic as ever, Nina parts Kylie's legs to reveal her pussy, and exclaims, "Ahh! The promised land-- Where we're headed; why we fight!" If Ms. Hartley doesn't have the best attitude towards making sexy movies and helping other people get off, I don't know who does!

Overall it's a compilation of strap-on scenes, some of which are insanely hot, other which are sad skanky, fast-forward filler. But the scenes that *are* hot are really delicious...

Nine Bound Beauties
This is a superb film geared towards men and women who enjoy traditional damsel-in-distress type bondage fantasy vignettes that are depicted in a romantic fairytale manner which have happy endings.

Overall I was delighted to find such a well thought-out feature to appeal to couples and particularly women especially those wanting an introduction to porn.

Barely Legal: Ski Camp
Welcome to Ski Camp where good, clean, dirty fun helps a group of girls pass the time. This DVD is a bit like a Hustler store; clean, well-lit, and friendly with a sense of humor, and a healthy love of sex.

Best of Vulva Massage
This exceptional DVD is a must have for anyone interested in: expanding their sexual repertoire with new, exciting love-making skills; creating more intimacy in their sexual relationships; exploring and awaking the female sexual body to breathtaking levels pleasure and ecstasy; and the therapeutic power of massage... As sizzling as it is practical.

Nina Hartley's Guide To Younger Women Older Men Sex
Overall though, I enjoyed this little film, it's well made, with some very nice camera work, the performers seem to enjoy each other and it has a generally playful approach that I like in porn.

Crack Her Jack 3
Let me preface this review with an explanation: it took me so long to write this one up because I couldn't get through the first scene. I'd put in the DVD, start watching, get so horny that I had to take care of business, and then I couldn't watch anymore. This was a repeating scenario -- making this DVD, in my estimation, well worth buying, and keeping.

And be sure to check out Marie and Jack: A Hardcore Love Story and Fashionistas, two standout movies recommended by Violet Blue and Adult DVD Talk reviewers.