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Review brief: In the past, this reviewer has stated a clear affinity for BBWs and plus-size porn. However, one lament that I have is that there are lots of companies that think you just have to find a fat woman, get a guy to have sex with them and it will sell. Even for those of us who like our women a little more zaftig, I want to remind these companies that the first B in BBW is beautiful.Just because a woman is large it doesnt mean we automatically want to have sex with them. Waist Watchers 4 from Zero Tolerance, though, has managed to find very beautiful plus-sized women and put them into action for our viewing pleasure.
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Review brief: I like to watch voluptuous women fuck, and Score can do this perfectly with their Voluptuous Series (in my humble opinion). That being said I decided to try something a little more daring and try a little larger women still. Now that you know where I'm coming from, Ill admit this release from Zero Tolerance was rather hit and miss for me. If you're a seasoned BBW fan, then I heartily recommend this release. Good porn still follows the same rules though whatever the genre Hot girls, attitude of the performers, production qualities, and variation.This release has all those things but not in concentrated form it has anal,PTM,and some of the best blowjobs I've ever seen.
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Review brief: This is easily the best big beautiful women movie I've watched. There's a bit of variety to how big the ladies are here, but they all know how sexual they can be and aren't afraid to show it off for the camera. There's plenty of chemistry in each scene, but Steve Holmes really stands out among the guys looking like he's in heaven in every scene while Brigitte and Valentina D'Oro stood out from the rest of the ladies slightly (perhaps due to the anal in their scenes). The technical aspects are nicely done and there's also a little effort put into the extras to help the movie out. Sadly Zero Tolerance doesn't follow through on their cover claim about strip teases in the extras once again, but with how good this release is it shouldn't hold anybody back from checking it out. If you like big girls, make sure you pick this one up!
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