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Review brief: Here we have a release from Zero Tolerance studios showcasing some fine ass babes!! Paola Rey really impressed me some late last year with her b/g work and I understand now she's strictly g/g so this will be a welcome reminder of how good she was with a dick in her mouth and pussy. There is a nice mixture of Euro and US talent in this one and a review already covered the basics so I'll give a litte flavor for what I saw. Paola Rey: Our first babe just happens to be the cover girl and just look at how sexy she is walking above us and the shot looking up was just so good capturing her beauty. The skin tone on Paola really strikes me as very sexy and the boobs practically spilling out of her top also paint a great picture. She just oozes that kind of sexuality that drives men and I guess women wild. The tease wa really good here especially the work she does to her boobs and let us not forget that fabulous tush which Paola nicely shows off. Lying on the stairs you get some hot pussy fingering from Paola.
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Review brief:   [ /image ] --> "F" stands for "Fine", "A" stands for "Ass", "B" stands for "Babe". So an F.A.B. is a "Fine Ass Babe." Got that? ( it took me awhile.) There's 7 of them here, and they promise to heat it up in this Sammy Sixx directed flick with ZT's resident camera guru, Mike Quasar, as videographer. Bring on the F.A.B.s!     [ /image ] --> SCENE 1:  Paola Rey VS. Mark Wood Vaginal, Facial Paola seems to have gained a lot of momentum recently. With good reason- she's a "grinder." You know, one of those babes who will swirl her hips around in naughty circles as she fucks... a girl who will actually fuck her stud back. It may be counterintuitive, but this is uncommon in Porn Universe. She starts us off by descending from a staircase and giving us a sensual strip tease. Her boy-toy appears and she goes to work on his cock with some fast paced sucking.
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Review brief: Welcome to a series where big boobs are required and a healthy sexual appetite also is appreciated! So let's jump right into the big boobs! Ellen & Stacey Silver: Well we lead off with our covergirls and they are all about getting cozy with one another right from the start. There is boob sucking by both and Mick Blue is close by and soon involved in the breast play. The girls then move down for some shared knob polishing and some licking is done to the balls of this lucky guy. There is a nice insertion into a standing cowgirl and Stacey is right there for P2OGM and Mick does a fine job picking her up fully at one point in this position. Mick then lays her down onto a chair and has Stacey hover over Ellen as he fucks Miss Silver from behind. The girls do some more good breast sucking before Ellen climbs on in a regular cowgirl and we see her ass is spread perfectly as she hugs his cock.
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Review brief: Tag Teamed #2 [ /image ] --> Cast: Julie Silver, Kathy Anderson, Sharka Blue, Melissa Black, Claudia Adams, Jaqueline Stone, Mick Blue, Choky Ice, Claudio Meloni, Chris Charming, George Uhl, Mike Foster & David Perry Director: Sammy Sixx Studio: Zero Tolerance Duration: 2:08:00 Scene One: (Claudia Adams) I've seen Claudia many times. She has the "gothic" look. Very fair with dark hair. Here Claudia takes on Mick Blue and Choky Ice. She does some posing and then sucks both of them off. They lay Claudia on the couch, slide off her panties, play with her pussy and then bend her over. She gets fucked doggystyle while sucking off one of the guys, and then rides him reverse cowgirl while giving head. She flips the script and rides Choky cowgirl while he fingers her asshole. That leads into some brief missionary and then into some anal action. Claudia bends over, gets analyzed and then fucked up the ass doggystyle. She does a little gaping and then receives double penetration in reverse cowgirl.
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Review brief: Double Decker Sandwich #5 demonstrates much that is bad (and some of the good) with Euro porn. Apparently, the Euros believe that all girls want sex so much they are willing to put up with juvenile actions from their guys. The guys must believe they (and not the girls) are the stars of the show. Trust me, guys, you are not! Ive never obtained a smut film based on the guys in the cast list. Quite the opposite, Ive avoided some titles strictly because I tire quickly of the guys acting like jerks. Euro guys traditionally cannot stay in the same sex position for more than 10 strokes. They are constantly shifting themselves (or the girls) around to try something new when, in fact, they had a good thing going with the previous position. And they dont just adjust the girls; they wrestle the girls to the new position. This tough guy act gets old very fast with this reviewer. They also like to pull their cocks out of the girls holes and forcibly slam them back in like that excites any woman! David Perry is most guilty of this tiresome action, and hes in two scenes here.
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