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Boxcover for Brandon's Big Weekend
Brandon's Big Weekend 

Release date: 5/28/2002
Reviewed on: 7/18/2002 by joe-shaver

Studio: YMAC

Review brief: There is no doubt that Brandon is a cute little twink, but he is either very inhibited or hopelessly straight. The premise is one that has been used hundreds, nay thousands, of times before: the parents have gone away to leave the kid home alone. Naturally he invites two friends over. They get him drunk on one beer. As he is sleeping a bleached blond kid sucks his cock while the other sucks his face. Eventually, after eons of this, one of the friends fucks the blond who continues to suck on Brandon's dick. The blond has the biggest, hardest cock--and it's uncut--but no one pays any attention to it. Damn! Obviously blondie is the only one who's gay. All jack themselves off to end the scene. Next we have two guys who flop down in one of the bedrooms. (Who are these guys?) They are a blond and a brunet. They are both very sweet. The blond gives the brunet an impassioned fuck. Our blond from scene one (the one with the big uncut dick) is swimming in the pool. He enters to find Leo DaSilver in a sleeping bag on the floor.
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Boxcover for Kazaks

Release date: 7/6/2002
Reviewed on: 7/16/2002 by joe-shaver

Starring: Roman
Studio: YMAC

Review brief: Tired of the same ol cocks and the same ol faces? If so, this DVD might be for you. YMAC International has gone to Russia amidst a group known as the Kazaks. They wear baggy trousers and Santa Claus hats, but they are among the most beautiful men on earth. The film opens with a young twink on horseback riding into the encampment. His fellow Kazaks are amusing themselves by whipping a naked young man they have bound to a table. Our rider is only momentarily distracted as he is carrying a message for the chieftain. Unfortunately the chieftain is in the midst of buggering a blond lady. He stops what he is doing, waves the lady away, reads the letter, and then decides to finish getting his rocks off by buggering the messenger. The buggering is faked, but the chieftain is such a gorgeous masculine twenty-something hunk--just bulging with natural muscles-- that I was quite content just to stare at him and not complain that the messenger wasnt really being penetrated. (The messenger should have been the one complaining.) Cut to: A young man with a shaved head examining a horses cock.
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Boxcover for 2nd Cumming, The
2nd Cumming, The 

Release date: 5/16/2002
Reviewed on: 5/21/2002 by joe-shaver

Studio: YMAC

Review brief: Anyone who has visited Canada and the city of Montreal, knows that Quebec is called the beautiful province not just for its scenery but for its beautiful young men. If not, here is your chance to find that out. The plot centers around Johnny Lawrence whose lover, Brandon Royal, was killed by a mugger. We first see Johnny in the cemetery placing flowers on the grave. Then ten months pass, and Johnny decides to come out of mourning. He comes out with a very slender and bronzed young man played by Lucas Kylan, Jr. whose sexual charms are enhanced by having both nipples pierced. As they kiss their way up the stairs to Lucas apartment the ghost of Brandon appears, venting his frustration. Once inside the apartment the boys chow down on each others uncut truncheons and Johnny boffs Lucas. The contrast between Johnnys milky white body and Lucas bronzed one is entrancing. After Lucas has cum, Johnny licks the residue off Lucas prick. The ghost is now wandering the streets aimlessly and spies Joey, an adorable blond, reading a magazine.
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