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Review brief: Dee Campetelli and Jay Roc are seated on a sofa watching a football game on which Jay has placed a big bet when the reception conks out. They call a repairman, Allen Jennings, who needs to be paid $50 before installing the new cable box. The boys have no money and offer their services. Dee is a very young brunet who is cute in a goofy sort of way. Jay is blond (his pubes are black) rather desirable despite some acne scars. Allan iswell, Allan is s-e-x-y! He has a few days growth of hair on his face and plenty of hair on his balls. Dee begins by sucking Allans cock and it goes from soft to hard in short order. A stark naked Jay now scrambles across the back of the sofa to offer his already stiff dick to Allan. Allanit must be notedis a super sucker. He further demonstrates his oral skills by blowing both boys simultaneously. Allan then bottoms for Jay while continuing to demonstrate his sucking ability on Dee. Dee cums on his face. Jay continues to fuck the sexy dude in a mission position during which Allan shoots. Jay follows suit.
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Boxcover for L.A. Daze
L.A. Daze 

Release date: 2/1/2003
Reviewed on: 1/31/2003 by joe-shaver

Studio: XTC

Review brief: I thought the title L.A. DAZE was a pun on Days but after viewing this tiresome tripe, I realized it really was daze and referred to the performers and director. Each scene follows the same pattern: Performer A sucks Performer B and then Performer B fucks Performer A. The fucks are always joined in medias fuck. (To me, the hottest thing about fucking is seeing the cock go in. Otherwise its just the old in-out, in-out.) SCENE ONE: Steve Page sucks and is fucked by Drew Andrews SCENE TWO: Anthony Torrez sucks and is fucked by Emilio Sands SCENE THREE: Leo Masters sucks and is fucked by Cody Fields SCNE FOUR: Dylan Scott sucks and is fucked by Steve Page (YAWN) Page, Sands, and Masters are usually good, as is Drew Andrews with his big one. But obviously this is just one they did to pay the rent.
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Boxcover for Frat House Frenzy
Frat House Frenzy 

Release date: 8/13/2002
Reviewed on: 9/27/2002 by joe-shaver

Starring: Anthony, Marc
Studio: XTC

Review brief: This exercise in fraternity hazing takes place in an adult toy store run by frat member Leaf Hendrickson. Though why it takes place in this setting is beyond me since no one uses any of the toys to be found there. Well, in the second scene hunky Gino Pizano does use a suction dingy on his tits--with no effect whatsoever--so again, why the toy store? It opens with Ken Griffen selecting an inflatable dildo and taking it into the mens room. So, here I was all in anticipation to see him shove it up his wazoo and pump that bulb. But all he does is sit on the toilet seat and gently push the dildo up the leg of his shorts--something that was about as erotic as a knee pat from a kindly uncle. Leaf, spying on him, joins him (thank goodness) and gets Ken to suck him. Leaf is the attractive guy with the swimmers build on the cover. Fortunately Leaf is not content to just be a recipient and goes to work on Kens cock and keester. Even without the dildo being used its a pretty good scene.
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