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Boxcover for Strange Games
Strange Games 

Release date: 11/28/2007
Reviewed on: 12/31/2007 by astroknight

Starring: Nikki Sun, Candy Cat, Nataly Lancaster, Patricia Parisch, Rittea, Vallery Hilton
Studio: Woodman Entertainment

Directed by: Philippe Soine
Review brief: If you're a fan of darker porn, this release is well worth checking out. Every scene deals with masked men, and there's often a dark domination theme that appears as well. Despite the masked men, there's some very good heat to come out of each of the scenes and all of the girls put out some great anal action. The technical aspects are well done, and the hour long behind the scenes in the extras is nothing short of great and every bit as worthwhile as the movie. This is a very impressive release that's only held back by the cover overstating what's here.
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Review brief: Ricky Wrecker weaves an interesting adult film with this release. The story is woven between the sex scenes and unfolds nicely with the help of some good production values while the sex has some nice variety. Unfortunately the technical aspects (and the entire movie, for that matter) are held back by the audio, which is an English dub with an American cast that's more than proficient in the language. The release is also missing any kind of real extras, which holds it back even further. This is an interesting movie with some nice sex, but it definitely won't be for everybody.
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Review brief: Here we have Xcalibur: The Lords Of Sex directed by Pierre Woodman. Some of you may know Pierre from the very well directed Sex City trilogy from Private. After seeing the Sex City trilogy, I was really looking forward to this new trilogy from Pierre. But after watching this film, it falls short of my initial expectations. This is a 2 disc set that has the movie on disc 1 and all of the bonus features on disc 2.
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Boxcover for Scary Minds
Scary Minds 

Release date: 8/3/2007
Reviewed on: 8/13/2007 by astroknight

Starring: Gabrielle, Claudia, Paul, Nicole, Roxanne, Pascal White, Sonny, Vanessa Hill, Tony James, Carmel Moore, Terry Bone
Studio: Woodman Entertainment

Directed by: Philippe Soine
Review brief: This is one of those movies that's probably going to be very hit or miss for people. It has an intense and eerie feeling to start off most of the scenes that's bound to lose some people right away, but then works very well into some hot sex with plenty of chemistry. The scenes work pretty well, but with six scenes in just over an hour and a half they frequently feel like they could have used a little more time. Roxanne's scene was my favorite here with Carmel Moore and Vanessa Hill coming in close behind. The technical aspects are nicely done, complete with an anamorphic transfer, and there's some very nice effort put into the extras with a behind the scenes featurette lasting over forty five minutes. This is a very good release that shows some great potential from Philippe Soine.
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