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Review brief: The Plot Double Czech stars the Bartok twins, Jirka and Karel. But unlike their previous film Bounced Czechs, in this film the twins actually have sex with each other! We start out in the Czech countryside, where the twins decide to stop in the woods for a wank. This first scene is strictly j/o, and the twins never touch each other. In the next scene the brothers stumble upon some boy scouts who are having sex in the woods. They spy on the couple for a while, but sure enough they're caught and are forced to satisfy the scouts' needs. There's some strange editing here, as the 2 scouts are suddenly replaced by 3 completely different scouts and there's never an explanation as to why. But when there's a bunch of hot Eastern European guys fucking, who really cares? The next scene is an interlude with 2 new boys who go at it back at the lodge. This ends up being a hot scene, but it's just a warmup to the grand finale.
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