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Review brief: This is a very sexy all sex couples release. The setups are soft and romantic, and have plenty of artistic style to make them all the sexier. The sex is quite consistent from start to finish with plenty of chemistry and action that's more than easy on the eyes. There's also a decent behind the scenes featurette to help out the overall DVD. This is a very nice release.
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Review brief: Very slow, sensual couples type film. Plenty of kissing, foreplay before the actual sex. All condoms, good finish, but cheesy music and short scenes.
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Review brief: Here we get a new line from Wicked pictures and the action heavily geared towards couples and I think for folks who might be newer to watching porn and don't want to dive into the deep end right off. There is some very nice kissing and limited oral from both parties- more from the ladies for sure. The sex usually features 2-3 positions ending with a pop just above the pussy, no anal or facials captured in this one.
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Review brief: This is the first film in a new collaboration between Playgirl TV and Wicked Pictures. The plan is to release one film a month and the content is what might perhaps be called medium-core, quite soft but still with some genitalia here and there. What we get in this release is nine short vignettes, all of them in an erotic-fantasy style, some of them quite dreamy, a few a bit more realistic. What I Liked The actors look good! Not only is the photo flattering to them, but the women are just beautiful and its so nice to have a movie that steers clear both of the silicone blonde look of all too many features and the teen look of all too many gonzos. The men are all muscular and reasonably young (its such a relief to have none of the pot-bellied, middle-aged men fucking girls young enough to be their daughters). The camera angles are often different from what you get in mainstream porn, which is something I found refreshing, and there is a lot of play with light and shadows, which adds to the eroticism in many of the scenes.
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Review brief: "Beyond time, beyond obsession, beyond fantasy...he found her." Sounds intriguing. This is a feature film with Stormy, so it's got to be worth checking out. Right? Technical Runtime: 1 hr. 17 min Region: all Audio/Video: Video is excellent. Audio is not. Feature Story Synopsis Some loser (Pat Myne) is working in a warehouse which (I think) belongs to an asshole art trader. Pat's job is to pack and unpack crates with different pieces of art. Once upon a time, he finds a box with the beautiful painting, and it puts some spell on him, in a manner of speaking. He starts to have these sexual fantasies, and eventually, becomes more confident man and quits his lousy job. Nicole Sheridan, Voodoo, Stormy (non-sex) Stormy who's wearing some sort of antique dress, is watching Nicole and Voodoo having fun. This all is taking place inside a nice chateau/villa. Nicole gives her dude a brief BJ and after that, they settle on the table an do it in cowgirl, spooning position. She stokes Voodoo and he blows in her face.
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