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Review brief: Lest you think that the title is a spoof on that 1970's den of disco-induced depravity, think again. Instead, we see a small bevy of women posing for a photographer, with the occasional black and white picture for added effect, just before hooking up with some stud.
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Review brief: "Seduction" by Wicked Pictures is a production that puts forth a set of vignettes that are only loosely linked together via voice-over, introductory work by jessica drake, who is also the star of the DVD. While there are a couple of really strong scenes (those of Nika Noir and Eve Nicholson), the rest are only okay-to-good. The star, the usually-incredible jessica drake, must have had an off-day when shooting her boy-girl scene, as it just doesn't live up to most of her other work that is out there. There is also an attempt by the creative powers behind this film to reach for more artistic objectives. While this is certainly a laudable goal in principle, here it often comes off as cheesy and / or gets in the way of the sex. Overall, this is a solid DVD, but it is certainly not the best out there.
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