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Review brief: Synopsis 7 scenes, it's a romantic movie, in paris maybe, good theme music, extremely pretty women and Erika Bella! Scene 1 Husband and Vivienne have missionary, doggy straight sex. Sex acts are he licked her pussy before she sucked his cock. cum shot was on the mouth of the pretty little wife. Great heat and chemistry throughout. The wife has a Beautiful face! Scene 2 Laure Sinclaire asks a guy where is doctor love? And then she sucks his dick. Sex is standing missionary and sitting reverse cowgirl. He came on her mouth too. Scene 3 Christoph clark and his secretary. She was kinda ugly compared to Laure Sinclaire and Anita Blonde, more on anita blonde later. They have sex, there is anal sex in it as well. Heat was good for an ugly. There was a cumshot in the scene. Scene 4 This is second best scene of movie when Laure Sinclair and Anita Blond kiss and have girl girl sex. Scene 5 There are two guys in this scene, and two girls. Average looking but they both got great bodies.
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Review brief: Running Time: 90 min. Production Date: 01 / 1996 Director: Christophe Clark Cast: Laure Sainclair, Nikita, Vicca, Anita Dark, Anita Blond, Nadia Linden, Zolt Walton, Francesco Malcolm, Andrew Youngman, and Christophe Clark Initial Expectations: I was very impressed with The Loves of Laure and I dont have any reason to expect The Obsession of Laure to be any different. Initial Reaction: The DVD is a little short on extras, but the movie is very hot. Ive got to pick up more of the Marc Dorcel movies Wicked is releasing. Audio /Video Quality: The video is very clear and about what youd normally expect from Wicked. Theres a little bit of grain in the darker scenes and some soft focus problems. Neither interfere with the movie too much. The audio appears to be dubbed in all of the languages. Its very clear but poorly balanced. There are several language options which allow you to hear the movie in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.
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Review brief: Running Time: 81 min. Production Date: 1996 Director: Christophe Clark Producer: Marc Dorcel (I know that I normally don't mention producers, but Marc Dorcel is the leader in Euro porn from what I understand, so it seems worth noting.) Cast: Laure Sainclair, Anita Blond, Erika Bella, Vivienne, Regina, Illana Moore, Dina Pearl, Donisz, Kristina Swarcz, Jean- Yves Le Castel, Andy Youngman, Zsolt Walton, and Ferenc Extras: Photo Gallery and bios of Laure, Anita, and Vivienne. 'The Loves of Laure' also has the original French language track along with dubbing in English, Spanish, German, and Italian and Portuguese, Danish, and Swedish subtitles. Audio Quality: The French (original language) track is very clear and synchs very well with the video. Since I don't speak French this wasn't too important to me, but it does show attention to technical details.
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Review brief: Shortly after reviewing MASQUERADE for Adult DVD Talk, I had the opportunity to take a gander at THE OBSESSION OF LAURE, a Wicked Pictures DVD from Marc Dorvel Video and starring gorgeous featured actress Laure Sinclair. Well, immediately after glancing at the cast listing of OBSESSION, I was almost convinced that this movie would top MASQUERADE, due to my overwheming partiality to Vicca (now a VCA contract girl) and Anita Blonde who performs in three of thirteen (!) scenes in this video. Well, after comparing my, umm..."reactions" to both films, I don't think that OBSESSION is overall as good as MASQUERADE, but then again, I saw MASQUERADE first so my expectations were already at an Olympian level. Still, THE OBSESSION OF LAURE was enough to convince me that the entire Laure Sinclair vehicles from Marc Dorcel were worth collecting, and Wicked's collection of European imports definitely give the Private line a run for their money.
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