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Review brief: Directed by Alain Payet (ex-Private alum), this is actually a Marc Dorcel film that Wicked imports and distributes in the US. This means that all the original dialogue is in French, but there is an english track. This is from Marc Dorcel's "fantasy" series, so the theme is what happens at police stations. The female cops are usually the target of their male cops' attention and the female cops wear very revealing outfits so you wouldn't mind being arrested and strip searched by one. Scene 1 (Brunette cop gets blackmailed by two coworkers) Two coworkers catch a brunette cop (cute with an arm ring tattoo) smoking so they threaten to report her unless she has some fun with them. She has great looks of pleasure (and of the movie) as one cop does her on the table before the other joins in. She ends up in a RCG DP on the chair before one guy pops on her stomach and the other on her face. No condoms. Scene 2 (Oksana does her boss) Oksana strips down to her panties for her boss before he gives her some oral love, then she returns the favor.
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Review brief: Expectations This is the 3rd installment in my vintage Dorcel reviews. This one stars the beautiful Laure Sainclair with Lea Martini, Silvia Saint, Erika Bella and Fovea! What's not to like? Capsule Review Another beautiful porn movie. This flic is extremely erotic, the girls are incredibly hot, the locales are worth watching, the wardrobe is astounding. All I can say is this is great porn! Technical As is true for virtually all of the Dorcel releases, the video, audio, and lighting are wonderful. This is a little older than some of the releases and so I have judged it accordingly. Also, the original French soundtrack is available, so you don't need to do the Private dubbed audio thing here (although an English soundtrack is available as well if you prefer). Director Alain Payet Extras Biographies Target Audience Euro feature fans, fans of stunningly beautiful women Scene Review Scene 1 - Erika Bella Erika plays a harem girl in this scene. She starts off teasing the guy a bit, but quickly gets down to some serious cock sucking.
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Review brief: Black Lace & White Lies is a Marc Dorcel movie. That speaks volumes on its own. Wicked distributes the Marc Dorcel line here in the US, but in my opinion they do not do an adequate job of promoting these films. Marc Dorcel films are truly beautiful porn, but they remain true to their roots and do a good job of providing whack material. What a combo! Needless to say, I have high hopes for this film. Synopsis Dorcel films generally have plots. That's the bad news (any of my readers know what I think of porno plots). But they almost never get in the way of the eroticism, and that's the good news. Black Lace is no exception. Alain Payet does a masterful job of combining beautiful ladies with exotic locations to produce this film. This DVD is as good as any he has done, and that's saying a mouthful. I hereby present this DVD with aybesea's Whackmeister Seal of Approval! Technical This DVD is technically excellent. The video is crystal clear. The audio is wonderful. And the DVD is mastered in widescreen (I don't know if it is anamorphic).
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Review brief: Running Time: 92 min. Production Date: 2 / 05 / 2001 (cover) 5 / 2 / 2001 (feature) Director: Alain Payet Cast: Sharone, Maeva Exel, Rita Faltoyano, Mercedes, Renata Rey, Philippe Dean, Ian Scott, Rodolph Antrim, Tina Reda, Sebastian Barrio, Tristan, and Edd Exel Initial Expectations: What Ive seen from Marc Dorcel has been pretty impressive, and Im expecting another well done feature here. Initial Reaction: I think Im going to have to start checking out what Marc Dorcel has to offer a bit more. Who Should Watch It : Fans of European porn, anal sex, and mildly artistic style in porn Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants a lot of plot or who thinks women only have one hole for anybody elses use Audio /Video Quality: The audio is pretty average, and has a few hollow spots, but the English dubbing seems well done. Sadly, even in the original French audio theres more than a little dubbing. The video is pretty good. Theres a small amount of grain, but thats about it.
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Review brief: This has some of my Favs like Dora Venter, Monica Moore & Christina Bella but it was kind of Dissapointing. Scene 1 Brunette & A Guy: A Brunette dressed in a White Button Up Shirt, Panties & Socks answers the Door to a Guy. They Blazay Blah about something & Kissing & Fondling starts in the Doorway. He eats her Pussy standing Up & She Blows Him. This convinced me it was Couples Porn because She actually uses her Other Hand to Hold his During the Blowjob. That type of shit does not Happen in Films I usually Watch so I Noticed that & Laughed. Anyway, She gives him a Tender Loving Blowjob, Stops & Runs into the House. They End up in a Stairway & She Climbs to the Top & Strips. She does look Good so I didn't Mind. I didn't like how she Kept some Big white sweat Socks on though. She Rides him Cowgirl on the Stairs & he fucks her Doggystyle against the Wall. They bring it to a Couch & They Spoon Fuck & Do a little Missionary. He Pulls out & drops a little Dribbler on her Left Cheek & Chin. No Post cum head & a Condom was used in this Scene & Only this Scene for some Reason.
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Boxcover for Make Me An Offer
Make Me An Offer 

Release date: 11/27/2001
Reviewed on: 12/26/2001 by steve-k

Starring: Eva, Oceane, Julia, Linda, Chipy Marlow
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Alain Payet
Review brief: Title : Make Me An Offer (offertes a tout) Director : Alain Payet Stars : Eva, Julia, Oceane, Linda, Chippy Marlow Natacha, Ian Scott, Dino Toscani, Robert Malone, Bruno Assix, Steve Marlow Running Time : 2hrs Extras : Scene Selection, Photo Gallery. Review: Another release from Marc Dorcel keeps up with the pace from Suspicion the last release from Dorcel. These movies to me are just an extension from PRIVATE. Dorcel & PRIVATE basically use the same men & women, which is okay be me :) There really are some hot, nasty scenes in this one. One that really stood out for me was a scene that takes place in front of a house (outside), and Eva gets busy with one of her male partners. The scene has everything needed to be great : Cocksucking, Anal, Vaginal, and a sweet cumshot in the face...yummy! Another great scene was with the box-cover girl Julia. She has black hair and a nice set b-sized tits. The scene takes place in a car, with no roof. The scene was really a bonus for me. Julia really knows how to have some great sex.
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