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Review brief: This is an instructional disk from the Jessica Drake series. This one conerns BDSM for beginners and it starts out with 3 couples telling us what aspect of the genre really interests them. Derrick Pierce and Casey Calvert, Maddy O'Reilly and Steven St. Croix and Aiden Starr and Michael Vegas give us some vivid descriptions of what they like. They talk about their first experiences in the lifestyle and what their ultimate submissive fantasy would be. They emphasize the safety aspects of it and trust is also very necessary. Obviously, in adult films, you can't do everything that may happen in the lifestyle, that's probably why Jessica has 'for beginners' in the title!
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Review brief: Chasey Lain isn't a star because she can act or give outstanding sexual performances. Unlike Jenna Jameson, for example, who has won several awards for her films, her acting talent, and her sexual performances. So, why is Chasey Lain such a big star? It's quite simple: she's drop-dead gorgeous. And, she doesn't need great acting talent or level 10 sexual energy to carry a film, and obviously, the major studios she worked for agreed, by making her the star of some of the best features ever made in adult. So, now "Domination" has been released on DVD, and we go back in time to when Chasey was just a few years into her career. This is the sequel to "Submission," and is a far better film, but still not award-worthing by any means. This time, Chasey takes on an altar ego, who encourages her to be more assertive and more confident. The first sex scene in the film with with Chasey and her domineering husband, played by Nick East. Sure, he calls her a whore, and throws some one's onto the floor, demanding she give him a bj, but he really cares for her--lol.
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Review brief: Crass commercialism and a complete disregard for the consumer. This, at least, is the answer that springs most readily to mind when watching a movie like Wickeds 1994 release, Domination, which is one of those films that begs the question, Whats the point of slapping a wholly inappropriate title on a porn movie? True, it happens in Hollywood, toowitness Ballistic: Ecks vs. Severbut such instances are rare indeed compared with the institutionalized mistitling that goes on in Porn Alley. Whatever happened to the simplicity (and accuracy) of a title like Deep Throat? Its not unreasonable to suppose that the quality of porn would rise if porno titles were strictly regulated to ensure accuracy. If what you read on the boxcover was what you got, Id much prefer to watch Nympho Cheerleaders than Chicks Who Briefly Appear in Cheerleader Outfits Go Wild. In Domination, Chasey Lain stars as a woman who hears echoing voices in her head that tell her to drop the submissive act and demand the respect shes due from her psychologically abusive husband.
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Review brief: Running Time: 73 min. Production Date: 9 / 9 / 1994 Director: Fred J. Lincoln Cast: Chasey Lain, Nicole Lace, Alex Jordan, Barbara Doll, Vanessa Chase, Tom Byron, Alex Sanders, and Nick East Initial Expectations: Although the cover to this one instantly caught my eye and interested me, Freddie Lincoln rarely does much for me. His work for Wicked has been some of the best Ive seen from him, so Im not really sure what to expect. Initial Reaction: Its not too bad when one considers what the rest of porn was like in the early nineties. Who Should Watch It : Fans of Chasey Lain Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants a well developed plot or intense sex Audio /Video Quality: The audio is clear and mostly well balanced. The video has some very slight grain, but when one considers the age of the feature it looks great. The biggest problem with the video is that theres more than a fair share of shadows. Music: The music is overbearing and cheesy, and shows just why most people make fun of porno music.
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