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Review brief: Hi Ho Hi Ho, its off to the girly show. Well pay 2 bits to see her tits, Hi Ho! Welcome to Snow White XXX: An Axel Braun Parody. This 2 disk extravaganza from Wicked Fairy Tales gives us Brauns take on the classic Snow White story. This version focuses on the version with The Huntsman and not the 7 dwarfs. This is a great release as we have the main feature on the first disk and then 3 bonus scenes from other Wicked releases on the second disk.
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Boxcover for Crossroads (Wicked)
Crossroads (Wicked) 

Release date: 3/19/2001
Reviewed on: 6/11/2014 by fu_q

Starring: Alec Metro, Tony Tedeschi, Stephanie Swift, Coral Sands, Alexa, Mickey G., Erik Everhard, Tera Patrick, Herschel Savage
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Brad Armstrong
Review brief: It's all about down-home life and down-home fucking in the 1999 Brad Armstrong and Wicked Pictures release, "Crossroads". An overall-good feature dating back ~15 years, this flick offers up a sentimental slice of life...and sex...out in the sticks that are small-town America. With its rustic settings, carefully-crafted setups, and believable characters, this production delivers the realism and is quite likely to appeal to those looking for more than just the standard suck-and-fuck in their porn.
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Review brief: Brad Armstrong strikes gold once again with this big budget masterpiece. The movie works on every level, with good chemistry to the sex, a solid story, and art direction that's a feast for the eyes. The technical aspects show plenty of care and there's also very nice effort put into the extras. This one is definitely worth the purchase.
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Review brief: This is quite possibly Axel Braun's best parody to date. With perfect casting, top notch production values, a nicely flowing story, and sex that's well captured and with plenty of chemistry, this one fires on all cylinders. The technical aspects are very well done and there's some nice effort put into the extras. This one's definitely worth the purchase.
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Review brief: The latest parody from director Axel Braun who has made the move over to Wicked Pictures and this newest release is a version of the classic Snow White tale. This one involves Riley Steele as the innocent doe eyed Snow White and in the classic role of the evil Queen we have multiple award winning actress jessica drake who makes this movie very much her own from the outset. It should come as no surprise that jessica puts on such a powerful performance but I'm so used to seeing her playing the good guy and now she gets to get her hooks into a meaty baddie role and goes for it. Riley Steele as the beautiful Snow White is largely eye candy for the first hour plus but when she gets involved in the show in a sexual way it's in a twisted way too as she hooks up with jessica-- yeah she has step mom issues! Of course there is the ending where Snow White is rescued by the Prince and this offers Riley fans a good b/g scene in the finale.
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Review brief: This is another well done feature from Stormy Daniels. The story is nicely done, and the cast is more than solid working around the love triangle of Xander Corvus, Casey Calvert, and Stormy Daniels. The technical aspects are nicely done and there's a few nice bonus scenes for extras. This is a very strong rental, and if you're a fan of Stormy Daniels or Xander Corvus, probably worth the purchase.
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Review brief: Stormy Daniels steps away from the feature side of things with this vignette release, and excels every bit as much as one would expect. Each of the four scenes are top notch with a great cast, excellent chemistry, solid style, and plenty of skill behind the camera. The technical aspects are very nicely done, but sadly there's no effort put into the extras outside of the standard bonus scenes. This is a smoking hot release that's absolutely worth the purchase.
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Review brief: Eternal is the story of a romance writer who moves to a new home and encounters a man, both past and present. This is a great film for women, couples, anybody new to watching adult entertainment and anybody who enjoys a good story.
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Review brief: Switch is a movie about a couple that feels under appreciated by each other so they wish the other could see things from their own perspectives. This is a brilliantly acted, written and directed comedy.
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Review brief: A Wicked release directed by Brad Armstrong starring jessica drake in the lead role. This show was release about mid year in 2013 and takes place in the not to distant future when money/ credit cards are no longer used. Instead a system of credits is used for everything including a big commodity-- SEX!! jessica is a girl that works in this trade and the story centers around her world where she along with a couple other girls satisfy their various clients. One such client is burned by one of jessica's girls and it sets in motion events that help conclude this story in dramatic fashion. It's a good story and is well worth taking the journey in watching. Asa Akira also appears in this release as does former Wicked girl Julia Ann who does anal in her 2 on 1 with jessica and Brad. Definitely a must see for fans of these ladies.
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Review brief: A recent movie from Stormy Daniels who writes, directs and stars in it. The story employs a twist we've seen before where the man and girl switch bodies but to add a porno twist to it was fun and sexy to watch. Dani Daniels and Brendon Miller have good supporting roles in this one as well. Perhaps the signature scene of the production has Stormy and Dani hooking up and this comes in the finale so you get to watch a pretty good movie before this hot lesbian action brings us home. The story is engaging too as the principals act it out. Michael Vegas plays the male lead in this show.
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Review brief: A release from 2013 starring the lovely jessica drake who plays a secret agent in pursuit of a bad man, Brad Armstrong. He like all villains wants to rule the world and has a device that he thinks will get the job done. So it's up to jessica to try and thwart this plan. It involves chasing a perp through the seedy city streets at night, playing a cheerleader in order to gain access to vital computer intel and finally fucking the bad man himself in the finale to try and save the day. In between we have some funny moments courtesy of Steven St. Croix in a choice supporting role and from Brad too who is great here playing an over the top Bond style villain. Bonnie Rotten also has a choice supporting role in this and it was good to see her in something that wasn't balls to the wall hard core. Asa Akira shows up too as Brads top lieutenant engaging with a hot one on one with miss drake mid film. It's a top notch flick well worth the time to check out. The story is very good as was the sex.
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Review brief: A recent release from Wicked Pictures featuring their contract girl Samantha Saint. This release solely focuses on her with the help of two sexy females in two scenes. The first costar is Dani Daniels and the two ladies hook up in a good g/g and the second costar is Anikka Albrite and she shows up in the finale with her main man Mick Blue and the two have some anal fun with Samantha using toys at first and at the tail end of the scene adding his cock to her ass hole for that first on camera anal action. You also have a solo scene with some good tease and a glory hole scene that takes place in a bigger room than most scenes like that do and she also gets fucked by the four dicks, through the holes of course. This movie also features Samantha Saint doing her first full interracial scene and it's with a performing legend, Lexington Steele so she starts off with a bang.
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Review brief: After banging a famed director's trophy wife, Summer Brielle, and subsequently sending the poor old bastard into cardiac arrest, D-list director James Deen absconds with his finest of scripts in "The Masterpiece", a very good comedy from Wicked Pictures and Jonathan Morgan. In a vain attempt at then making the work his own, James runs headlong into a variety of roadblocks, including a low budget scored from a sketchy mob type (Toni Ribas), a ridiculously poor cast, and an utter lack of any real talent of his own. With Ribas breathing down his neck and with his career riding on it all, whether James will sink or swim is completely up in the air. What is for certain, however, is that he (...and everyone around him...) will definitely be fucking, and that's all that truly matters.
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Boxcover for Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon 

Release date: 10/2/2013
Reviewed on: 1/5/2014 by bono-one

Starring: Erik Everhard, Mr. Pete, Will Powers, Danny Mountain, Xander Corvus, Madison Fox, Remy Lacroix, Christy Mack, Chloe Amour
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Barrett Blade
Review brief: A recent release directed by Barrett Blade starring the talented Remy LaCroix in the lead role. Joining her as the male lead you have Xander Corvus so the two leads were matched well as you'll see. The story begins, though, with Remy attached to someone else, Danny Mountain. In fact the two had become engaged before Danny leaves to go back home to try and make something of himself. Sadly, though, he doesn't stay in touch and Remy undergoes a big life change giving birth to a stillborn baby, Danny's, but without him there for comfort she had turned to his best friend Xander and the two end up getting married. Danny returns a short time into the film trying to make things right or more accurately to steal Remy back but in the end she's to committed to Xander now to do this to him. It's a good story acted out well with 5 scenes of action to enjoy along the way. Madison Fox is the biggest supporting role in this with Christy Mack and Chloe Amour appearing in single scenes.
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Review brief: The latest epic release written and directed by Brad Armstrong. It features Wicked contract stars jessica drake and Asa Akira. The female cast also includes the likes of Adrianna Luna, Capri Cavanni and Asphyxia Noir in various roles. Strong male performers were used to tell the story as well, Tommy Gunn, Xander Corvus and Steven St. Croix are among the dudes used. The story centers on jessica drake who experiences a life threatening injury and is taken to the hospital where a surgeon fights to save her. jessica while under anesthesia is taken to the underworld where she has her own unique experiences as she experiences a journey to see if her life will be spared. Colorful characters are met along the way and they tie in with events going on above. It was very interesting how Brad tied the two worlds together like this and I suspect fans will enjoy the ride. Lots of visually stunning things to see in this production.
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Boxcover for If You Only Knew (Wicked)
If You Only Knew (Wicked) 

Release date: 2/13/2013
Reviewed on: 1/4/2014 by bono-one

Starring: Kris Slater, Aaron Wilcoxxx, Allie Haze, Presley Hart, Penny Pax, Logan Pierce
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Stormy Daniels
Review brief: A 2013 release written and directed by Stormy Daniels. She assembles a real strong female cast, Allie Haze, Presley Hart and Penny Pax to tell a story of two brothers who start off living their lives in opposite manners. One is a real dedicated business man while the other is more inclined to want to help out his local community and not make as much a fuss over his monetary station in life. Aaron Wilcoxxx and Kris Slater play the brothers and a jolting development mid movie changes the course forever of the surviving sibling, for the better too I should add. It's a good story and the actors all deliver the goods in between sex scenes to keep the show rolling along. Penny Pax is surprising in this for me at least playing a character I hadn't seen her do before and she pulls it off beautifully. Allie is her usual strong self and Presley is quite nice in her limited role appearing in one scene.
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Boxcover for Wicked As She Seems
Wicked As She Seems 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 12/27/2013 by fu_q

Starring: Nick East, Tom Byron, Kaitlyn Ashley, Peter North, Tiffany Mynx, Chasey Lain, Kaylan Nicole, Jay Ashley, Cody Adams
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Paul Norman
Review brief: The beautiful Chasey Lain plays the part of a bubbly, fun-loving call-girl in "Wicked As She Seems", a good mid-90s release from Wicked Pictures and Paul Norman. As one of her first fuck-flicks, this production is sure to please the fans of this former Wicked contract star (the first, in fact) and later Vivid Girl. Indeed, Chasey quickly catapulted to the top of the industry back in her day, and fans nostalgic for that era will find a lot here.
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Review brief: This is a very fun little fuck flick. There's plenty of fun setting up each of the scenes, and the sex is just as solid with a top notch cast. The technical aspects are every bit as solid as one has come to expect from Wicked Pictures, and some decent effort towards the extras as well. This one's worth the purchase.
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Boxcover for Star Kissed
Star Kissed 

Release date: 12/4/2013
Reviewed on: 12/15/2013 by fu_q

Starring: Mr. Pete, Mick Blue, Monique Alexander, Bill Bailey, Alison Tyler, Aaliyah Love, Brad Tyler, Kiera Winters, Tyler Nixon
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Barrett Blade
Review brief: When her cardiologist ex-boyfriend, Bill Bailey, suddenly reenters the picture, Aaliyah Love--now married to another man--is faced with quite the heart-wrenching dilemma in "Star Kissed", an overall-good flick from Barrett Blade and Wicked Pictures. Similar in its storyline to another recent production from Blade ("Harvest Moon"), the idea behind this one is good, but--be it the acting or simply the devil in the details--it just doesn't hit quite as well as the other release in the plot department. Things don't fully gel. Fortunately, Aalyiah is cute as can be, is taking the "D" (which she only recently started to do), and the remainder of the cast puts forth strong sexual performances. This is particularly true for industry veteran, Monique Alexander, who owns her scene from start to finish. In all, it's a good release...but not a stellar one.
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Review brief: This is quite possibly my favorite Stormy Daniels feature so far. The story is predictable, but works great due to how much fun the cast looks to be having with it (especially Stormy and Michael Vegas). The sex is also solid, and fits into the movie very nicely. The technical aspects show the usual great care one expects from Wicked Pictures, and there's a bit of effort put into the extras with three good sex scenes. This one's definitely worth the purchase.
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Boxcover for White Witch
White Witch 

Release date: 1/15/2014
Reviewed on: 12/7/2013 by fu_q

Starring: Nick Manning, James Deen, Bridgette B., Ryan Driller, Chanel Preston, Skin Diamond, Asphyxia Noir
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Scott Allen
Review brief: Things are certainly not as they seem in "White Witch", an exceptionally gritty, mind-bender of a flick from Wicked Pictures and director Scott Allen. Indeed, James Deen plays the role of a low-end private investigator who has been hired by Nick Manning--a man who's as egotistical as he is wealthy--to find someone named simply "R. Morris". Having but 24 hours to do so--and extraordinarily little to go on--James ultimately seeks out the services of Asphyxia Noir, a so-called "white witch". The gripping and sinuous storyline that unfolds from there is nothing short of awesome, as the audience is left guessing until the very end as to what's fully going on. Complementing this mystery is an excellent cast, strong acting, and a unique filming style that manages to capture the essence and realism of the sex in both its soft- and hardcore form.
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Review brief: This is a must buy release for anyone who considers themselves a fan of Samantha Saint. There's a very nice variety of action, as well as a harder edge that works well with the artistic style of the movie. The technical aspects show some very nice care, and there's also some decent effort towards the extras. This is a darn hot release.
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Boxcover for Hollywood Spa
Hollywood Spa 

Release date: 6/3/2003
Reviewed on: 11/27/2013 by astroknight

Starring: Asia Carrera, John Decker, Jill Kelly, Ruby, Felecia, Serenity, Alex Sanders, Colt Steele, Jacklyn Lick, Papillion, Emmanuelle
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Fred J. Lincoln
Review brief: This isn't a bad release if you're looking for a trip down memory lane. This would have been a pretty good release when one factors in the quality of porn in the mid-90s, but now seems a bit dated. From the story to the cheesy music to the technical aspects, this one barely makes it past the average mark despite having the always reliable Serenity in three of the six scenes. Give this one a rental if you're interested.
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Boxcover for Candy Striper, The
Candy Striper, The 

Release date: 12/11/2013
Reviewed on: 11/21/2013 by fu_q

Starring: Erik Everhard, Toni Ribas, James Deen, Samantha Saint, Xander Corvus, Anna Morna, Rilynn Rae, Bonnie Rotten, Brooklyn Chase
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Jonathan Morgan
Review brief: It's a code red ( in red-hot...) when Wicked's resident blonde bombshell, Samantha Saint, shows up to volunteer (...and more...) at the perviest hospital on the planet. Such is the case in Jonathan Morgan's latest laugh-out-loud comedy, "The Candy Striper", a very good release from Wicked Pictures. Playing the part of the unwitting and innocent newbie to utter perfection, Samantha ends up duped time and time again into the sexual shenanigans of the hospital's assorted characters. They'll stop at nothing to involve her in their hijinks, and--pleaser that she is--she always winds up more than happy to oblige.
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