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Boxcover for Grandpa Loves Cream Pie 2
Grandpa Loves Cream Pie 2 

Release date: 3/3/2008
Reviewed on: 12/4/2008 by drewcifer

Starring: Claudia, Alexa, Tera, Electra
Studio: White Ghetto Films

Review brief: Ok, so I assume if you're here reading this you understand the premise of this release as well An older than dirt grandpa fucks women that could easily be his daughters or even granddaughters age. And if that weren't enough for you, he gives them all a full pussy cream pie, and then lets them push it out into his own mouth to taste. I am really perverted I guess, but I liked this release. I would have really liked to see more positions-like doggie, and anal as well. More variation in general. This guys one lucky old bastard I should only hope to do as well at his age. The video is very average and the audio is rather poor (you cant hear the dialogue very well, but the moaning is loud). Extras related to this release consist only of a compilation of pop shots, and then you get some website promotional material and trailers for other stuff. I recommend this release, and enjoyed it. If you liked the premise, you will enjoy this as a rental or purchase.
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Boxcover for Grandpa Loves Cream Pie
Grandpa Loves Cream Pie 

Release date: 1/7/2008
Reviewed on: 5/10/2008 by boner-jams

Starring: Gina, Laura, Lara, Winnie
Studio: White Ghetto Films

Review brief: Admittedly, I'm a bit of a masochist at times when it comes to my porn. I don't even like S&M themed smut, but I do occasionally take it upon myself to view some of the strangest porn made so you, dear reader, don't have to. "Grandpa Loves Cream Pie" certainly finds a top spot in my personal list of strangest porn ever made. The fact that there was a second installment made bothers me even more than I was upon viewing this initial flick of depravity.
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