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Review brief: Ok, quite simply, one of the BEST MILF themed dvds' i've seen . Why ? Hot MILFs for one, very hot sex for another....not just fuckage, but also, a little blowbangage thrown in as well . Definitely worth checking out .
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Review brief: Well fans this was a good take on the MILF genre as we get the moms I'd like to fuck picked up in some interesting locations from the mall to parking lots and it doesn't take much sweet talking to get these horny moms to start sucking cock and in the end it's a mini blowbang for each lady with a good dose of anal sex mixed in too. Well worth a look see for the milf fan who also enjoys good blowjobs and anal to boot.
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Review brief: Six different girls taking on five or more guys at once, blow-bang style, with a little dildo action being the only penetration for each girl! No swallowing allowed, so to speak, though a few drops seem to worm their way in here and there - just plenty of mouth-burning action, and a hailstorm of sperm falling at the end!
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Review brief: I have enjoyed the Donnie Cabo releases so far released by Vouyer Media and feel that he will certainly be a talent who will be top of the league of porn directors in the years to come. Having done some great hardcore flicks this year, this release takes us into the full on blowbang release, with plenty of frosty facials for us to admire. Blowbang fans will love this release, especially when we see their cute little faced covered from forehead to chin with thick creamy cum!
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Review brief: If you're a bj fan only then this is a good flick to check out as Vince has brought some pretty girls here and they all have one thing in common at least for this title, their ability to easily handle several cocks at once. You mix in some upside down skull fucking along with the classic cock circle and you have yourself a good all bj flick so check it out.
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Review brief: General Impression Blowbangs . Generally I prefer sex ( penetration) THEN facials, but hey . Some real sweet girls here i'm anxious to see painted white...Celina Cross, Tia Tanaka....mmmm. On to da ( oral ) sex..... Sex Highlights First off, for those of you at home keeping score, here's the final score : Tia Tanaka : 5 ( all black !) loads. Dena Cally : 6 loads . Celina Cross : 7 loads . Lia Lopez : 6 loads . Misty Stone : 10 loads. Chelsie Rae : Zero loads . Paulina James : 5 loads . Rucca Page : ( bonus scene ) 2 loads . The Action : Oh yes, there will be oral . Lotsa dick suckage and mouthfuckage .'s an ORAL flick, yet each scene starts with Butt Wiggle-age/Tease-age. Not that i'm complaining, just sayin'...odd. As stated before, no intercourse here, but Misty does get dildo pentrated by Chelsie Rae in their scene...oh, and BTW, no loads to the face for Chelsie...but she does lick the big blasts of baby batter off of Misty's mug. Best scene ? Hmm, the sight of innocent Celina getting bathed in hot white come 7 times was quite, uh, satisfying . Li
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Review brief: Welcome fans to a new oral series from Vince Vouyer and from the cover I'd expect some frosty faces at scenes end. You get * ladies to watch in this one, mostly newer girls with perhaps Tia Tanaka, Chelsie Rae, Paulina James, and Celina Cross being known to some of you. I say let's waste no time and let the girls get to it. Tia Tanaka: Getting us started we have this pretty Asian doll who does a little crawling, a little standing up and shaking that ass and there is some great eye looks too at the camera. A quick sit down chat and we're off and running. Tia gets some dark meat to start and she handles that good and soon there's another brother added and she easily mixes the new meat into the bj flow. There are good shots up close and pulled back for this two man dick assault and she sucks so hard the spit begins to run down her chest so fans of the more aggressive bj get that here. Tia then holds up another finger indicating she wants more cock and her wish is granted.
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