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Review brief: Cast: Jennifer Stewart, Heather Sinclair ("Heather St. Clair" on box), Danielle Rogers, Casey ("Cerrise" aka K.C. Williams), Devon Shire, Sean Michaels ("Andre Shields"), Lance Haywood ("Lance Carrington"), Randy Spears and Jon Dough Director: Paul Thomas Production date: 12/1/00 (box); 4/27/00 (opening statement); 1990 (VHS release) Length: 76 min. Extras: Ten previews and 24 bonus scenes. This is a double-sided disc, with most of the extras on the flip side. I am unable to find the biographies advertised on the box. Audio/visual quality: During portions of this feature, the audio is imperfectly synched with the video (the actors' mouths move first, and their voices follow a fraction of a second later). Video noise disrupts the picture in a few places, but it's extremely brief and not highly noticeable. Crew members' shadows are occasionally visible. Emphasis is placed on medium length shots, with above average attention to facial expressions.
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