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Boxcover for Staten Island Sex Cult
Staten Island Sex Cult 

Release date: 2/18/2004
Reviewed on: 11/14/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: Village East

Review brief: I like porn films with a plot, but the only bad thing about this one is it has one. Not only is the plot silly, it has more holes in it than a block of swiss cheese. However, one can overlook that since the sex here is red hot. And thats what really counts. The setting is the Staten Island abode of a sex cult, a cultas they keep reminding uswhich is more fun than Scientology. Their leader is Stinkmetal, a skinny guy with a bleached Mohawk, who babbles on from time to time about aliens. Remember that cult who thought aliens were coming and castrated themselves? Well, this group is not about to do that, as sex is part of their raison dÍtre. When the film opens the cult members are gathered for breakfast. Stinkmetal tells two of the guys to go upstairs where one is to eat out the others ass. Here is the first of the great holes in the plot, as we dont see them doing this.
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