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Review brief: The setting is a château where a group of teens have gone for a weekend during one of the 8½ months of Canadian winter. Our first two cuties are seen out in this cold. They decide to go inside for a nice warm shower. The first one strips out of his clothes and steps in the shower. Just the sight of his naked body obviously has an effect on his friend because when he drops his undies his cock goes zoing and precedes him as he follows his buddy into the shower. The real action doesnt begin until they arrive in the bedroom. No sooner do they lie on the bed than the cutie who inspired the others earlier erection goes right down on his buddys cock. He of course gets fucked. I always like it when the cute one gets fucked. After they have shot their loads, they get dressed and prowl around the château peeping in doors where they apparently see other boys getting it on. We dont see any of this action. Instead we head outdoors again where we find two twinks riding about on a tractor of sorts. The driver (Billy Little-Fox) has long hair which he wears in a ponytail.
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Boxcover for Taking the Plunge
Taking the Plunge 

Release date: 2/1/2005
Reviewed on: 2/4/2005 by joe-shaver

Studio: Video 10

Review brief: Some enterprising person came up with the idea for an incredibly cheap video shoot: hire a deserted warehouse for the day, advertise for ten guys willing to spend the day having sex, and film it. With the glut of new films on the market today and the fact that this is a former VHS film now transferred to DVD to make still more from it, this doesnt sound like one you would want to rent or buy, does it? Well, the truth is you would be passing up a rather hot little item. The reason is that the guys are all sexual dynamos and seem as though they are having a ballrather twenty balls! Some of the performers had appeared in porn flicks previously, but the majority seemed to be first-time performers just out for the bucks and/or the fucks. Adam Rom was a seasoned pro. (He was unforgettable in IN MANS COUNTRY as the one who introduced hunky Sonny Markham to sex for his birthdaysadly, Adam only works now behind the camera.) Chris Yeager and the stud-muffin Dakota had also been in other films.
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Boxcover for Seducing Sammy
Seducing Sammy 

Release date: 12/1/2004
Reviewed on: 1/16/2005 by joe-shaver

Studio: Video 10

Review brief: Like me, everyone is going to buy this film for Sammy Case. And probably like me, they are going to be disappointed. I zoomed right to his scene (the second one on the DVD). Well right off the bat one notices that Sammy looks better in his still photos than he does on film. Hes paired with a young man who is billed as Danny BIG Boy. Yes, he has a very big uncut cock, but thats part of the problem here. Its much too big for Sammy. (Ever see a Great Dane fuck a Chihuahua?) Together they look ridiculous. Little Sammy can barely get it in his mouth and when it goes into his assit makes it, but Sammy is not enjoying it. Its in there for only a minute (if that) before Danny pulls out to tear off the condom and drop his load on Sammy. SAMMY DOES NOT CUM!!! The title puzzled me, too. As the scene opens with Sammy dancing around in his undies in front of Danny, it would seem that SAMMY SEDUCING was a more fitting title. The entire thing was so awkward and the stars were so obviously not into it that it never got a rise out of me. The solo that followed did better.
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Boxcover for Sex Island (Video 10)
Sex Island (Video 10) 

Release date: 6/14/2004
Reviewed on: 8/28/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: Video 10

Review brief: I was a fan of Brigade Studios long before they began putting their productions on DVD. However, I found this one to be lackluster and very disappointing. True, it still features those cute French-Canadian twinks sucking and fucking; but here they do so without much enthusiasm, and the direction has neither imagination nor variety. We watch four groups of two twinks suck, suck, suck, rim; and we always join the anal action in medias fuck. Never do we see the dick entering those boyish butts. We begin with a dark haired and a blond twink arriving at the island. They make the rounds (which seems to be a complete circle as they end back in their own front yard for their fuck scene). As they pass each twosome we linger to watch the twosomes have sex. The first twosome are up on a sun deck. One of the directors favorite things is to have the guy whos about to suck dick lower the pants of his buddy whereupon the dick goes SPROINGstiff and ready for sucking. Most of the boys are uncut and even though the springing dick is hard it still has a foreskin with just the pink rosebud visible.
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Review brief: Big Business A Review by FacIan Title Big Business Translation: n/a Studio: AVN Collection: Titanium Price: 16 Format: I guess PAL but I am not sure. Might be NTSC. Actions and Key Words Action: Straight; Anal; Lesbian; Toy Fetish: Stockings; Long hair; Tall girls; Semi-public sex; Swimming pool sex; Initial expectation I was looking for very nice girls in a sexy atmosphere. I was not expecting anything nasty. General comment My expectations are fully met! If you want to please your eyes, you will probably want to get that DVD. The Czech girls are simply amazing. The atmosphere is friendly and very hot. The lingerie is a nice plus. This film gives you back the feeling that you can really enjoy sex without performing incredible actions. This is the kind of sex you can have in your life and as you will see: it can be bloody hot!! Screen shots You can find the screen shots of this film on my site. The screen shots are here. DVD perspective Picture is good.
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Boxcover for Threesomes & Then Some
Threesomes & Then Some 

Release date: 7/23/2002
Reviewed on: 9/2/2002 by joeblow69

Studio: Video 10

Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Starring: Vladislav Juracka, Marcel Manigati, Josef Cernan, Pavel Ondek, Michal Gola, Vit Pokorny, Pavel Porges, Ivan Plop, Pavel Vichera, Robin Lycka, Radek Holubar, Zdenek Valenta, Lukas Roubicek, Michal Dvorak Story: Threesones and Then-somes is a compilation containing scenes from five different Euro flicks. The don't match any of the names to the faces, so I really have no clue who any of these guys are. Scene One, from "The Layover" Starring: Vladislav Juracka, Marcel Manigati, Josef Cernan Boy, right off the bat things are looking pretty boring. A really cute buff guy sucks off two scrawny twinky boys. He's very good at the standard Euro blowjob: he never seems to take more than an inch or two in his mouth. Eventually they switch over to fucking, but the camera angles really stink. Either it's a wide shot where you can't see anything, or an extreme closeup. Everything I've ever said bad about euro-porn is repeated over and over in this scene.
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