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Review brief: Tori Welles is a badass, fuck-the-world (literally) type of gal in the "The Outlaw", a good 1989 production from Caballero / Vidco and director F.J. Lincoln. Tori's favorite pastime in this one is to ride around on her motorcycle (with her guys)...fucking, sucking, and wreaking havoc wherever she goes. Indeed, she gets it on with her dudes on an old woman's front lawn and then demands a tip from her. She fucks her good friend's wife in his living room after breaking into his house. She forces a young couple whom she stumbles upon to have sex in front of her and the gang for their entertainment. And, she even laughs it off when one of her "friends" is hit by a truck and turned into road-pizza. She is most certainly an ass-hole in this release...but she's a hot it's pretty much all okay.
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Boxcover for Man the Myth, The
Man the Myth, The 

Release date: 10/4/2000
Reviewed on: 4/27/2003 by andyblake

Starring: John Holmes
Studio: Vidco

Review brief: This is a compilation of unrelated scenes featuring the late John C. Holmes, and his incredible 13-inch schlong. (This compilation is vastly superior to another John Holmes compilation DVD that I review on this site) Some of the scenes are from Holmes' Johnny Wadd series from the 1970s, directed by Bob Chinn. The plot and acting from the scenes included in this compilation makes me wish that the whole Johnny Wadd series would be rescued from the vaults and re-issued on DVD. I imagine that most of these movies simply no longer exist, which is too bad. A couple of years ago, Bob Chinn tried to re-start the Johnny Wadd series with a different actor. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a market for expensive, plot-driven features with high production values. These types of movies are out-competed by the flood of much cheaper gonzo material that completely dispenses with plot, writing, acting, outdoor shots, indoor sets, etc.
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Boxcover for Handsome

Release date: 12/22/2000
Reviewed on: 1/8/2001 by joeblow69

Studio: Vidco

Review brief: Boy, you know youre in for a treat when a DVD starts out with the message, Digitized from original film. Picture quality may vary. Handsome is one of those late 70s Joe Gage flicks that nostalgia buffs seem to go crazy for. Gage was the mastermind behind LA Tool and Die, Kansas City Trucking Company, and El Paso Wrecking Corp. If youve seen any of those, you should have a pretty good idea what to expect. First things first, I have a serious beef with this movie. I feel I was generally deceived into buying this. The back of the DVD promises no rubbersall natural, wanton filthy fucking, horny hard dick, ass-ramming orgy, all man classic sucking, fucking, and more. Sounds hot, doesnt it? Well guess what? The reason there are no rubbers here is because there is no fucking what- so-ever in this movie. But, joeblow, you say, clearly the back of the DVD shows people fucking.
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