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Boxcover for Seduction Of Mary, The
Seduction Of Mary, The 

Release date: 7/20/2005
Reviewed on: 6/3/2015 by t0mbone

Starring: Nick East, Mike Horner, Teri Diver, Victoria Paris, Jon Dough, Cassidy, Chrissy Ann, Sharise, Amber Woods
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Michael Craig
Review brief: THE SEDUCTION OF MARY (1992, VCA) is a rather ordinary title for what is actually an intricately woven tale of lawyer Mary Johnson (Victoria Paris) falling under the seductive spell of erotica author Marshall Solomen (Mike Horner) or does she? Director Michael Craig also gets screenwriting credit along with Leslie Black for a xxx film that actually uses the sexual situations to help advance this erotic tale to a conclusion that, although not totally satisfying, tops nearly every feature uncorked by today's major studios. Standard frame. No condoms. Few extras. 1 hour 24 minutes.
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Review brief: In a post-nuclear fallout world, what's left of humanity finds itself segregated into two camps--the rare "positives", who are still able to perform sexually, and the "negatives", who fall physically ill if they attempt to partake in even the slightest intimacy. Of course, life isn't roses for either group, as the "positives" are impressed into performing in shady dive bars filled with leering, creepy "negatives", and the "negatives" find themselves desperately yearning for that which they can't attain. Such is the case in "Cafe Flesh", a classic, early-80's, punk-fueled flick from Rinse Dream and VCA.
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Review brief: The mischievous, barbarian chieftan, Randy Spears, and his hell-raising horde will stop at nothing to rend a powerful, magical crystal from the hands of its rightful owners in "The New Barbarian", a very good, 1990 release from VCA and Henri Pachard. With its inexplicable ability to bring about time-travel, this sexually-fueled gem is certainly a prize worth seeking...and, for Victoria Paris and her peaceful people, a prize worth protecting. A blend of sex and (mild) violence ensues, as the two groups wrestle for control of the piece. Harking back to the days of the old barbarian films of the 1980s while concomitantly mixing in that same era's pornographic charm, this one is most certainly rife with nostalgic value. The sex is also steamy...again, in that 80s style...and seeing Victoria Paris sex it up in her prime is always a welcomed occurrence. For the right crowd--fans of 80s fantasy, porno nostalgia, Victoria Paris, and / or quirky features--this one is worthy.
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Review brief: This year marks the 40th anniversary of the production of "The Opening of Misty Beethoven", the 1970's adult film classic from director Radley Metzger and VCA. Starring Constance Money as a young prostitute whom the late Jamie Gillis chances upon while plying her trade in a Parisian theater, this flick traces her journey from an erotically uninspired bore to a talk-of-the-town, world-class sexpot. Indeed, under Gillis' tutelage and with his wealthy friend's (Jacqueline Beudant's) fortune, Money transforms from a hapless, young harlot unwilling to suck a dick to a seasoned pro, capable of pleasuring a group of men, turning homosexuals with her charms, and ultimately seducing the most powerful name in men's publishing and his mistress (Gloria Leonard).
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Review brief: If one's looking to reminisce upon the beauty that was the late-1990s brunette goddess of porn, Ms. Racquel Darrian, then "Deep Inside Racquel Darrian" from VCA is certainly worth a looksie (...and a jerksie?).
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Boxcover for Racquel's Treasure Hunt
Racquel's Treasure Hunt 

Release date: 12/29/2003
Reviewed on: 9/30/2014 by fu_q

Starring: T.T. Boy, Racquel Darrian, Tracy Adams, Brittany, Busty Belle, Gregor Samsa, Derek Lane
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Gordon Vandermeer
Review brief: When a handful of the brunette goddess, Racquel Darrian's, friends stop by to partake in a big payout treasure hunt, the only booty that they ultimately find is their own...which suits them all just fine. Such is the case in "Racquel's Treasure Hunt", a fairly standard--though still fun--1989 release from VCA.
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Boxcover for No Boys Allowed (VCA)
No Boys Allowed (VCA) 

Release date: 1/31/2002
Reviewed on: 9/26/2014 by fu_q

Starring: Patricia Kennedy, Savannah, Racquel Darrian, Jacqueline, Madison, Silver
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Derrick Lane
Review brief: It's all-girl action all of the time when two of the true beauties of porno past--the blonde bombshell, Savannah, and the brunette goddess, Racquel Darrian--grace the blue-screen in "No Boys Allowed". An overall-good release from VCA and director Derrick Lane, this lezzy-lover of a flick focuses on Savannah (aka Silver Kane) as a young, female biker who seems to find fucking (of the same-sex variety) just about everywhere she turns...and the result is most certainly hot.
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Review brief: A fine sample of early 90's porn - with the golden age in the rearview and the heyday of gonzo porn still to cum, a porn flick like Malibu Spice is a hard-on producing example of what bridged the gap. Malibu Spice is basically about the goings-on at a West Coast Health Club back in the days of leotards, spandex, and lovely camel toes at the gym!
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Review brief: It's 80s punk-kink to the max when the lovely ladies of Jamie Gillis' and Jack Baker's freaky escort agency don their headphones and take in the intoxicating tunes of their new wave music. With the sexy sounds both impairing their judgment and overriding their inhibitions, these young women can (and will) do just about anything...and their assorted customers are most certainly the winners. Such is the case in the Dark Brothers' classic production, "New Wave Hookers", from VCA Pictures.
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Review brief: One of the greatest porn flicks ever, Alex de Renzy's BABY FACE (1977, TVX Home Video-2006) tells the story of a big lug named Dan (Dan Roberts) who is on the lam from not only the cops but also a pissed-off Mom named Molly (Mary Eaton) who catches Dan fucking her sex-crazed daughter Priscilla (lovely Lyn Malone) early in the flick. Director de Renzy and screenwriter John Mulligan bring this trio together for the nutty finale that takes place in a San Francisco brothel where Dan has been hiding out. Standard frame. 1 hour 45 minutes.
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Review brief: Based around an x-rated magazine (i.e Penthouse) in the 80's. John Leslie is the mogul. Dana Lynn is the centerfold. Joey Silvera is a photographer, Robert Bullock a columnist. Shanna McCullough is Bullock's wife.
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Review brief: Typcial 80s straight-to-video schlock. Poor quality, ridiculous excuse for a plot, and a fairly misleading cover since Shauna McCullough is touted as the main star, but only appears near the end of the film. If I were a filmmaker, and set out to make an erotic movie, I am not sure that I could make one with less plot, quality, hot sex, or just overall worth of a movie if I tried. It's story and presentation are almost so bad that they are funny, but only at the beginning and the end, and most viewers will not make it that far. Skip it.
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Boxcover for MILF Shakes (VCA)
MILF Shakes (VCA) 

Release date: 4/5/2007
Reviewed on: 8/25/2009 by rosco-fuji

Starring: Angelica Sin, Christian XXX, Cara Lott, Dave Pounder, Dick Delaware, Ginger Spice, Buster Good, Wanda Lust, Jenner
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Rob Spallone
Review brief: MILF Shakes by VCA/Hustler is one of those releases that starts off on real shaky ground, but almost redeems itself in the end. The cover of MILF Shakes is very misleading. The title is MILF Shakes, cute little play on Milk Shakes, and shows Angelica Sin drinking from a glass filled with a white substance. Excess white substance is on her face and also on her tits. Now, I donít want to split hairs here, but the implication is given that at some point the girls are going to be drinking from a glass that has man chowder in it. Guess what? At no point in any of the scenes is there a glass of white liquid for the girls to be consuming, nor is there an ice cream stand theme close by for the girl to get a MILF shake.
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Boxcover for Porny Monster
Porny Monster 

Release date: 1/10/2007
Reviewed on: 6/6/2009 by daf1740

Starring: Alec Knight, James Deen, Joanna Angel, Tommy Pistol, Lystra, Pixie Pearl, Chapel Waste, Whisky, Jade Jolie
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Joanna Angel
Review brief: It's Party Monster, porn-style, as we witness the rise and fall of Joanna Angel wannabe Chapel Waste. We get some good sex, but an even greater plot with lots of humor and creativity.
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Boxcover for New Wave Hookers 2
New Wave Hookers 2 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 5/20/2009 by johnny-stanwyck

Starring: Savannah, Randy West, Madison, Danielle Rogers, Cameo, April Rayne, Jamie Lee, Mark Wallice, Sandra Scream
Studio: VCA

Review brief: "New Wave Hookers 2" is really a film as much behind its time as the original was ahead of it. The sexual heat is turned way up, but this sequel lacks the grit and gleeful griminess of it's Papa. By no means essential, but a decent time in front of the boob tube, nonetheless.
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Review brief: In Fuck Me Harder White Boy 2, the people at VCA have unleashed a few white studs on a talented cast of black women. There's some anal action to see (which including Marie Luv getting double-penetrated) and some all-around horny goodness.
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Review brief: As if the title wasn't a dead giveaway, this is a movie featuring gals who gush (or squirt, ejaculate, or what ever you want to call it). If that interests you, continue on if not, turn away now.
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Review brief: Passolini fans should check this out, as should fans of Stacy Valentine.
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Boxcover for Mating Habits Of Cougars, The
Mating Habits Of Cougars, The 

Release date: 11/6/2007
Reviewed on: 12/12/2008 by andyblake

Starring: Gabrielle, Kelly Leigh, Delarosa, Cat Cleavage, Sofia Soleil
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Rob Spallone
Review brief: Older woman, younger man sex is featured in this offering from Rob Spallone and Hustler/VCA
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Review brief: Ah, the halcyon days of VCA features. How I miss them. As is typical for the movies I've seen from that not-long-ago era, Fountain of Innocence is a beautiful multi-camera production, attractively lit, skillfully edited, and boasting excellent sound that's enhanced by carefully selected music. The views of the sex are explicit yet pretty. The costumes are a hoot: the perfect swizzle of elegance and tackiness, just right for a porno about a porno. Ron Jeremy stars as a director who's taping History of the Sex World: Part 2. Taren Steele plays an aspiring actress who's about to perform for the first time. Our nervous heroine receives friendly advice and reassurance from a trio of hot blonde veterans: Juli Ashton, Shayla LaVeaux, and Nina Hartley. The conversational flow is pleasingly uncontrived. It sounds as though the performers are discussing their real and very positive experiences in the industry. It all leads to a happy heap of flesh by the swimming pool.
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Boxcover for Anything That Moves
Anything That Moves 

Release date: 7/31/2000
Reviewed on: 10/17/2008 by corey-thomas

Starring: Selena Steele, Tracy Winn
Studio: VCA

Directed by: John Leslie
Review brief: Two exotic dancers (Selena Steele and Traci Winn) get involved in a murder, the truth being somewhere muddled in the middle.
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Boxcover for Hard Sell
Hard Sell 

Release date: 7/22/2008
Reviewed on: 8/4/2008 by loverboy

Starring: Peter North, Champagne, Jon Dough, Tracey Adams, Ray Victory, Jade East, Cal Jammer, Raven Richards, Amber Lee, Rick Daniels, Stacy Lords
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Gerald
Review brief: This is a typical 1980s porn movie with crazy plot and lame music playing throughout the scenes. Good chance to see what was typical then, but unless you are a collector of vintage porn or want to see a certain star, it's nothing important. It's a chance to see some porn legends like porn stud Peter North, although the movie doesn't really feature any stellar scenes.
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Boxcover for Naked Pen, The
Naked Pen, The 

Release date: 5/28/2008
Reviewed on: 6/20/2008 by barrettman

Starring: Tom Byron, Mike Horner, Francesca Le, Tyffany Million, Melanie Moore, Alicia Rio, Traci Winn
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Wesley Emerson
Review brief: Oldie but goodie, or oldie & moldy ? Hmm. Suppose it's kinda nice to travel backwards in porn time, but this one's just not that molten, despite the presence of Tyffany Million . Best for ' golden age ' junkies .
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Boxcover for Mommie Dearest
Mommie Dearest 

Release date: 12/30/2007
Reviewed on: 4/29/2008 by astroknight

Starring: Sergio, Ciera Sage, Payton Leigh, Jay Lassiter, Mikey Butders, Dane Cross, Morgan Reigns, Eden Degarden, Mikey Budters, Miss Bunny
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Axel Braun
Review brief: If you have to pick this one up, rent it. Miss Bunny and Eden De Garden each turn out a darn hot scene, but the rest of the movie has a boring feel that makes you wonder how many people fell asleep making it. Needless to say, this is far below the level I normally expect from Axel Braun. The technical aspects show some decent care, and there's also a little effort put into the extras with a very fun behind the scenes featurette. The last two scenes and the extras show the potential this DVD could have had, but instead it can't even make it past the average mark.
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