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Boxcover for Ahso Hashimoto
Ahso Hashimoto 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 7/22/2003 by viral

Studio: Typhoon

Review brief: When I first saw this film I thought it would turn our like other asian films I have seen, short and boring, but I was certainly wrong with this one! This Film was excelent in many ways. I really enjoyed this film due mainly to its length and magnitude of beautiful asian girls. (which I find very hot!) This movie may not be the best asian feature due to many great Japanese films being censored in Japan...but this film was definetly a high recoment in my opinion. The only thing I think that distracts from the movie is the cut scenes in which the director talks to an american guy who is a little to strange with his humor..but it is sometimes funny..not somthing I usually look for in a porn though. Final Thoughts: Rent this movie if possible to decide if you like Ahso's movies for yourself...but I highly recomend.
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Boxcover for Sapporo Extreme
Sapporo Extreme 

Release date: 6/7/2000
Reviewed on: 5/26/2001 by wolf

Studio: Typhoon

Review brief: Sapporo Extreme is a waste of a DVD and the people at Typhoon should be given a slap. First of the box cover shows a girl that is NOT in the film and then even worse we have that annoying as HELL Kimi Gee introducing the scene sorry but her voice is so annoying and she is NOT very good looking. Anyway back to the film the whole film is in Japanese with no subtitles so you have no clue if there is even meant to be a plot. Basically the film consists of 4 scene with girls being fondled and them giving BJ's and then having sex outside in the snow but the sex scenes are filmed so it is very difficult to see anything at all. The second girl is cute but unfortunately even see is not enough to save this DVD. Do NOT buy this DVD as it will turn out to be a expensive drinks coaster.
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