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Release date: 3/19/2005
Reviewed on: 9/24/2005 by rubyred

Studio: Tyger Tyson

Review brief: So, I wasn't expecting much when I popped this one in to my DVD player. The guys on the cover really did nothing for me, but I thought I would give it a shot. Sometimes it pays to take a chance. The Movie: The plot is pretty simple. There is a company called OhBoysEscorts. There is a cop investigating them, so the boss hires one of his employees to deal with him. Simple, and not focused on to much, but it works for what it is intended to do. It sets up each sex scene very well. The sex in the movie is actually REALLY hot. Everyone, and I mean everyone, involved is enjoying themselves. That helps. Now if the guys were fugly it wouldn't matter. Luckily most of the guys are very attractive. They don't have your typical porn star looks, but they are still cute as hell. The cast is mostly latin and black men. If you are in to neither, don't watch. If you are into both check it out. If you are on the fence, then check this movie out. The only scene I had a problem with was the last full scene. The top was not very attractive, and had really bad skin.
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Freaky Thugz: The Fire Within 

Release date: 1/2/2004
Reviewed on: 6/4/2005 by joe-shaver

Starring: Rico Suave, Tiger Tyson, Alex Hamilton, Muscle Miguel
Studio: Tyger Tyson

Review brief: Weird, kinky, and very ambitious FREAKY THUGZ: THE FIRE WITHIN is the brainchild of Junito who also stars and directs. It supposes that there is a force which when unleashed will cause a man to lose his inhibitions and come out of the closet. (There is such a force, Junito, its called booze.) It opens with Tiger Tyson squatting in the center of a ring of devotional lights masturbating. Thin smoke wafts over the scene. I assume Tiger is summoning the force. He does summon a load of cum. We next find Junito and a friend leaving work late at night. Walking wearily though the park he encounters Tiger on a bench who asks him for a light. Tiger shares a joint with him. Then forces him to remove Tigers boots, his socks, and suck his toes. (Everybody sucks toes here.) Tiger has Junito bend over the bench and fucks him. That night Junito has a dream. The setting is a bathhouse. Its filmed with a red filter on the camera lens. Everyone wears white masks. On the roof toes and cocks are sucked. Junito dreams he gets a mouthful of cum. The wet dream gives him a hands-free ejaculation.
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