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Review brief: When her boyfriend and co-workers fall into the clutches of an evil, intergalactic empress who's hell bent on universal conquest, it falls upon Ms. Magnificent to put a stop to her nefarious plans. Relying as much on her pussy as her superpowers, the young heroine braves both foe and fuck alike in a valiant attempt to save the day. Such is the case in "Ms. Magnificent", an exceptional 1979, sci-fi release from Joe Sherman that features the awesome "Betty Boop" of porno past, Desiree Cousteau.
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Review brief: A simple yet sumptuous Shaun Costello film that sadly feel through the cracks gets a typically sub-par DVD issuance. At least it's uncut.
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Review brief: As with the TVX release of (Anna) Obsessed, the film "For The Love Of Pleasure" and the TVX release of said film are very different, so different in places that when watching the uncut version it almost feels like a new movie. That said, the following is a review of the original uncut version off of a 1986 Essex Home Video tape. Anyone even marginally familiar with hardcore films of the 1970s has undoubtedly heard of Annette Haven and Jamie Gillis and as familiar as I am with their work, their roles in this 1979 film has always seemed a bit odd, even by 70s hardcore standards. The plot: **HEREIN MAY LAY SPOILERS** Jamie Gillis is Simon, a down on his luck, petty thief who makes the mistake of breaking into the home of a woman who, upon seeing him, forces him to have sex with her then shoots him to death when her husband comes home. It should be noted that Jamie keeps his gym shoes on throughout the entire sex scene... Gillis ends up in the afterlife where he is greeted by Annette Haven (God?) who provides him with an endless supply of women, food, and finery.
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Review brief: Anthony Spinelli had a thing for hookers. Well, at least he had a thing for making movies which involve prostitution. By far the best of these "hooker dramas" was his 1976 masterpiece, Cry For Cindy, which was as far as I am concerned, the very first attempt to actually deal with prostitution in a hardcore film. Confessions, made the same year as the far superior V-The Hot One, is another one of Spinelli's hooker dramas, but a far less successful one. Similarly plotted to V, Confessions involves a young woman who leaves her unsatisfactory marriage to pursue a career in prostitution. Confessions is not a bad film by any means. The direction, acting, photography, etc. are all quite good, but considering the similarity between its plot and that of the superior V, it leaves something to be desired in terms of originality... However, I still give this film a mild recommendation for it is never truly dull and actually yielded some good plot twists. SEX: Lots of it. A/V Quality: It's TVX, therefore bad.
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Review brief: When trying to examine a classic hardcore film, one must take several things into consideration: 1) The acting/plot might not be as good or coherent as one might like, and what is usually left is akin to grade B Hollywood fare. 2) There will probably be too much sex and it will take away from the story. 3) The production values won't always be top notch. Well China Girl is one of those rare films that truly does work "both ways" so to speak. In one sense, it is a sex filled hardcore romp and on the other hand, a rather mild B-movie style spy yarn. Featuring the beautiful Annette Haven in her first major starring role, China Girl revolves around a silly storyline of a secret government science project to create a drug which makes people have to tell everything they know about some prompted topic, sort of like truth serum, I guess. Sound confusing? To be honest, the exact purpose of this drug is never made clear so forgive me.
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Boxcover for Anna Obsessed (TVX)
Anna Obsessed (TVX) 

Release date: 2/10/2006
Reviewed on: 5/10/2006 by oddobsessionmovies

Starring: Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Annette Haven, Constance Money, Susan McBain
Studio: TVX

Directed by: Martin & Martin
Review brief: How does one review a cut version of an alternate cut? I suppose I'll begin with a bit of background. In 1976, when the term talent in relation to hardcore films didn't mean that a movie included 5 anal scenes or an "actress" was willing to do a creampie, many TALENTED filmmakers lent their hands (and minds) to high class, high budgeted, hardcore productions. Barriers were broken as more and more controversial material was allowed into hardcore productions. Even so, some still pushed the line a bit too far. (Anna) Obsessed was born in 1976, and released simply under the title Obsessed (a title which inexplicably remains on every single video I've ever seen of this film, even though all the boxes say Anna Obsessed). The film was either to strong, or perhaps to depressing and realistic for both critics and audiences, for it disappeared from screens as quickly as it had arrived. Towards the end of 1977 however, Obsessed reemerged as Anna Obsessed.
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Review brief: One of the best hardcore films ever made, Through The Looking Glass is a beautifully shot, masterfully directed, wonderfully scored, amazingly edited, and astoundingly well acted gem of a film. Softcore star Catherine Erhardt stars as Catherine, a rich socialite who is obsessed with her deceased father (played magnificently by Jamie Gillis). Ignoring the affection of her husband (Douglas Wood) and her daughter Jennifer (Laura Nicholson, who was 16 when this film was made), Catherine spends all of her free time upstairs in her attic, masturbating to objects which remind her of her father. One evening, while engaging in such activity, she thinks she notices an apparition, resembling her father, inside the mirror.
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Review brief: With all the talk about rape scenes being taboo now in porn, it's interesting to note that "Little Orphan Dusty" (from the 1970's) is still available, with at least three flat-out rape scenes. The movie, in fact, begins with a major rape scene. Dusty (the actress is a dead-ringer for Farrah Fawcett back when she was on "Charlie's Angels") is walking down the road, when a group of Hells Angels types on motorcycles pull up to her. She seems happy to see them at first, but when one of them pulls at her blouse, she gets the idea that they're not very nice guys and makes a run for it. The bikers chase her through the woods, whooping it up, and eventually corner her in a clearing. Dusty is laid out on top of one of the motorbikes, while a group of bikers hold down her arms and legs (and a lone female biker watches from a distance). The leader of the gang takes out a knife and cuts off her panties, then the others rip off all of her clothes (while she screams "No! No!" to no avail), leaving her nude (and virtually spread-eagle) atop the bike.
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Review brief: Irresisitible has been released in two different versions, the original discontinued DVD-R version and the current DVD-5 version.  To read the review for the original DVD-R version, click here and the read the review of the current DVD-5 version, continue on.  As for telling the difference between the two, there is no way to, the sku numbers for both releases is the same as with the packaging on the alpha case and the outside cover and back art have stayed the same.
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Review brief: 7 Into Snowy (1977) Studio VCX Genre Golden Age Classic Director Antonio Sheppard Starring Abigail Clayton, Kay Parker, Bonnie Holliday, Kristine Heller, Paul Thomas, Carl Irwin, Clay Hyde, John Leslie, John Rolling, Paul Scharf, Richard Logan, and Turk Lyon Running Time 1:14 DVD Format DVD-R Aspect Ratio 1.33:1 (full frame) Special Features Full motion video main menu Typical Watchers Golden Age porn fans Typical Haters Anyone who hates hairy bushes, cheesy instrumental soundtracks, or circa 1970's films Replay Value None Themes Classic porn, couples porn, big tits, girl-girl, shower sex, toys, sex on the beachCondoms This was before AIDS If You Liked This DVD, You Should Enjoy Alexandra [ /image ] -->An adult take on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, 7 Into Snowy, is set in San Francisco, with Abigail Clayton as Snowy and Kay Parker as her evil, occult-practicing stepmother, Fedora.  Jealous of her stepdaughter's budding sexuality and beauty, she instructs her valet (Paul Thomas) seduce Snowy and then sexually abuse her.  Fedora
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Review brief: Introduction: Updated on March 3, 2003 to include screenshots. Note that the quality of these screenshots is, unfortunately, indicative of the poor AV quality of the DVD transfer. This is a "companion" review to Flash's review from a couple of weeks ago. I say "companion" because, in general, I'm not going to give duplicate technical information about this title - that is all easily accessible in Flash's submission. The purpose of this review is to offer an alternative viewpoint from which to consider the merits of the movie. Ironically, I never would have written this review at all were it not for the fact that I'd just purchased this movie (based on some Internet research) and then almost immediately after receiving it happened to see Flash's review. What's even more remarkable is that I'm not a regular ADT follower so the odds that I would have gone to this site on a day when his review was in the "recent" list were very small.
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Review brief: Through the Looking Glass A disc review by Flash Release Specs: Distributor: TVX Edition Details: Standard MSRP: $29.95 DVD Release Date: August 2002 Movie Specs: Genres: Feature Film, Golden Age Classic (1972 - 1984), Horror Run Time: 91 minutes Rated: X Release Year: 1976 Director: Jonas Middleton Written by: Ronald Wertheim, David Maryla, Jonas Middleton Cast: Catherine Erhardt (as Catharine Burgess), Laura Nicholson, Douglas Wood, Marie Taylor, Jamie Gillis, Terri Hall, Roger Caine (as Mike Jefferson)       Disc Specs: Audio: English 2.0 Mono Subtitles: none Video: Pan & Scan, 1.33:1 Video Format: NTSC Regional Code: 0 (All) Disc: DVD 5 (SS, SL) Special Features: none [ /image ] --> Synopsis: Catherine Johnston (Catherine Erhardt) is married to Richard (Douglas Wood), but their marriage is going through a troubled period.  Catherine is having hallucinations of her father (Jamie Gillis) in a mirror, beckoning for her to come through the mirror to the other side of the glass.  Although she tries to resist, Richard doesnt realize how troubled his w
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