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Boxcover for Chained Heroes 2: P.O.W. In Pain
Chained Heroes 2: P.O.W. In Pain 

Release date: 11/26/2003
Reviewed on: 1/8/2006 by joe-shaver

Studio: Torsion Video

Review brief: I discovered something important about myself watching this one: Im not much of a sadist. I was interested in watching this since Marcello the guy playing the captured French Foreign legionnaire was a handsome blond with a nice build and had no pubic hair (one of my great turn-ons). Unfortunately its nearly sixty minutes into the film before we even see his penis. Until then we see him struggle on the floor in chains, strung up shirtlessfirst with his hands behind his back where his raised arms put great pressure on the shouldersand then strung up with his hands above his head so that he can be whipped, punched, pinched, etc. He had a nice torso (his armpits were shaved. In fact there was no hair at all on his body below the eyebrows). He had a piercing in his chin. He was a great screamer. Jamie Lee Curtis and Fay Wray had nothing on this guy. Often he seemed to show anger, which was quite believable. Indeed he gave a truly excellent performance. The whipping was much more authentic in this Dutch film than one finds in those downright sissy S & M films we get in this country.
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