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Review brief: I have two things against this film. First is its awful and excruciatingly boring. Secondly it scams the poor dupes who appear on camera. The makers of this travesty have advertised that they are looking for salesmen. The non-existent product varies. Its lube, or underwear, or something else. The guys are told that they need to show themselves to us the prospective employers. In order to get those who are reluctant to get naked and spank the monkey, they are given monetary inducements. Will you take your shirt off for 100 pesos? (Thats less than $10.) Another 100 pesos to remove trousers, etc. It takes forever, which makes for tedium and being an honest guy I feel so bad for these poor guys who are being lied to. They need money and they think they are doing this not just for the pesos they are getting now but also for regular job. It is a cruel deception and its shameful. Only one of themDanielis not part of the hoax. He performs a striptease for the camera. Hes a young guy with a short goatee. Unlike the others hes cut.
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