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Review brief: Way back in 2001, Barcelona Bound was nominated for GAYVN Awards for Best Foreign Release and Best Sex Scene (between Rafael Carreras and Lucas Foz) I cant suggest strongly enough that you buy Barcelona Bound on DVD and see for yourself why it was robbed of both awards. This has some of the most passionate sex ever captured on DVD. The movie is structured around a backpacking trip through the Spanish city of Barcelona with two young lovers, Carreras and Foz. It was shot on location in Barcelona and captures a bit of the city, and bit of the countryside and a lot of the sex. Barcelona Bound has the perfect mix of plot and action. And the minimal dialog is all in Spanish (with English subtitles) spoken by a really masculine cast of men.
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Review brief: Studio 2000 is one of the finer studios around. Theyve done a lot of films and I must have seen 90 of them. I have never found any of their films that werent exceptionally good. Their International section is no different. There is no bad in GOOD AND BAD only good. The film begins when a handsome youth (they are all handsome in this film) has committed a minor delinquency and is sent to a place for wayward boys. One look at the other boys lets our hero know that if this is punishment hes glad hes sinned. That night he dreams of getting it on with one of them. The room is ablaze with candles, a roaring fire burns in the grate, and hes naked on a sofa with the guy who met his eye on his arrival. They suck one anothers uncut cocks and our hero enjoys getting fucked. (We should all have dreams like this.) The next day another of the students finds one of the kitchen help beating off and comes in to help him. After some mutual sucking the kitchen boy leans over a table for the other to fuck him.
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Boxcover for Down On The Farm
Down On The Farm 

Release date: 3/19/2004
Reviewed on: 6/20/2004 by joe-shaver

Starring: Rafael Carreras, Roberto Giorgio, Janos Volt, Tico Martin, Giovanni Floretto, Attila Hun
Studio: Studio 2000 Int'l

Directed by: Roland Dane
Review brief: Star turned director, Roland Dane, has now directed 5 films for Studio 2000 and appears to be batting a 1000. Even though the films have a plot, the sex is the thing for Rolandand his viewers are extremely thankful. DOWN ON THE FARM despite the punning title is guaranteed to raise something other than eyebrows. The film begins with Roberto Giorgio, a well-built gorgeous blond hunk, hiking with his friend Gabor Szeles. As they are climbing a steep hill, Roberto slips and injures his ankle. He sends Gabor back to a farmhouse they passed earlier to get help. Gabor returns with Rafael Carreras and Peter Peck. Together they carry Roberto down to the farm where he is left in the care of Rafael. Rafael is a charismatic young Spaniard who has filled a fair number of my fantasies. He has smoldering dark eyes and a very large uncut cock. As Rafael is sitting with Robertos injured foot in his lap, he tells Roberto of being jilted by his lover in Spain. I would never leave you, says Roberto and they move into a kiss. Roberto standshis ankle apparently cured by Rafaels kiss.
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Review brief: Studio 2000 proves yet again that its International videos featuring handsome hunks with great uncut slabs of meat are top of the line. In this mighty opus, Christian Luka arrives at the train station in Prague, only to have his knapsack stolen by Lukas Kovarik. Kovarik, a hefty lad of 21, hops into a car driven by Reno Hacek and, with the knapsack in their possession, they go back to Haceks place for some sex. Hacek, 24, has black hair, a gorgeous face, a nicely muscular body, and a hard dick. The sex between these guys is great. They both suck and sixty-nine before Hacek fucks Kovarik. Luka meanwhile has been befriended by Alan Schiller who offers to find him a place to stay. He pretends to phone his friend Tom Novy; then tells Luka that he can come home with him. (The plan all along, of course.) The second scene features Tom Novy, a slender blond with a long slender cock, and a muscular Leon Surnek.
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Review brief: Why cant I live in Czechoslovakia? My god, with hunks like Ales Hanak and Pavel Novotny, who would NOT want to live in the Czech Rebublic? Ive been lusting after these two ever since they first appeared in Czech Point. In Prague Rising, not only do they get more screen time, they even appear in a scene together! Hot Dog!!! Theres a plot here, but to be honest, I couldnt quite make out what it is. Four guys are spending the night in some old mansion, which may or may not be in Prague. They spend about 10 minutes talking about why they're there, but the music was too loud and I couldnt really make it out. It goes something like this: the previous owner of the house was some big pervert who captured all the men in some Czech town and imprisoned them in his dungeon. They were eventually freed, but two Czechs were never found. I think the guys are staying at the mansion to try to do some paranormal studies on it or something.
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