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Boxcover for Hollywood Raw
Hollywood Raw 

Release date: 3/29/2004
Reviewed on: 7/9/2006 by joe-shaver

Starring: Scott Mann, Erik Mann, Bud, Brian Austin
Studio: Street Corner Studios

Directed by: Bruno Riccelli
Review brief: In spite of the fact that as the title suggests the guys fuck bareback, I found this to be one of the least interesting films Ive viewed in a while. For most of the scenes there is little attempt at a setup, we just go straight to the fucking without even any fellatio beforehand. This, coupled with the fact that the vast majority of the performers are less than average in appearancein some cases downright homely, left me unmoved. The film consists of a series of unrelated scenes strung together by views of Hollywood including my old haunt the Roosevelt Hotel. It starts out promisingly enough when Sergio Real (one of the better known and better-looking performers) picks up a less than average guy in the subway. After ascending the escalator, they shower together back at Sergios where they suck cock. Then, in the bedroom, Sergio proceeds to fuck the pickup sans condom. The scene did hold a surprise when, after Sergio had fucked him, the pickup drove his bare dick into Sergio. Following this doggy style fuck, Sergio sat on the guys dick and rode.
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Review brief: Below the Decks is a mildly entertaining fuck flick from Blade Thompson. Somewhere in middle America is where our story unfolds when a couple of graduates, Sam Crockett and Kevin Kramer, arrive back at one of their homes and begin discussing their futures. They both look a bit old to be graduates but thats beside the point. It turns out that Sams leaving his buddy to join the navy while Kevin is set to work at the local steel mill. The lighting seems a bit off and there was a second or two where the picture was out of focus. Before they set off on their new endeavors Sam plants a kiss on his buddy and before you know it their clothes have come off and Kevin is down on his knees working over Sams cock. Im sorry but neither seem to be aging well and even with Kevin doing his best Sam doesnt appear to get very hard. Sam gets Kevin on the couch and rims his shaved hole before sticking his big cock inside of him. Sam gives his friend a pretty good ass pounding as Kevin begs to get fucked from behind. He finally turns over and their fucking continues fast and furious.
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Boxcover for What the Wife Doesn't Know
What the Wife Doesn't Know 

Release date: 9/9/2002
Reviewed on: 11/19/2002 by joe-shaver

Starring: Gino, Jack Reilly, Todd Mitchell, Cody Tyler
Studio: Street Corner Studios

Review brief: Ive never really understood the fascination gays have for straight men. I guess its just the notion of getting forbidden fruit, (or I guess I really should say forbidden non-fruit.) because should you ever get one, hes virtually guaranteed to be a lousy lay. The premise here is of straight men trying other men for the first time. Of course these guys are about as straight as the Yellow Brick Road and it doesnt take a wizard to tell that. First up are Ben Shaw and Cody Tyler whom we see tooling around on their motorcycles. Cody guides Ben into a deserted garage and tells him he has always wondered what I would be like with another cyclist. Well, would you believe Ben says that he has wondered the same thing? And with that, Cody goes down on Bens dick. Cody is a beefy, dirty-blond with a pierced tongue. It really is the biggest ball bearing I have seen in a tonguethe size of a marble. Ben is extremely white with raven hair. It appears that he has never been exposed to direct sunlight. He also chews his nails down to the quick.
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