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Boxcover for Dirty Grandpas In Pussyland
Dirty Grandpas In Pussyland 

Release date: 12/30/2014
Reviewed on: 6/21/2015 by dawg69

Starring: Guy DiSilva, Frank Towers, Jay Crew, Carry, Ariel Stonem, Brooklyn Joleigh, Sarah Stoner
Studio: Sticky Video

Directed by: J. Kool
Review brief: These "Grandpas" must be addicted to Viagra!
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Boxcover for Queen Clitora's Colossal Clit
Queen Clitora's Colossal Clit 

Release date: 9/22/2005
Reviewed on: 1/7/2006 by hawk

Studio: Sticky Video

Review brief: "This 6'2" specimen of ebony beauty was blessed with the humongous legendary mystical clitoris of the supreme African Goddess, Clitos. You'll be totally amazed when she takes on Bob "The Greatest Girth on Earth" Lowes super-human cock. Her amazing clit and his awesome cock together equal the 8th and 9th wonders of the modern world. Don't miss her incredible lesbian affair. Don't miss a moment of this unique documentation of super-human sex !" So runs the blurb on the cover of this intriguing title. Queen Clitora, or Loretta Clitora as she is more commonly known, is a tall and not very attractive ebony lady, who does indeed have an impressively sized clitoris. Unfortunately the clitoris is the only impressive thing about the movie, as "Queen Clitora" fucks unsmilingly and with little enthusiasm through three pretty turgid scenes. The first scene sees her paired up with Bob Lowe "the biggest girth on earth", who indeed has an enormously fat dick. Unfortunately this is clearly the result of some serious off-screen action with a vacuum pump, rather than a natural asset.
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Boxcover for Amazing Penetrations 3
Amazing Penetrations 3 

Release date: 11/27/2002
Reviewed on: 12/23/2002 by the-critic

Starring: Alysha
Studio: Sticky Video

Review brief: By looking at the scores you would think that this title is rubbish, and in many cases it is. But what the scores do not account for is the unique content of the film, which will attract many avid viewers. But the title does something more too in the process, and therefore is quite important to the industry in general. Let me explain... The industry is flooded with very similar titles by very similar companies that range in quality. Some are crap and cashing-in and others take the a new idea but apply their own style to it. Often, it is only by buying films from a range of studios that you can determine who is hot and who is not for yourself... For example, Hustler have high production qualities, but their films do not appeal to me because they are not gritty enough - more something I would watch with a girlfriend. Jules Jordan is an excellent example too as he has introduced many themes to the mass market that were either left for the niche market or not dealt with at all.
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